Cheat na Kaineko – Chapter 1

Translator(s): Konko    Editor(s): KaiTheKuma, Sage Yomeiri    TLC(s): Yomigaeru

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Reincarnated together with my house cat


My name is Murata Keiji and I own a cat.

Her name is Misha and she is three years old this year.

She has jet black fur.

I almost named her “Kuro” , but after much consideration, I ultimately decided to call her Misha.

I started working in a company while taking care of her at the same time.

The company I work at is a foreign place.

Of course, I do not even have any friends.

Occasionally, my colleague will call me because of work but I am unable to comprehend their words due to their strange accent. (TL: Japanese has many dialects e.g Kansai dialect which is quite different from normal Japanese)

That’s correct: the situation is so bad that I am unable to understand what they are saying.

During winter, snow can accumulate until it’s 10 meters thick; there are cases of death due snow-ins occurring in the neighborhood.

I thought of quitting my job many times.

However, I managed to persevere because Misha is here with me.

Misha is my one and only friend.

Although she noisily torments me to feed her, whenever I felt depressed because of work, amazingly Misha will comfort me by crawling into my lap.


On one of these days during winter, Misha was meowing in front of the doorstep.

This indicates that she wanted to go outside.

But cats generally dislike cold weather.

Despite disliking cold weather, Misha still enjoyed walking in the neighborhood for 10 minutes.

…Even though I said that it was a walk, the only one walking was me as I carried Misha in my arms.


It was snowing that day and the visibility was poor.

Furthermore, ice was also forming on the surface of the road.

[It is likely that cars would skid during days like these.]

One has to be especially wary of trucks…

There has been an increase in the number of accidents that occur in countries that snow during winter.

There are many cases where cars weren’t able to stop in time.

–?! All of a sudden, one of the trucks skidded and careened towards me!


Misha was also surprised and cried out.

However, I was very calm right then.

Is it that simple to be knocked over by a truck?

I dodged the truck magnificently and jumped over a railing–.



I was currently on a bridge.

Under the bridge, there is a shallow river with flowing water.

With a strong force, I fell from the bridge.

Similarly, Misha also fell and crashed into the river.


[Wow… such an amazing way to die indeed.]

I discovered that a Goddess had appeared in front of me.

[To die after avoiding a truck… And the cat also died too… Well, the great me is impressed that you died because you tried to protect the cat, though.]

[Even if you are that surprised…]


[Oh! Misha also came with me!]

If that’s the case, did Misha die because of me?

[To tell you the truth, I don’t really care about you, but the great Goddess that is me loves cats.]

You are too truthful, Goddess.

[Because this is a rare opportunity, let’s reincarnate the cat together with you!]

[Thank you very much! This is the best!!!]

As long as I have Misha, I do not mind going to any hellish place.

[Then let’s settle with you having strong powers and reincarnate you together with your cat!!]

[Thank you very much!]

The Goddess extended her hand towards me.

Both Misha’s body and mine started to glow.

After this, we just have to wait until the reincarnation is completed.

For some reason, the Goddess suddenly showed a serious expression.

[Oh… I made a mistake…]

…Wait a minute.

Now, goddess…? What are you saying?

[I mixed up the settings… Oh well, let’s carry on with this anyway!]

This extremely worrying statement was also the last words I heard from the Goddess.


The next thing I noticed, I am standing in front of a huge summoning circle.

[Oh! It seems another human came out!]

The man that looked like a leader seemed to have extremely strong arms.

[This city is called Meire, capital of the country of Gatoreddo. This summoning circle is actually able to summon humans from another world.]

I was informed of something that I have never heard of before.

Well, it is impossible to know of something that I was never informed of beforehand.

[However, it is rare to be summoned together with a cat…]

(It’s so rare to be reincarnated together with a cat….)


Misha was lying comfortably in my arms.


Well, well… as long as Misha is here, anything is fine with me.

Although the Goddess made a mistake, there doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary.

All of a sudden, the man presents a set of leather armor and a metal sword to me.

[The timing is just right; we are leaving soon, so wear this armor for now.]

[Where are we going?]

[We’re gathering all the new adventurers to head to the dungeon together, out of our consideration for your situation. Because there is nothing we can do about it, you can only persevere and survive.]

In fact, I also experienced working in a foreign environment and suffering in my previous life.

The man said that if I am able to achieve good results in the dungeon, I could be hired directly by the country.

As the dungeon is packed full with monsters, it is extremely difficult to proceed through it.

The country can obtain excellent soldiers through this method so it benefits them as well.

[Well, those that came from another world usually have very high stats. A normal citizen is usually Lv 1 while an adventurer is normally around Lv 15. Well, you won’t have any soldiers from the country escorting you, so having around that level might just be perfect.]

Oh? The Goddess gave me some sort of “instantly become level 100” cheat, didn’t she?

[If you want to see your status, just quietly chant “status” in your mind.]

I chanted silently while feeling excited.


= = = = =

Lv 1
Occupation: NA
Strength: 9
Magic Power: 2
Attack Power: 6
Defence: 5
Agility: 5
Intelligence: 8
Ability: NA
Others: Cat owner

= = = = =


[What? Such ordinary stats…]

Goddess, something is clearly wrong here! I will easily die in battle like this!

It’s better not to enter the dungeon…

I might really die.

Misha left my arms and went outside.

[Hey! You’ll get lost!]

Misha finally stopped.

The place she stopped in front of is a carriage with the word “To dungeon” written on it.

[Does Misha want to go?]

This became some sort of a push to me.

I decided to ride on the carriage.

On the moving carriage, I was given a simple explanation.

The dungeon we are heading to has at least 30 floors underground so it is very deep. Usually, one can dive into a floor proportional to one’s own level.

For example, if a person is Lv 5, he is able to make it down to the 5th floor.

Moreover, after entering the dungeon and heading back to the carriage, I am able to receive a commission of 3,000 coins, which is equivalent to around 30,000 yen

This amount should be sufficient for my daily life for a short period of time?

If one is able to make it to 15th floor, it seems that he will be given a further commission of 15,000 coins as a reward. Is this the so-called “guaranteeing the future of talented individuals”?

This is equivalent to 150,000 yen? Not bad considering it’s just temporary funds.

However, it is impossible for a Lv 1 like me…

A male adventurer who is also riding on the carriage approaches and started talking to me.

[Hey, we are all aiming for 15th floor right? Although our party already has 4 people going, it doesn’t matter if one more joins.]

[I am extremely grateful for your kindness, but what is everyone’s level?]

[Lv 14, why?]

[I am Lv 13.]

[Lv 16 here.]

[And I’m Lv 15.]

See, everyone gathered here is around lv 15.

[I… am only Lv 1.]

[Hey, hey, don’t make such a joke just because you dislike going together with us.]

[It’s the truth…]

Among the serious expressions, came a glance of pity.

The path of becoming an adventurer is over…


Misha cried out, paying no mind to the strange atmosphere.

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