Flowing Announcement!

There is a tl;dr at the end of the announcement for lazy people. 

Like the title pun? Yeah, this is a Flowingcloud announcement if you couldn’t tell. Uh, basically I just wanted to make a separate post for this instead of just posting it in a chapter release so I can refer back to it.

First of all, hi MLW readers (cause probably that’s most of you who’s reading this). You’re probably wondering why updates doesn’t have a consistent update schedule these days. Please read the following excuses:
1. IRL
2. Homework
3. Life
4. Trying to translate MLW but ending up translating some other random novel.
If you haven’t realized from the previous “excuses”, I’m basically burned out from translating. On a certain (random) day, I achieved a breakthrough in my Dao of Translating. “A translator shall be free!” my mind decreed!

Jokes aside, I have now decided now to remove schedules from every single novel I translate. Additionally, I am removing all Patreon goals. I realized I don’t want pressure or a schedule when I translate as it only leads to more burn out. I am going to continue to keep translating MLW, Remake, etc. but you are now donating for the sake of supporting me and not faster releases. You don’t like that? Well, just unsubscribe from Patreon.

I will fufill the MLW and Remake queue as fast as possible, but as excuses #1 and 2 are sometimes very powerful. After I finish of those queues (ETA: summer 2018), don’t except any sort of consistent release at all. Sometimes there will be no releases for a month, or daily releases for a whole week.

You may be asking why I’m making these absurd changes, but I’m doing this because honestly, I do not really enjoy translating right now. I originally started translating because I enjoyed it, but as time went on, it felt more like an obligation due to me setting on Patreon rewards and a schedule. I want to free myself from these obligations, so I can fully enjoy translating again; so that it does not feel like a chore, but something I truly enjoy. I currently enjoy translating various things instead of sticking to one, and that might change again in the future, but that’s then and now is now.

(Tentative plans but) starting the next arc of MLW (chapter 61), I will moving MLW to my new group. Details here: https://forum.novelupdates.com/threads/pick-up-this-novel-translations-projekt-world-witches-recruiting-members.62812/#post-3931018
In other words, I’ll keep translating MLW, but it’s open for pick up if someone wants to do it. (I’ll make announcements in MLW chapters about it later.)

List of excuses, but I burned out.
No more schedule or any type of Patreon goals anymore.
The queues for MLW and Remake are currently scheduled to be finished by summer.
I originally started translating because I liked translating, so I’m making these changes do what I enjoy.
Check out the new groups I formed. (Link Above)


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