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I made an immature speech


The formal signing with the neighboring countries of the former empire in addition to Earlshyde, Els, and Ys is over. The details will be decided by a meeting of the ministers from the coalition parties.

When they reach a consensus on how many troops will be dispatched, who will be responsible for the supplies and the on-site allocation, it will be officially signed.

In the Swede Kingdom where the tripartite talks took place, we parted with the delegation of Ys and headed for Earlshyde Kingdom with the Els Federation of Free Commerce delegation.

Because of his remarks to send a beautiful woman from a little while ago, Maria passed her request to go in Naval’s horse-drawn carriage and used body strengthening to jump back to her carriage. The people of Els delegation were surprised by it, but it was a peaceful mood.

The highway we’re taking is full of carriages from the delegations of Earlshyde and Els.

However, because it’s such a large group travelling together, something is bound to go wrong.

“There is a huge demon reaction coming from the left! The size is medium to large… What!?”(Lookout)

“What!? What’s wrong?”(Shin)

“One of the reactions is a disaster class!”(Lookout)


Oh, it’s a group of demons. They seem to show up frequently.

Although the first trip went without any hitches, when returning, a disaster class appeared.

“Is it… A bear?”(Merchant)

“It looks like one! A super big bear!”(Lookout)

“Kuuku bears!? A super big bear!?”(Merchant)

“It’s hopeless… My life is over…”(Merchant)

“I wish I had went straight back home without stopping at Earlshyde…”(Merchant)

The Els people are only merchants without escorts. If a bear demon also became a disaster class, it would be enough to induce despair.

“Why are you all so depressed?”(August)

Gus is speaking with an inquisitive expression to the Els delegation that’s hit by despair.

“What!? It is a disaster class! Wouldn’t you usually respond with an army? There are so many demons. Why are you so calm…”(Merchant)

“Didn’t I say it a little while ago? All of us can slay disaster class demons alone.”(August)

“If it that’s the case…”(Merchant)

“Well, look around. Even our escorts aren’t being on guard.”(August)

Gus said that and came out to the front lines.

“Well, what will we do this time?”(Shin)

“Because there are no parents this time, we don’t have to do it separately.”(August)

“Well then, I’ll do it.”(Rin)

“I want you to leave it to me this time.”(Tony)

“What’s wrong, Tony?”(Shin)

Rin is as usual, but this time Tony insisted on being the one killing.

“I was disappointed in the destructive power in magic. I think that I could get a some good materials if it’s a disaster-grade demon. So I want to try to beat it cleanly.”(Tony)

“Is that true?”(Shin)

Because disaster classes that have been subjugated so far were first come first serve, everyone just released magic with full power anyway.

As a result… It was rare for the demons to keep their original form. I haven’t ever gotten any disaster-grade demon material.

It seems to be pretty expensive like my old world’s equivalent to a  tiger skin. We were being a bit wasteful.

By the way, the tiger demons hunted during the joint training with the knights academy was purchased by the military.

It should have been transferred to my account… I don’t know how much money was transferred as the amount of money in my account is abnormal.

“Oh! I want to do that too!”(Alice)

Alice who wasn’t interested before, bit onto the point that the materials would sell for a higher price.

“I would also like to do something like that.”(Olivia)

“Me too. I would be able to introduce a new kiln to the smithy.”(Mark)

“I will be able install a toilet in every restroom of my hotel.”(Yuri)

“I want to hunt bears because their materials are good.”(Rin)

“It’s no use, Rin. I want to practice harvesting them.”(Tony)

The commoner group insisted that they do it, and after all someone had to take charge and decide.

And that would be…

“We’ll take turns.”(Shin)

I take out the lottery from my Different Dimension Storage.

“Why do you always have the lottery ready?”(Thor)

I can’t answer Thor’s question because I don’t remember either.

“Well then, the winner is responsible for the disaster class.”(Shin)

And the result of an impartial lottery…


“Aaaaah! I’m out again!”(Alice)

“Damn… Tony is lucky.”(Rin)

“Don’t click your tongue so easily Rin.”(Shin)

Tony drew the hit this time.

