ABM – Chapter 28

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It had been a while since the matter with the girl, which had ended with him handing a lot of money to calm down Casca, who had been agitated.

Shizuru returned to the base in the slums.


At his somewhat plain room in the hideout.


Originally there was a lot of things there, but he moved his belongings to the newly built clinic when Elizabeth joined the organization around 2 years ago, so now it gave that impression.

Therefore, he only put things that would be inconvenient if placed at the clinic, here.

Illegal substances, 3rd squad activity logs, documents of gathered intelligence, and reports for Richelieu.


In short, all things that related to Black Maria.


“Where did I put that thing……”


Shizuru opened the hidden space on the floor and started searching for something.

However, he found what he was looking for immediately since the storage was arranged neatly.

It was a slightly slender black wooden case.

He pulled it and opened the fastener, and inside it was―― a broken sword’s blade.


“Ah, found it.”


One could see the blade still hadn’t lost its sharpness and radiance even though it was broken.

[Tinker Bell] was inscribed. Made by a famous blacksmith, it was Richelieu’s special weapon … 3 years ago (TN: I’m quite lost here. 3代前 could mean “3 generations/era ago, but it doesn’t make sense.)(PR: I think it could be rearranged to “[Tinker Bell] was inscribed on it. It was Richelieu’s special weapon made by a famous blacksmith 3 generations ago” depending on context.)


She was a master of Iaijutsu (TN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iaijutsu) even while being blind.


Richelieu’s swordsmanship skill was equal to the top of Shi Ruvan kingdom that ruled half of the world, the 4 knight generals, including Rosa.

But because of that, not many swords that could withstand her handling.

As a result Richelieu had broken a dozen of named swords as of now.

Tinker Bell was also one of those swords.


“With Tokimune’s Goliath, Shadow Edge, and Slinky series, it was 4 swords … If the other swordsman heard about it they would be mad”


Due to the popularization of guns that are powerful and easy to use, swords had been declining in the recent years, but since guns was costly and difficult to maintain, there were still many among the hunters and mercenaries that used a sword to hunt beasts.


Yet Richelieu overused those sharp swords, which others could only dream of using, until they broke.


“What does she use now? Thunderbolt…… no, that was before the last one.”


“―― Dear? You’re already home?


“Hm? Ah, Lady. I’m home.”


He turned to Lady’s voice, who just entered the room in her wolf form.

Right on time when he wanted to ask something.


“Hey Lady. What is the sword that Richelieu is using right now.”


“I think it was the new Slinky series. She bought it about a month ago.”


“……Oh, you are right. You once said that you liked that series since it is comfortable in your hand right?”


Treating the sword like an accessory,  Shizuru remembered that while he smiled wryly.

Lady who saw Tinkerbell in his hand just tilted her head in puzzlement.


“What are you gonna do with that thing? Haven’t you already bought… a new one?


“I just lost it. So for now I will make another one.”


“Is that so. Then ――I will help.”


As soon as she said that, her shadow squirmed and started swaying.

Her shadow rose up from the floor and branched to many feelers with pointy tips, and took up the broken blade.


“How long for the blade?”


“About 10 cm or so, and the handle is 15 cm. For me that’s the best length to handle it.”


“I understand, darling.”


Whoosh-whoosh The shadows were dancing in the air with a little buzzing.

The 40 cm blade was being deformed little by little by scraping it.


Finally, one of the shadow feeler held a blade that looked like his knife.

The rest was split like a snake‘s mouth and swallowed the scrapped metal.

“Here you go, Dear.”


“Thanks, Lady.”


Shizuru took the handle that was made by thinning the blade.

Then from the table drawer he took a long and narrow cloth, and wrapped it on the handle.


“I will prepare the hot water.”


“Please do.”


Lady transformed to her Richelieu-like form and went outside the room.

Shizuru laid a leather material, the same as his usual bag, and a sewing kit on the table while she came back with a bowl filled with boiled water.



“…… Well then.”


Unlike normal cloth, Hard leather couldn’t be processed easily as it is,

so he softened it with hot water, and then shaped it.


He covered the handle part of the knife that was wrapped by cloth and then sewed the joint.

To make the seams as inconspicuous as possible, he applied paint to the sewed parts so it would fit in with the material.


He dried it once the handle was finished and with a little sharpening, the blade was complete.

It was not time consuming since Lady already did the most difficult part, which was deforming the blade. It was clear he had done this multiple times already.


“Yup, this feels good.”


Shizuru swung the knife lightly to check its condition.


Although it was a small knife, it was still an important tool for work.

He wondered when he started making them himself.


Since he couldn’t forge the iron from scratch, he took Richelieu’s broken sword that was still in good condition and made knife from that.

It was a famous sword, even if it was broken. The sharpness is incomparable with any other blade in the neighbourhood, and since he had experience using one, he didn’t feel the need to buy a knife from the market.


“As expected from Tinkerbell who boast its lightness. Even if they have became this small, it is obviously lighter than those being made from Tokimune before this.”


“ …… Hey dear, I have been thinking about this before, Why are you doing this while you can order one from the same blacksmith to make those daggers for you?“


“Hm? Ah, well I could do that. But in my case this knife was practically a hidden weapon. Considering its usability, as I thought it was the best to make it myself.”


Made for blending with the side of his bag, and an optimum size to strike from his sleeve.

Even if the knife was designed intricately he still had doubts in some points.


As much as possible he tried to eliminate any uneasy factors.

Richelieu had thoroughly taught it to Shizuru, so he carefully adhered those rules.


“Do you think I’m paranoid?”


“No. We are assassins (TN: Actually she said killer but assassin more appropriate), so it’s natural for us to be cautious. It is because darling is like that,  that we can move without worry.”


Lady licked Shizuru’s cheek while still in her human form.

In any case, it took a while to get used to a smiling face that Richelieu never does.


“At any rate, …… I know you lost your knife, but why did you suddenly decide to make a new one? We still don’t have any commissions.”


“Somehow I got it when I went to Richelieu’s place to give a special report. I will tell the others when we gather tomorrow evening.”


There were two things to talk about.

First, temporary commission termination until the reinforced defense patrol by imperial knight toned down.


It was certainly annoying, but perhaps it was only for 1 or 2 months.

Because even if they were soldiers, it would be difficult to assign the Imperial Knight for the town night watch forever.

He had already heard the official date from his acquaintance in the guard.


Then, the reason why he hurriedly made a new knife.

To find the random attacker before the Imperial Knights, ordered by Richelieu.


ーIt would be dangerous to go look for someone that killed civilians and guards indiscriminately without his knife.

Well, I still have another knife tucked in my sleeve, But I guess it’s more reassuring to have a pair.


Suddenly he remembered the grotesque scene chopper had done to his victims that he saw couple of times.

He is also commonly known as Chopper the Shredder, since he tears his victim’s corpse into bits.

From the wound condition, Shizuru was convinced that he uses a knife like blade as his weapon.


―― Suddenly the figure of the girl that leapt at Casca with his knife in her hands floated in his mind for a moment.


“There’s no way …… right?”


“It’s something wrong, dear?”


“No it’s nothing, Lady. Now, let’s prepare for the dinner.”


He shook that thought off, and left the room with Lady.

If anything… It was a ridiculous idea, so he smiled wryly.