Cheat na Kaineko – Chapter 29

Happy to announce that Kons will be joining us as a translator! I’ll be posting chapters for him at the moment, and we’ve already moved Cheat na Kaineko chapters 1-28 here as well so you can check out the TOC here.

Here’s the latest chapter: Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 29


The Hero’s Cute Childhood Friend Does Not Know of His Pitch Black Nature – Intro.

Translator: Hasr11
Editor: Moxi
TLC: Yomigaeru
Proof: Yuzuha

TL Note: Hasr11 here again! This is a new novel I’ve picked up. It’s pretty short with only 23 odd chapters..

Yuzuha: Thanks to Yomi, and Moxi for helping out, and Hasr11 for translating! Here’s a new novel for everyone! Enjoy!

(XSSpeed: Sorry guys, fixed the thing just because it looks better when we organize things x.x Anyways, just click the link for the chapter!)

Chapter Introduction