“Okay then will you be able to strip the bear’s fur?”(August)

“By the way, what is bear fur used for?”(Shin)

“It’s mainly used as a material for leather armor. Even if you can kill a disaster class bear it will usually be mess, so if you can get it in a clean state, you can sell at a high price.”(Tony)


While exchanging such interactions, the group of demons are getting closer and closer.

“Ah, that… There are disaster classes here, how can they be so calm?”(Merchant)

“Oh, it was a similar story when we went to the Rittenheim resort…”(Escort)

“There is no problem if you leave it to his Highness. Honestly, I can accept that carefree attitude.”(Escort)

“I mean disaster classes are usually outrageous… It’s because people are saying things like that…”(Escort)

Another escort answered the escorts question. By the way, it’s one of the escorts who was present when we went to Julius’ parents territory.

“Well, this time we are going to collect demon materials so explosions are banned.”(Shin)

“No problem.”(Rin)

“The one who used the most explosive magic was you, Shin!”(Alice)

“… Okay, prepare for battle!”(Shin)

“I was ignored…”(Alice)

That’s not true. The flock of demons had already closed in.

“Well then… let’s go!”(Shin)

Everyone used magic all at once on my signal. Water and wind blades was the magic mainly used to combat the demons.

Shoot the blades one after another aiming at the neck of the demon.

“Oh! I’ve bisected him!”(Alice)

“Fufufu, I‘m doing fine…”(Rin)

“Rin, it’s not in pieces.”(Alice)



“How should I put it… It feels like I’m playing a game.”(Tony)

“Hm, I guess you are not wrong. Oops, I failed. I bisected it vertically.”(Shin)

We don’t move from our starting positions, and carefully suppress them one by one.

This is good. It’s perfect for precise magic practice.

The amount of magical power everyone can contol has increased a lot recently. After I taught them magic image, they just steamroll with power.

They’re not good at exercising such precise magic…. They don’t have a lot of experience.

Should I periodically incorporate it into magic practice? Old Empire… It seems to be called “Demon Territory” since the talks, but a lot of demons are overflowing from there, and it’s quite a problem. While thinning the demons out, I’ll consult with Gus.

“At any rate, Shin is amazing, isn’t he?”(Sicily)

“He is. How can he fire it so precisely?”(Thor)

There are questions from Sicily and Thor, but it’s natural to be able to shoot magic precisely.

“I was using magic to hunt, and you don’t want your prey to explode, do you? I either hit my prey between the eyes or aimed for the neck.”(Shin)

“Indeed, the part that can be eaten disappears if it’s a mess.”(Sicily)

“A reasonable answer.”(Thor)

“But it’s surprising. Mr. Walford uses magic of great power without reservation.”(Olivia)

“Hold on Olivia, isn’t that a little mean?”(Shin)

“Well, that precisely means that Walford is actually awesome, doesn’t it? Magical tools require precision.”(Yuri)

People are casually chatting about magic while killing demons.

Olivia, who can pleasantly chat while slaying demons, is no longer a cafeteria city girl.

“They’ve decreased considerably. I will be going after the disaster-class soon.”(Tony)

Tony said so, while taking out the vibrating sword from the Different Dimension Storage.

“Oh, have fun.”(Shin)

“Huhhhhh, then… Here I come!”(Tony)

Tony launched the jet boots and jumped over the heads of the remaining demons and landed in front of the 5 meter long bear.

I deal with the demons while keeping an eye out just in case I need to intervene.

“What… is he going alone!?”(Merchant)

“Cha! Your highness Augusto! What are you thinking!?”(Merchant)

“Hmm? If it’s Freed, he’ll be fine by himself. Well, take a look.”(August)

The delegation people in the back raise complaints about Tony taking on a disaster class demon by himself, but Tony would complain if other demons interrupted him.

And Tony already started his fight.

The bear swings up its gargantuan right arm and shook it down towards Tony, but Tony started up the jet boots and avoided it. He’s gotten quite good at handling them.

