JUSCO V1 Chapter 3 Part 1

Fun Fact: I translated this part about a month ago.

Here’s your massively belated chapter


Magi’s Grandson Chapter 68

This time I’m back with MG!

I said it will come out this week and it did.

At least for me. I ain’t keeping track of other peoples time zones.

Now my proofreader is sick so this wasn’t proofread in the interest of getting it out this week.

+notes version will be posted a few hours later as usual

Magi’s Grandson Chapter 68 noteless

EDIT: The notes are here

Magi’s Grandson – Chapter 66

Kaelpie: Didn’t take quite as long this time did it?

I’m thinking of re-establishing a schedule but this time once in two weeks. Although… Now that I’ve jinxed myself it probably won’t happen. Oh well.

What I did before worked so I’ll add the +notes version a few hours later this time as well and most likely from now on.

Magi’s Grandson 66 noteless

EDIT: Chapter 66 +notes

Magi’s Grandson – Chapter 65

Kaelpie: Here it is. Another MG chapter after another month of waiting. On top of that i had it ready to go but forgot about it so that added another day to the wait.
Only the noteless version this time because I don’t feel like syncing with Yado Inn so I’ll just release the +notes version later along with a more in-depth explanation on why it took so long.


EDIT: The notes are here: https://kaelpie.wordpress.com/2017/11/08/magis-grandson-chapter-65/