Magi’s Grandson Chapter 67

New Magi. Yahooooo.

Might be the last one in a while cuz I have to get my PC looked at and won’t be able to tl. We’ll see how that goes. Gonna go into detail on my own site.

And as usual the notes will come later

Magi’s Grandson Chapter – 67 noteless

EDIT: The notes are here: Magi’s Grandson Chapter – 67+notes


Magi’s Grandson – Chapter 66

Kaelpie: Didn’t take quite as long this time did it?

I’m thinking of re-establishing a schedule but this time once in two weeks. Although… Now that I’ve jinxed myself it probably won’t happen. Oh well.

What I did before worked so I’ll add the +notes version a few hours later this time as well and most likely from now on.

Magi’s Grandson 66 noteless

EDIT: Chapter 66 +notes

Magi’s Grandson – Chapter 65

Kaelpie: Here it is. Another MG chapter after another month of waiting. On top of that i had it ready to go but forgot about it so that added another day to the wait.
Only the noteless version this time because I don’t feel like syncing with Yado Inn so I’ll just release the +notes version later along with a more in-depth explanation on why it took so long.

EDIT: The notes are here:

Magi’s Grandson – Chapter 63

SURPRISE! Magi’s Grandson on Yado Inn

DOUBLE SURPRISE! Kaelpie is still doing this bitch.

Basically what happened is that Yado Inn has that sweet sweet {flowingcloud censored this} so from now on this is how things are gonna work: NU will lead to a post like this which will have links to a noteless version on their site and a +notes version on mine because flowingcloud doesn’t like TNs.

Noteless Version

+Notes Version (Plz. I kinda wanna stick it to flowy that the +notes version is more popular.)