Avoiding the swing of its right arm, Tony jumped towards the head of the bear as he avoided the subsequent swing of the bear’s left arm.

The ground was like a crater from the punches, however Tony avoided them with room to spare.

And in front of the bears face… Tony closed the gap and slipped in there.

One swing of the vibrating sword was all it took. Tony kicked the bear’s shoulder and leapt away from the bear.

The delegates held their breaths at the sight but were already convinced that the suppression had ended.

The bear slowly fell forward…

… leaving it’s head behind.

When a bear with a length of five meters without a head falls down, it shakes the ground with a bang.

Tony had a satisfied expression after slaying the bear flawlessly while returning to us using the jet boots.

“Thanks, I was able to beat it cleanly.”(Tony)

“Did you do it well? It should be as precise as Shin’s shot between the eyes.”(August)

Well, if it’s this clean there won’t be any complaints.

“Ooooo! Amazing!”(Merchant)

“To beat a disaster class so easily…”(Merchant)

“This is… I can not deny that his Highness is extraordinary.”(Merchant)

“Cha… isn’t this amazing?”(Merchant)

Escorts and the delegation people were surprised because of Tony.

Well, we defeated the main disaster class, so why don’t we wrap things up?

“Can we eliminate them all at once?”(Shin)

“Eh? Weren’t we supposed to collect them?”(Alice)

“If that’s the case I’d like to blow them up.”(Rin)

“I won’t do that. The goal of collecting them doesn’t change.”(Shin)

Long ago when I was hunting in the forest, I frequently used my hands when taking down  highly cautious prey.

First of all, it’s consciously “Guiding” and activating the magic called “Mark”. Then stealthily place a “Lock On” between the eyes of the demon.

When all demons were marked by the magic, small but bulky water bullets were directed towards that marker. And…

“Go! Go!”(Shin)

All water bullets were fired at once.

Water bullets released in large quantities overran the horde of demons… but they were guided towards the markers aimed between the demon’s eyes therefore drawing a somewhat unnatural trajectory.

The remaining demons… OK, there are none. Complete annihilation. And then, looking back to everyone… Everyone was stunned. Including everyone on the team.

“What… was that?”(Julius)

“They landed from some unnatural trajectories?”(Rin)

“You don’t understand the significance of your magic again…”(August)

“Ha… Shin is amazing.”(Sicily)

Only Sicily has a slightly different in reaction, but everyone has a disgusted face.

“It is magic I often used when hunting in the forest so that I can reliably hunt when the prey is highly cautious and there are a lot of them. I didn’t use it to slay demons all that much.”(Shin)

“Even so, it’s too amazing. Not only the delegation but we were also surprised.”(August)

The Els delegates were in a daze.

Well, have we confirmed our fighting power here?

From now on, it’s necessary to check each other’s fighting strengths in order to attack the devil territory.

In terms of Els’ war potential, it seems that it’s the same as the Earleshide army.

According to Gus, it seems that we’re a secluded force.

Although I showed our fighting power… I wonder what Els’ Naval has to say? Unlike when the disaster classe was brought down, he has a face of caution.

“…Really… Really Mr. Magic King…. The Ultimate Magicians aren’t Earlshydes unique strength?”(Naval)

“What’s wrong? You don’t believe it?”(August)

“…Whether I believe it or not…  With this amount of war potential you could easily conquer the world. As far as fighting power goes this is…”(Naval)

Is Naval alarmed by it?

I trained everyone with the highest priority of devils, so I didn’t think about the balance of fighting power…

“Hm, if that’s the case why don’t we ask? Shin! Have you ever thought of conquering the world?”(August)

“Hey! Your highness Augusto! Such a straight…”(Naval)

Gus questions me, but such a thing is already decided.

