MLW – Chapter 21

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The Second Disciple

The next day.
I woke up early in the morning.
First, I strengthened the barrier around my house.
It’s likely that Harukara-san hasn’t run away yet, but just to be sure, I strengthened the defenses in advance.
“Woe to those carrying wicked hearts, for your wretched souls shall be incarcerated within the premises of this net. And by this net, you shall be plunged into utter defeat! ――Alright, not bad.”
Compared to the time it took for me to set up the barrier in the village, it was quite easy this time around. At any rate, it was because the scale was on an entirely different level.
After that, I made sandwiches for the whole family.
It’s because I’m on lunch duty. By the way, breakfast consisted of leftovers from what Leica made yesterday, and rearranged.
I made it the norm to use the past day’s leftovers. However, it’s also a good idea to mix in fresh ingredients from time to time. So, I made millet and medicinal herb soup to go along with the sandwiches.
Eating healthy is good. It also became a countermeasure against complexion problems. Initially, the herbs had a strange taste, so my daughters hated it, but they gradually got used to it.
At first, they were not used to parsley, but they eventually got into it little by little. But there were many types of these kinds of herbs. Their habits were strong, but it’s also possible for the taste to become a habit. (Merp: Basically an acquired taste.)
By the way, even if one was immortal or a spirit, if their eating habits were bad then their physical condition would be destroyed, so it’s important to pay attention to one’s health.
Now then, as for why I was making lunch in the morning, it’s because I’m leaving soon.
I’m going herb harvesting. Although herb collection is typically done alone for work, today is a bit special.
Coincidentally, Elf-san, who is knowledgeable about herbs is also coming along, so I thought about making medicine together.
Moreover, even though she became my disciple, the kind of medicine she can make is unknown to me, and it’s unnatural.
Before long, Leica got out of bed, followed by Sharusha and Farufa while rubbing their eyes. It seems that Sharusha usually wakes up earlier, then wakes up the older sister Farufa.
“Good morning……”
The last person to wake up was Harukara-san. She came just as the meal’s preparations were almost done.
Including me, everyone voices rapidly kept going on “Morning” and “Good Morning”.
“It’s been a while since I’ve slept on a proper bed. I was very happy……thank you……”
“Yes yes, well, we are of equal status in this regard. Ah, before I forget, starting today it’s been established that you are to be my disciple without exception. Although this way of calling you is also casual, that’s also my intention.”
“Ah, yes, please, please. Please call me in any way, Master!”
“Master huh…… Since it isn’t wrong, it’s fine.”
And then, breakfast began when Harukara-san sat down.
A short time later, for some reason Harukara-san, “Fuuu……” was crying.
“Um, what’s wrong……?”
“When I was busy working, I continued to eat outside, but because I was being chased, I gathered nuts/berries in the forest, while enduring hunger everyday…… In this way, it’s been a long time since I’ve surrounded a warm dining table……”
In the midst of crying, Harukara-san was a little hunched back, but that back was one of a very wise man.
Aah, a person like this, I have seen these kinds of people in Japan as well……
Although they succeeded in business, it wasn’t long before they fell into a painful life……
In Harukara-san’s case the business failure was a bit different, but it’s certain that her life is in the midst of falling.
Someone has to extend their hands. If not, this person will die, and that isn’t right.
So, I’ll do what I can to help.
“Harukara-san, chin up~”
Falfa purposely went around behind Harukara’s seat and patted her on the shoulder. What a good child.
“Aah, Farufa-chan right? Thank you……”
Harukara-san said her thanks.
“We should have not expanded our business…… even if I was barely scraping by, selling medicine by myself in the state where I lived……”
The expansion of business backfired —- there is a case of business failure after all.
“Yes yes, it can’t be helped to worry about these things now, let’s think about the future.”
Paa I clapped my hands together.
“After you finish your meal, because I will be going out to the forest around here to harvest herbs. Please show me your abilities Harukara. The other three people will house-sit.”
“I-I understand, Master!”
“By the way, because I made sandwiches for lunch, Leica and you all will eat that.”
“I understand, Azusa-sama. Also, we will search up here on what kind of person Beelzebub is.”
“Yes, please do.”
It’s best to prepare as much as possible.
“And then, although we probably are safe no matter how you look at it, if an enemy does come, Falfa and Sharusha, I leave them in your care.”
“Yes, even if I have to exchange my life!”
“No, Leica keep your own life as well. If something happens, it’s okay to tell them where I am.”
I lived in this world for 300 years, there were no stories of high-grade monsters (it seemed like those called this way are demons) acting cruel towards humans, and it seemed like there were no attacks due to discrimination, but a strong defense is always good.
“Although being too pessimistic is not good, I haven’t heard stories of people related to Harukara-san being attacked, so it is very likely that your two daughters will not be targeted.”
“Yes, I hope so.”
For now, I clapped my hands, and Harukara and I departed towards the forest.
By the way, Harukara’s clothes are too tight for her body.
“Well…… has anyone said that Harukara’s development was good……?”
I felt like it was sexual harassment if I asked with a straightforward expression, so I made a safe expression.
Also, because it is hard to ask, the strategy is to ask earlier.
“Aah, frankly, around 750 times a year I’ve been told to be aware of looking indecent――”
“A pace of two times per day!”
“There were many slender elves in our state, so I stood out excessively. I’ve gotten used to it though. Therefore, please don’t pay so much attention to me――”
“Is that so……”
“It was annoying when they only looked at my body, so I put great efforts to create actual results as a medicine doctor. Although tons of medicine were sold, those were fruitless efforts as Beelzebub chased me out. Boo-hoo-hoo……”
Life sure is treating her unfairly……
While she talked about such a story, we arrived at the forest.



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