ABM – Chapter 44

Translator(s): ShimizuA    Editor(s): Matty    Proofreader(s): DCThanatos, Matty    TLC(s):DCThanatos


One day – Noon


Mary continued to spell out the letters.

“Nnnh…… I’m done.”

I’m done, Mother. Mary happily displayed the paper to the person sitting at the other end of the table, Shizuru. There, the word ‘Mother’ was written down a tad messily.

“ …… Ah, ah, Mother, wait, wait.”

But right after that, as if she was remembering something or as if she was struck by something, she added another sentence, hurriedly.
――It was, ‘I love you.’


Shizuru smiled and blushed after witnessing that and pat her head. Once again, Mary fell into bliss.

A while after they had breakfast, Shizuru had begun to teach Mary how to read and write. Deep down, Shizuru was surprised by her tremendous learning speed.


He looked at the numerous stacked papers that were filled with countless lines of word spelling exercises. One could see a certain progress flowing from right to left.

She had completely memorized the letters just from copying it three times over. Now, Mary was already able to write simple words, even though only several hours had passed since he had first started teaching her.

“I also began with learning letters when I was about your age, but I wonder if I could’ve remembered it as fast as you.”
“Aah? Shizu, ain’tcha also learn how to read and write in a week. And that, while also tackling a buncha other things~.”

The one who said that while lying on the sofa, not far from the table, and flipping through the fashion magazine, which Ludmilla had left behind, was Casca.
While she was not going to read it because she was illiterate, it seemed she was only perusing through the printed pictures.


The level of civilization in this world nearly replicated the beginning of the 19th century on earth, but there were parts that had undergone precocious developments thanks to the concept of magic. Pictures and printing were two of those. That said, they were goods that were a little costly. Given how low the literacy rate was, most of the people who could afford it was limited to a certain threshold.

“ …… keke. Oy, such frilly clothes, what kind of rich woman would want this thing?”

Eventually, Casca got bored of it and threw the book away. After that, she slowly moved her gaze to Mary and stared at her attire.

“Think about it, ya also looks very feathery, huh, pip squeak. Ain’t it difficult to move ‘round in?”

Just as Casca said, Mary was not wearing a suit, the usual uniform of Black Maria. As one could expect, a child wearing a suit would stick out like a sore thumb. Right now, Mary’s getup consisted of a frilly one piece. According to Casca, she didn’t want to wear that design even if she was asked to. It didn’t suit her


In response to Casca question, hmph. Mary turned her face away. Although Casca felt frustrated from being bluntly ignored, she only smacked her lips lightly because getting up from sofa was too bothersome.

“Really, what a uncute little brat……”

――Mary hated Casca.
Or rather, she almost never opened her heart to anyone other than Shizuru and Beth. Especially Ludmilla and Casca, though that was obvious.

For Ludmilla, she had tried to separate her from Shizuru before. And Casca―― Because she had been giving beatings to Mary’s real mother long ago. Casca didn’t remember about that time at all as violence was an everyday thing to her. However, Mary remembered it clearly; she would never forget the love and hate she received from others. That was why Mary detested Casca. To the extent that she tried to murder her when they met at the clinic

Even now, she had a strong desire to kill Casca, deep from within her heart. But, she simply couldn’t do it, because she was so dreadfully strong. And more than anything, that good for nothing woman was a partner to Shizuru, with a long relationship second only to Richelieu. If Casca died, Shizuru would be sad. Mary didn’t want to see her beloved mother sad, so she stopped considering it for that reason.

And for that reason, she just ignored her. Even if she did listen to Casca’s chatter, it would become neither poison nor medicine for her.

“Mother. Tell me what comes next?”
“Oh right…… Then, next is――”

By the way, Ludmilla and Lady were out on some sort of business, separately. In the end, Casca was also bored and had nothing to do, so she borrowed some money from Shizuru and left the hideout.

――Now I have Mother for myself.

Now I’m very happy; I’m happy that I will get praised for every little thing I do.

A half-smile unconsciously surfaced on her face. It was like that, continuously, until Shizuru cut the session short for lunch. Mary filled up several sheets of paper; she was practicing frantically.

Shizuru usually did the clinic administration in the daytime. The aim was to exchange information through gossips and making personal connections with the wounded and sick patients who came in every day for medical treatment. His hobby for treating people was also somewhat part of the reason.

If he continuously acted as a skilled physician, then, naturally, his reputation would rise. He would inevitably draw attention from those surrounding him to some extent. There was a little envy from the people in his line of work. Even so, most of them were only small fries. If he had a chance to talk face to face, in most cases, he could remove any animosity built towards him. It was a very profitable job with little risk involved.

That said, it was different when there were no medical examinations on Yellow day. He made some time for himself, for summarizing the collected information, and for making an effort to train his healing magic. In the end, most of his time was spent on the move.

On days like this, he leisurely taught words to his cute daughter. Thinking back on it, long ago, he also had serene times like these.




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