“No way, it’s troublesome.”(Shin)

“It’s troublesome…”(Naval)

“I mean, what do you get by conquering the world?”(Shin)

“What do you… I can have absolute power, and build a country that I desire… I can do what I like.”(Naval)

“That’s why it’s troublesome. To build your own country you have to build it from scratch right? As a merchant you should know how much trouble that is.” (Shin)

“I understand, but…”(Naval)

“Besides, until about a year ago, I lived with my grandparents deep inside the forest. I’m not interested in that kind of thing.”(Shin)

My entire world was the forest. Besides, I was originally a middle class citizen, I can’t lead people.

“Until now, my only family were my grandparents… Now I have a lot of friends, acquaintances, and…  I was also able to find a lover… People that are important to me.”(Shin)

Saying that, I looked at Sicily and everyone from the team.

Sicily looks happy while everyone else is shy.

“Important people…”(Sicily)

“Yes, I’m going to wield my power to protect those people precious to me. And… I want to make a peaceful world for our children who will be born in the future.”(Shin)


Feeling inspired by my words, Sicily cautiously grasps my arm.

“So, it’s troublesome to conquer the world, and such behaviour will cause a disturbance in the world so I don’t want to do it.”(Shin)

“…Indeed, it is a naive youthful statement… But I understand now you are not interested in world domination.”(Naval)

Naive… Indeed fighting for world peace might sound like my plan, but it is far from my real intention.

“Or rather… honestly, I never thought of my power as extraordinary…”(Shin)

“Is that so?”(Naval)

“I thought that every magician can use magic like Grandpa…”(Shin)

“…Haa now I see why Mr. Magic King got so out of standard.”(Naval)

“This is the first time I hear something like that. I mean, comparing the level of the world’s wizards with Merlin’s…”(August)

“Because grandpa was old, I thought that there were stronger people.”(Shin)

“…Unthinkable misunderstanding…”(Rin)

“So even when he surpassed the Magi he didn’t stop studying.”(Naval)

A lot of people came to the forest house to see grandpa, so I was aware that grandpa seemed to be an incredible wizard, but I only found out to what extent after I came to the kingdom.

No way, I never imagined he would be this much of a hero.

“I know the level of this world’s wizards. I understand… My power is an isolated case. I have so much power that it causes uneasiness… But if used responsibly, I think it’s possible to keep this world peaceful. I hope that I can cooperate with everyone on that, including you.”(Shin)

Will he be convinced by that?

“…Yes, it will be a good idea to make the Ultimate Magicians an international peacekeeping organization.”(Naval)

“So you understand?”(Shin)

“Well, I was suspicious and I apologize. His highness Augusto and the Magic King are praiseworthy people even though they’re still young.”(Naval)

“Is that so?”(August)

In my case, I have 20 years of memories from my past world … Well, since I started over from an infant, I can’t simply add them up, but my thoughts aren’t exactly that of a 15 years old.

Gus is royalty, but sometimes he surprisingly seems much more mature than the other classmates. However, he tends to get carried away by his wickedness.

“When you get home, you can discuss it with your ministers. However the top priority should be the devil countermeasures.”(August)

“Yes, because our relationship is long, we will know the main point of the operations of the Ultimate Magicians to an extent. I think that it will be approved at once and if that’s the case, every country in the world will want to get involved which turns it into very grinding work.”(Naval)

“I see. It’s no good discussing it now, but I guess the work will pile up.”(Shin)

“Huh, wasn’t Els’ requests making light of us at first?”(August)

“Hey! That’s a black mark on our history! Why would you say that!?”(Naval)

“Oops, that was rude.”(August)

“What is it Naval? Didn’t you say something like that?”(Shin)

“Weren’t you eyes sparkling from immediate profits? I guess your business intuition got dull after becoming a diplomat?”(August)

“Shut up!”(Naval)

While on the way back to Earlshyde, we conveyed our power and pushed forward the idea that the Ultimate Magicians are not a dangerous group.

After that, the demons that came out were medium sized, so we left it to escorts and finally came back to Earlshyde.

