Magi’s Grandson – Chapter 65

Kaelpie: Here it is. Another MG chapter after another month of waiting. On top of that i had it ready to go but forgot about it so that added another day to the wait.
Only the noteless version this time because I don’t feel like syncing with Yado Inn so I’ll just release the +notes version later along with a more in-depth explanation on why it took so long.

EDIT: The notes are here:


Magi’s Grandson – Chapter 63

SURPRISE! Magi’s Grandson on Yado Inn

DOUBLE SURPRISE! Kaelpie is still doing this bitch.

Basically what happened is that Yado Inn has that sweet sweet {flowingcloud censored this} so from now on this is how things are gonna work: NU will lead to a post like this which will have links to a noteless version on their site and a +notes version on mine because flowingcloud doesn’t like TNs.

Noteless Version

+Notes Version (Plz. I kinda wanna stick it to flowy that the +notes version is more popular.)