Magi’s Grandson – Chapter 74

Kaelpie here.

So it’s been a year. A year since I’ve started translating, and what a year it has been.

From starting by my lonesome, to partnering with Conform Child and joining Yado Inn. Taking up JUSCO and Yado Inn being a whole hurricane of it’s own. Figuring out how the fuck are you supposed to use wordpress and regretting that choice to this very day.

Watching people I work with come and go has been an interesting experience to say the least. When I think of events from 4 or 5 months ago it feels like 4 or 5 years. Even if I only appear once a month I do feel I’ve become a bit of a stable pillar at least in my corner of the tling community. Even if I don’t have the skills to justify it.

Here’s hoping I can keep chugging along for another year.
I may have pushed this out unedited to make it in time for the anniversary. Thank god CC puts up with my lazy ass. Just be warned that I may have missed some notes in the or no name characters in the noteless version in order to make it in time.

Also Croatia beat Nigeria 2-0 in the World Cup. Yay!

Chapter 74+notes

Chapter 74 noteless


Magi’s Grandson – Chapter 73

And I’m back.

Now that summer is here i have to help out my dad in his store but given my whimsical ass you might not even notice the difference.

Enjoy the chap.

Chapter 73+notes

Chapter 73 noteless

I also just this instant as I was posting this chapter realised I have to manually turn on comments on the noteless version…



JUSCO V1 Chapter 3 Part 2-3

I live again… and immediately enter the competiton for running that joke the furthest into the ground.

Let’s just pretend this is a double release instead of two parts that were so short we decided to merge them.

I will now return to my peaceful death and revive in again in a month(probably) where I’ll attempt to cinch my place as the undisputed Greatest Of All Time overuser of the “rising from the dead” joke.