“Oh, it’s been a while Earlshyde.”(Naval)

“Has Naval been here before?”(Shin)

“That’s right. I’m a diplomat now, but I was originally a merchant traveling around the world. I keep in touch with countries all over the world like Ys, Earlsyhde and Swedes.”(Naval)

“Oh, I see.”(Shin)

“More importantly Mr. Magic King! Let’s go to business you mentioned before! It may already be open!”(Naval)

No… the business won’t open until I come back remember?

“Um… I don’t think it will open soon, even if I returned… How about finding an inn? You also have to get a permit to purchase a communication machine. I will contact you as soon as the opening date is decided.”(Shin)

“That’s right. I will have to find an accommodation.”(Naval)

Actually I don’t know where the accommodation is good, but I do know an innkeeper’s daughter.

“Yuri. Could you accommodate the Els people over at Yuri’s inn?”(Shin)

“We would be glad to give our Els guests a warm welcome should they stay in one of our rooms. Besides we also have some examples that will be for sale at Walford’s business… We’re planning to purchase and completely switch over to them. I will reserve your rooms.”(Yuri)

By the way, when the toilet with cleaning was released, she was saying she wanted to change all the toilets in the hotel to that.

“Examples? Are you unexpectedly selling communication machines?” (Naval)

“Ufufu, You’ll just have to see ⁓ for ⁓ yourselves ⁓”(Yuri)

Yuri says with a seductive look. It’s mischievous or should I say, erotic…?

Els’ uncles are having their faces redden by a fifteen year old girl.

After that, we dropped off the Els delegation at the Royal Palace, so they could get the permissions to buy communication machines along with Yuri, so she can guide them to the inn. We all went our own separate ways.

“Mr. Shin! Young lady! Welcome back!”(Alex)

“It’s been awhile Alex.”(August)

“I’m home.”(Sicily)

“Welcome your Highness. You must be tired after the Three Power Talks.”(Alex)

“Well, I’ll bother you for you for a bit.”(August)

“Long time no see Alex. At any rate… I’m home.”(Shin)

“Huh? What? Did I say something strange?”(Sicily)

“Because it was so natural.”(Alex)

“You’ve completely settled in this house, Claude. No, It would be better to say Mrs. Walford.”(August)

“Wha-, Mrs. Walford!?”(Sicily)

Well, in the future, it will happen, but because it was so surprising or because it was said for the first time, Sicily is bright red with steam coming out of the top of her head.

“Did anything strange happen while I was absent?”(Shin)

“Yes, particularly… Oh… but… Mrs. Melinda said that there is something she has to tell Mr. Shin when he returns.”(Alex)

“Something she has to tell me? What is it?”(Shin)

“Well… That…”(Alex)

“I understand, I’ll ask grandma. Thank you for your hard work.”(Shin)

“Yes! Thank you!”(Alex)

When I entered the house thanking Alex, this time, the maids and the butlers welcomed me.

“Steve, where is grandma?”(Shin)

“Yes. Mrs. Melinda… Is at the hot springs in the Claude territory right now.”(Steve)

Mr. Steve, the butler, checks my grandmother’s schedule with a schedule book from his breast pocket.

It seems that it is the butler’s job is to manage my grandparent’s schedule.

“Well, do you wanna go to the hot spring?”(Shin)

“I am glad you like them.”(Sicily)

Since Sicily told us we can use the hot spring in Claude’s residence freely, we go almost every day.

“We aren’t a bother by going everyday?”(Shin)

“No such thing. Rather, when my father isn’t there, there is nothing to do except manage the mansion. Also, because you’re grandparents are coming frequently, there is a servant reshuffle as they all want to transfer from the mansion in the capital to the Claude territory.”(Sicily)

Is that so? Is it really like that? The grandparents of Claude’s daughter’s fiance are coming by every day, but they are this world’s heroes that everyone respects.

“Okay, but I’m indebted to you because you help take care of them everyday. Thank you.”(Shin)

“No, you‘re welcome.”(Sicily)

While I was talking to Sicily like that, a Gate opened at the entrance hall and grandpa and grandma came out.

