ABM – Chapter 25

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Around the time Shizuru finished drying the girl’s hair, sunlight began to stream into the window.

Shizuru decided to ask whether the girl wanted a snack or not.


“I have some cake, would you like to have some?”



It might have been possible that this was the first time she heard that word before.

The girl parroted his words with a sharp, subtle linguistic pronunciation in a confused fashion.


It would be hard to explain to her, so Shizuru decided to show her and left to retrieve the cake and  then returned to the treatment room with a white box.

Shizuru carefully opened the lid, revealing an array of beautiful colors spilling out from inside the box.


“……beautiful…… this, food?”

“Yeah, and I’ll give you a plate to put yours on- which one do you want?”

“I…….get to choose?”

“Of course”


The girl’s cheeks turned into a light shade of pink as Shizuru patted her on the head.

The small white box had a large variety of cakes to choose from. With much thought, the girl pointed at the strawberry shortcake.


“This……this looks like a bubble bath.”

“You shouldn’t try to eat those though or else you’ll get a stomachache.”(DC: I think he’s referring to the bath, but might also be talking about the cake?)

“What about this?”

The girl pointed to another shortcake inquiring whether she could eat it or not.

Shizuru decided to help explain how to eat the cake.

He used a fork to cut a piece, and then offered it to her.


“Here you go”



This must be a first for her, being fed directly by someone else that is.

Shizuru held out the fork and the girl hesitated for a moment before realizing what she was supposed to do, and readied herself. The girl readied herself and grabbed the fork and held it to her chest.

She ended up resembling a baby bird, causing Shizuru to laugh.


“Ah……Ah, Ah-”


The girl’s eyes opened wide as as she put the fork into her mouth.


It was sweet and soft.

It was like the tongue was being lightly caressed by the texture and taste.

The girl swallowed the cake unconsciously without noticing she did so.


“Delicious……up until now I have never had something so delicious!”

“Thank you, I’m glad you liked it”


The girl handed the fork back to Shizuru.

In the blink of an eye, there was a lot of cream around the circumference of her mouth from the messy way she ate the cake.

But Shizuru didn’t have a problem with this and actually smiled and found it cute. (Merp: lolicon)


“Heh. Slow down there, there’s no need to panic and eat it like that. No one here is going to take it from you.”


Shizuru then took his handkerchief and wiped the cream from the girl’s face, causing her face to redden again.

She then became quiet and then took piece on using the fork, although she was having a hard time holding it correctly.

Shizuru decided he couldn’t remain indifferent anymore and went over and sat behind her and gently took her hand.



“There is a easy way to eat it. Would you like to know how?


He had a calm and gentle voice, and a warm hand.

If one holds their fork the correct way, then it becomes easier to eat with.


“There, that’s right. You’re a good child.”(DC: I don’t know if it’s how I translated it, but Shizuru seems like a pedo) (Merp: you know he is… lolicon)(Shimi: Do you two never taken care of a toddler? They are cute you know)



He then began to praise her, as well as stroke her head while still sitting behind her, causing her to face to boil red like an octopus.


Her spinal column began to shudder.
The girl then thought,


――What is this?

I wonder why it feel so warm.


I do not understand.

Mother was never like this with me.

She never even taught me there was such a thing.


I don’t understand, I don’t understand, I don’t understand. 
I don’t understand――but.


I don’t dislike it.


“Would you like to have some other cakes? They are also delicious as well.

“……Is it okay?”

“Yes. I can go buy some whenever you want some.”


The girl made a soft and gentle smile that would relieve anyone who looked at it.

Looking at the girl, Shizuru felt no evil presence from the girl. The girl then thought.


If――If I am with this person, will mother no longer be lonely? Wondered the girl.


The girl continued to eat more cake, little by little.

While Shizuru took a sip of his black tea, a thought crossed his mind.


What will I do with this child I wonder.


――There were a dime a dozen of orphan beggars  in the Imperial Capital. 

If I took care of every one I saw saw, in the end I wouldn’t see a penny from it.


Shizuru brought the girl back to the clinic, bathed her, and clothed her, were simple, the problem was timing.

It was just a calculation to maintain image in the surrounding area. Or maybe it was to distract himself from having to frustratingly search for the killer.


However, he still had dignity and would not state those reasons.

But now that he had held her tender hand, he was hesitant to let her go.


Shizuru himself had been picked up――Well more like kidnapped.

Because of this he wanted to protect her, even in his line of brutish work.


But even so, I cannot bring this child back to the hideout……Otherwise she would get involved with Black Maria.


Therefore, she would have to live in the clinic.

It wasn’t impossible to set up a living space. It’d be similar to setting up an area where Ludmilla would hang out.

Actually, Ludmilla was the only one not to use her mattress in the 3rd Squad. It might be a little hard to get it out the entrance, but he was going to do it.


If it was like that, then after that nothing will be particularly difficult.

For now, even if she only be taught how to read and write and basic arithmetic as it is, in this world where literacy and enrollment rate was low, she would be able get a decent job.

One can be independent if they work. After all, human is a creature that judges the book by the cover. If one had a good look, they wouldn’t be declined mindfully.

More so, if Shizuru introduce her to an acquaintance’s business, the talk would become smoother.

…… Was that really alright?

Well, that was alright.

When Shizuru decided that for the time being, suddenly he realized that there’s no meaning in that if the girl didn’t accept it first.

But he was eager to talk. After the girl finished eating, she just made a small nod when he told her.

And then, in a few seconds they heard the back door was opened violently.

“Shizu―! Are you here―!? “

The building wasn’t big enough in the first place, so he thought that half of that volume is enough to be heard.

A rude, stomping footstep was felt coming closer.

“Huh, Shizu? Are ya he― eh, you are here after all.”

A blonde red-eyed woman, which wearing a tailored jacket over her tank top, was seen from behind the door that was half-kicked open.

If the others were to saw it, they wouldn’t have known if the girl was hiding behind Shizuru or not, when Casca barges in like a robber or debt collector.


“Would you open and close the door carefully, Casca. I already said the same thing 100 times.”

“Oh, is that so? ~my bad, ~my bad, I will be careful next time.”

She always let out an apology when he told her, but she never corrected her attitude even until now.

But Shizuru had already given up halfway, and let it pass.

“So, what can I do for you?”

“Lend me money. I’ve gambled until I was broke.”

Again, this conversation was already repeated 100 times.

No. Maybe much more than that.

But why she didn’t stop even she always got no any talents at gambling?

Different from drugs, healing magic cannot do a thing to gambling addiction.

Shizuru sighed as he thought about that useless thing. Then he stood up to get the gold.

At that moment.


Unexpectedly, he abruptly let out such a voice.

Shizuru saw the girl with a knife in her hand, ―― leaping at Casca.