ABM – Chapter 40

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Enjoy the Chapter!


First Job Escort

The night breeze felt like it had gently stroked his cheek. And then, Shizuru slowly opened his eyes while awakening from his dream.


He had been lying down on the stone floor with a cloth; he slowly raised his body and looked around while rubbing his eyes. He was on the rooftop of an old building. It was late in the night, and the green moon faintly shone from the dark sky.

“To tell you the truth, I think you woke up just in time.”

While Shizuru was absent-mindedly looking at the sky, he heard a quite familiar voice. That voice belonged to Ludmilla.

She stood a few meters from him. She rested her beloved Single-Shot Rifle on her shoulder while one of her legs was on the rooftop’s edge, only her neck turned back while she turned her back to him, and her gaze toward Shizuru was mixed with astonishment[1].

“Morning, Ludmilla.”
“It’s not ’morning’ you know, really…… What kind of nerve do you have, to be able to fall asleep during the middle of work?”

Shizuru smiled wryly to Ludmilla’s hardly sarcastic words, which gave the sense as if she was envious. After that, he stretched lightly and walked towards her side.

“Even if you say work, I’m accompanying you this time. Even more, I couldn’t sleep yesterday…… since I was with Casca all night.”
“ …… Oh really.”

Ludmilla averted her gaze from Shizuru, who stood beside her because of his smooth answer. Thinking of what was wrong with her, Shizuru chuckled.

“Ahaha. Ludmilla, so cute and innocent.
“I’ll shoot you……”

The overly serious Ludmilla hung her head listlessly, and after clicking her tongue, she stared at Shizuru again. This time, Shizuru apologized while getting a light glare from her.

“――Then, how are the target’s movement? Since you didn’t wake me up, is it as expected?”
“You’re right. He’s gambling with 5 of his comrades at his house. Since they’re already gulping the sake with the sleeping pill that you prepared, I think it’s about time they fell asleep?”

Ludmilla was staring at one point, a house around 300 meters from their place in a straight line. While confirming silhouettes of 6 men including the target making a ruckus inside the window, she prepared her rifle.

“It’s just barely, but it is still within the effective range…… if you tell me to do it, I’ll be able to bring them down right now.”
“If you have considered the safety and certainty aspects, sure that would be better.”

Ludmilla’s rifle has an effective range of approximately 350 meters. Additionally, with her marksman skill as a sniper, it would be easy to snipe opponents who were engrossed in their cards at a table near the window.

But, contrary to her suggestion, Shizuru shook his head.

“This time we were tasked as an escort, a support role. That’s why we’ll stick according to plan- let’s wait until the target and the others are asleep.”
“ ……Copy that.”

As if she had already expected his answer, Ludmilla didn’t object, and just loosened her stance. Then she stared blankly at Shizuru with her purple eyes, like a dead man, which ruined her well-balanced appearance.

“You’re quite calm. Even though it’s your daughter’s first job.”
“That’s because there isn’t any particular reason to be worried.”

Shizuru answered her words with a gentle smile. Rather, it was Ludmilla who was nervous and couldn’t calm down.

“Are you worrying about that child? Lady is also with her, so I think it’ll be okay.”
“ ……It’s not like that at all…… It’s just chilly out here.”

Hmph, Ludmilla said as she averted her gaze.

Whether or not her words were true, it had started to enter autumn. Certainly, the nights had become colder. Even more so for Ludmilla who was just wearing underwear directly below her suit. According to her, she didn’t like layered clothes because the static electricity hurt her skin.

That being said, even with her purple demon eyes’ side effect, Ludmilla’s body temperature was difficult to raise compared to a normal person. It wasn’t good for the body to cool so much, so Shizuru took off his jacket and placed it on her.

“Here, you should wear this. It might be best to prepare a coat soon.”
“ ….. Thanks.”
“Ahaha. You’re welcome.”

Shizuru gently laughed with his hand on her chin. Even for Ludmilla, who was in the same workplace as him, she couldn’t believe that he was still a killer[2] despite looking like this. That’s why it was terrifying. She got shivers down her spine from another reason besides being cold.

“Hah…… That child, I wonder if she is alright……”
“What, it seems you’re worried after all. Ludmilla sure is kind.”
“ …… Don’t cling to me. Also, don’t touch my hair. And why did you start braiding it?”
“I just thought it would fit you.”

Mainly, it was to lessen her worry and nervousness. Shizuru abruptly started braiding Ludmilla’s beautiful blue hair. And even though her mouth had said no, she only ended up frowning a bit and didn’t brush him aside.

Ludmilla had become an official member of the assassin group Black Maria, for a while. Before she knew it ―― she was moved by his kindness, greatly.

“ …… Good, I can go anytime.”

In the end, Ludmilla let her braided hair blow in the wind and muttered quietly while letting out a soft sigh. Far away in her line of sight, the targets were sleeping with alcohol and sleeping pills. Looking at their body temperature, which was visualized by her demon eye, it seemed they wouldn’t wake up for a while.

“Well, even if guys at that level were still awake, I don’t think they would pose a hindrance to our work.”
“There is no loss in being perfectly prepared, right? Besides, the target is only one of them. To kill just one person stealthily, the best course is to either snipe him or make him fall asleep with drugs.”

Unconcerned with Ludmilla’s half-hearted reply, Shizuru took dog whistle from his neck and blew it three times.

It was the signal to carry out the plan to break in. After a few seconds, as soon as she started waiting, Ludmilla confirmed from the window that a small silhouette invaded inside.

And after that, it quickly became anticlimactic.

“――Target’s elimination confirmed. With this, the request has been completed.”
“I see. Then let’s go to the meeting point. Do you see any guards in the area?”

Ludmilla started surveying their surroundings slowly, in accordance with Shizuru’s words. Although the curfew had already been lifted 1 week ago, the guards who patrolled the eastern district still had a stronger sense of alertness than in peacetime. Therefore, it was better to add more precautions than end up sorry.

“Let’s see…… I don’t see any at this range.”

Shizuru walked to the nearby stairs leading down and he picked up the bag he left there.

“How about we go?”
“ ……”

When Shizuru turned back to urge Ludmilla, somehow she was grimacing. It was hard to see it under the greenish moonlight, but her face had become much paler compared to before.

“Ludmilla, what’s wrong? If you aren’t feeling well, I could treat you.”

He anxiously asked her, but Ludmilla didn’t answer and was silent for a while. She stared at the point in the target house’s direction, and finally muttered towards the wind with a trembling voice.

“ …… That child…… Scattered the corpses……”[3]


1. ED: Shaft head tilt.
2. PR: Oh he’s still a killer… a LADY KILLER.
3. PR: Basically cutting up the corpses beyond recognition.



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