“Oh, have you come home? Welcome back.”(Melinda)

“Ho, Welcome back, I guess it ended safely”(Merlin)

“Yeah, I’m home. I heard from Alex, Grandma wanted to talk to me?”(Shin)

“Oh, it’s about the necklace magic tool that everyone is wearing”(Melinda)


Grandma motioned for us to talk about the necklace, and everyone sat down on the living room sofa.

“First of all to check, what you enchanted was “Foreign Substance Removal”?”(Melinda)

“That’s right.”(Shin)

“What would be the definition of “Foreign Substance”?”(Melinda)

“Things unnecessary or harmful to the body.”(Shin)

“What about food?”(Melinda)

“Nutrition is necessary for the body, so it will be absorbed.”(Shin)

“So it is after all.”(Melinda)

“What? After all?”(Shin)

Grandma looks as if she understood but she still had a troubled face. Why?

“No, after the necklace was attached, my metabolism has increased by quite a lot, and even when I asked everyone they all had the same experiences, so I suspected I couldn’t take in more nutrition than needed.”(Melinda)

“Wow! No matter how much you eat, you won’t get fat?”(Maria)

Maria unintentionally snapped.

Eating without getting fat, I wonder if it’s a dream magic tool.

“Sure that’s  true, but then… There is a problem.”(Melinda)


“What about the fetus?”(Melinda)


Fetus… Baby?

“If foreign substances are eliminated from the body… If you get pregnant and then attach this necklace… Is the fetus recognized as a foreign body and aborted?”(Melinda)

“Well, that is…”(Shin)

Certainly that’s a possibility… No, I heard that an allergic reaction is the cause of morning sickness because the placenta is still immature and the body recognized it as a “Foreign Substance”…

Foreign substance… It’s precisely recognized as foreign substance!

“Because we’re in a state of emergency right now, pregnancy isn’t allowed so it’s fine. But will you want a child after this devil disturbance?”(Melinda)

“That’s right”(Shin)


Oh, I declared I wanted a child in front of Sicily. Sicily is fidgeting as a result.

“It’s fine as it as it is now. But after the battle, you must remember that you need to change your enchantment.”(Melinda)

“Yeah… I got it. Thank you, grandma.”(Shin)

If this hadn’t been pointed out… The worst might have happened.

If that happened, I think Sicily would definitely get depressed.

I’m glad it didn’t happen. When this disturbance is over, let’s switch it over to a health maintenance enchantment or something.

Oh, should I give my grandpa and grandma that enchantment right now? Aside from infectious diseases, there are internal organ failures.

“I want to see the face of my great-grandchild, and I don’t want to see the sadness of my new grandchild.”(Melinda)


Normally she’s a tough and scary grandmother but deep down she worries about us a lot.

Sicily, who was touched by grandmas kindness, became teary eyed.

“Thank you very much, grandmother! I will do my best to give birth to a healthy baby!”(Sicily)



Dangerous, my face got hot.

No way, while I wanted to try my best to have a baby, I didn’t expect to make a bold, embarrassing declaration.

“That’s a very pleasant determination… Isn’t it?”(Melinda)


“Everyone is listening?”(Shin)

“Huh? Ah?”(Sicily)

Sicily is looking around in a panic only to find the grinning Gus and Maria…


She was very embarrassed and buried her face in my chest.

“Hu, this is a serious responsibility.”(August)

“I agree. Well, Sicily has to slay devils in order to give birth to a healthy baby.”(Maria)

Gus and Maria also take over and get carried away.

But, it’s true.

Sicily… In order for all the children that are alive today and for all the children born in the future to have a peaceful world we need to eliminate the imminent threat.


I vowed to end this devil disturbance while holding the increasingly embarrassed Sicily.

At any rate, Sicily is soft…



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  1. although they made light of the situation that is very serious news for pregnant women, funny thing is that it would have to come serious warnings about being or trying to be pregnant like we see in all those pill commercials. on the plus side it virtually eliminates all diseases, as well as the perfect diet plan, that alone would make him more money than any invention he ever make besides the blue pill for men as well as making your D*ck bigger.


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