ABM – Chapter 37

Translator(s): ShimizuA    Editor(s): D.C. VoidsWrath    Proofreader(s): D.C. VoidsWrath

Officially joined…

“It’s a success. Let’s recognize this young woman becoming a member of Black Maria.”

After having constantly heard the stories, without hesitation, Richelieu said that. With this, the girl was now an official member of Black Maria.

“The orientation is different for sure, but from what I’ve heard, she is an outstanding talent since Shizu and Eliz. I don’t need to see her skill.” [1]
“Ahaha. Putting Eliz aside, this girl will become a much better killer than me――”

Someday, but Shizuru’s voice stopped halfway. His eyes widened in surprise like he was observing something that he couldn’t believe. The girl looked up to Shizuru and grasped his hand anxiously.

“What’s wrong, Shizu?”
“ …… Ah, no …… nothing. Hahaha ……”

Shizuru replied to Richelieu’s call with an amiable smile.However, his tone was somewhat unnatural. Naturally, Richelieu wouldn’t trust his word and knitted eyebrows.

“Hm…… well, for now, let’s finish the conversation from earlier. I haven’t heard as of yet, but what’s girls name?”

Richelieu asked that, as it wasn’t included in the report. It was answered in a slightly troubled tone.

“Ah, About that, …… to be honest with you, I still haven’t decided yet.”
“Haven’t decided? What do you mean?”

Richelieu tilted her head as Shizuru told her that the girl was nameless. And, he thought it was pitiful to leaves her without a named, so he decided to try and give her a name.

“So far it was good. But I couldn’t think of a good one.”
“I see. If you still can’t come up with one, would you like me to give you one?”
“ …… I want mom, to give me.”

The girl shook her head and embraced Shizuru as a response to Richelieu’s suggestion. He smiled wryly as he gently stroke her head.

“In any case, I want to give her a good name. A somewhat suitable one.”
“Is that so…… I understand. As soon as it has decided, Please come to report it. I’ll postpone the official assignment of the 3rd squad until then.”
“Thank you very much.”

Shizuru had guessed it, but it seemed the girl had really been assigned to the 3rd squad. Obviously, it was natural. The girl didn’t want to be separated from Shizuru, and East District had many requests since the public order was bad, so as the result the 3rd squad needed more people.

‘Mother’, the girl snuggled up to him and let out spoiled voice, as if she relieved to be told that she was with Shizuru. Her lovely tone quickly resounded in his heart. Richelieu shrugged a little as she heard her tone that tugged at her parental instincts.

“ …… It seems it’s still the same. Well above all, the training I gave to you still in effect.”

For human beings, the most troublesome opponent was the one with emotional bonds. Especially to kill those whom they loved, for most people it was an impossible task. For example, if there existed an unrivaled Master, when his loved one pointed a blade in front of him, sometimes to kill him was easy as twisting a baby’s hand.

That was why Richelieu has thoroughly ground into Shizuru the art of handling those emotions. In exchange of discarding his ability to fight, he prepared emotion as his weapon, that depending on how one used it, it was a blade that superior than any armor.

As the result of that special training, Shizuru had been completely removed one of his hostile emotions, his wrath. So whoever the opponent was, he could still point positive emotions towards them. Even if that was an abnormal person, as long as they were still human. It was similar to how one couldn’t point any hatred and malice towards someone who didn’t hold any ill feeling towards himself.

In short, eventually, his malicious nature was extracted. Even Casca, who lacked consideration towards others feelings, would hear Shizuru’s request to a certain extent.

Despite that, work is work so he would surely kill the target. Thus, a truly perfect balance of values was made.

An assassin that reeled in emotions. She would never raise a perfect killer anymore by a result of coincidence. Richelieu once again thought about the boy she picked up on a whim having already come this far.“Aah, it’s really wonderful.”

But ―― This… and that…were a different story.

“…… Well, Shizu. Please have a matching suit prepared for that girl by the next report. Since a killer always wears a suit in hot or cold.”
“I still can’t make sense of those mysterious values of yours, but I understand. So with this, the report is over, and we――

“Please wait.”

Richelieu called back Shizuru, who already stepped back. And then she consciously glanced at the girl.

“Young lady, please move from your seat for a bit. Because I have something to ask for Shizu.”
“Eh ……”

The girl firmly clung to Shizuru’s waist as she replied half-heartedly. For this few days, she never left Shizuru’s side even for a moment. She didn’t want to. At meals, baths, and sleeping, they thoroughly did it all together.

“It will be over soon. Please wait in front of the door.”
“ …… uh…… yes……”

Richelieu’s yes-or-no attitude startled her, so slowly the girl separated from Shizuru. Then Shizuru gently patted the girl’s head who seemed like she was going to cry soon.

“It’s alright. After this, let’s go together to measure your size, okay?”

The girl’s face reddened from being kissed on her forehead with a smile, and she finally nodded. ‘Be soon,’ ‘Please come soon,’  while repeatedly urging him, the girl left the room dejectedly.

Immediately after that. In a blink of eye, Richelieu pushed Shizuru and got hold of his collar.


Shizuru’s face grimaced as he was pulled by a tremendous force.
And then, she whispered to his ear with a cold tone.

“――Why did you lie to me?”


  1. 1. (ED: “Orientation” as in her upbringing/style(of killing))

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