Cheat na Kaineko – Chapter 18

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A Cold Sweat Battle

The duel was set to begin 2 hours later.

We will have it at an empty field inside the capital during the evening.

Although the capital is a modern city, there are still some empty patches of land.

We’re doing it here, because we can reduce the injuries caused by fighting on the soft soil surface. …Well, Misha is unlikely to be injured anyway so all is well.

We spend our time by loitering in a small alley nearby.

As Misha is now more eye-catching in her human form, it is better for us to remain in the alley to keep out prying eyes.

[Well~ then~? How far should I send them flying?]

Misha is already sure of her victory. It was natural because she has overwhelming strength.

[Is it fine to stand out?]

[There is no harm for an adventurer to show they have strong abilities…but it will be troublesome if others know that I am Lv 71.]

[That’s right, as long as you understand. …Speaking of which….]

There is something that I would like to confirm.

[What did you choose to wager?]

The duel stated that each party can propose something stake.

For example, even something like [Honor] could also be used as the stake.

[We each wagered 3 million coins.]

I immediately tried to refute that statement.

[Th-that…. Isn’t that almost all our money after purchasing that grimoire!?]

[Well if you look at it from the other side, we can earn another 3 million coins after winning the duel nya~.]

[…That’s true…. It did seem they got a lot of money….]

[Although we already managed to obtain the grimoire, we still need to have more money. We need to save more money in order to buy our love nest, Master!]

[Ahh…I definitely would like to have a place to call our own.]

[That’s right! If we managed to get another 3 million coins, we can buy an even better love nest!] (T.L Vomiting in progress.)

-Misha’s voice then suddenly became softer.

No, it is not just her voice only.

Even her body began shrinking—.

…All that remains is her long robe.


I screamed out loudly in surprise.

Don’t tell me-?! The side effects of the magic will cause Misha to melt…?!


Misha appears in her black cat form from underneath of her robe.

[What?! Please don’t surprise me like that!]

[…It seems, there’s a time limit to the transformation magic. As yesterday was my first time using it, it seems the time limit is about 12 hours. It is impossible to achieve 24-hour transformation.] (T.L Noooooooo, Misha core is still a cat and not a human. E.D. What did you expect when you picked up this novel?)

[Well…it’ll be fine as long as you use it again.]

[…However, there is something that’s troubling me.]

…That statement is bad for my heart.

[…I am more tired than I expected. If I do not rest for about 2 hours, I don’t have the confidence to perform another transformation.]

[Alright…. Just slowly rest in your cat form…. …Ah!]

Isn’t that the time for our duel!?


2 hours later.

Misha still has not recovered from her fatigue.

Since there is no other choice, I carried Misha in her cat form and headed towards the battlefield.

[Oi, where is that beastkin girl?]

Of course the one who spoke up is the man with the largest build.

[That…she is missing right now….]

[Hey, hey! Don’t tell me she ran away?!]

It seems the other party is slightly surprised.

[Hmph! As expected…. It’s impossible for her to face all of us alone. She must’ve chickened out.]

A youth within the team said so.

[Th-that might be the case…. I don’t know the details though.]

I tried stalling for as much time as possible.

[If that’s the case, are you going to fight for her instead, big guy? It’s alright with us.]

[N-no way! I am someone who’s against violence between fellow human beings!]

It is impossible for a Lv 15 to take on 5 people in one go. Furthermore, there are 2 rank Bs within them. Their level surely must be above 20.

[Umm, Miss Aria? What are we going to do then?]

The man with large body build asked Aria-san who came here to officiate.

[I see…the rules in this case is….]

Aria-san showed me an apologetic look.

[If the wager is something that can be surrendered, the side that failed to turn up forfeits and pays the other party.]

We will lose 3 million coins!!!

[S-sorry! I need to go to the washroom!]

I ran into the washroom and spoke to Misha.

[Oi! We have an emergency! What should we do now!]

[…I know… Master…. Although this is slightly risky, I managed to come up with a strategy. Let’s go out now nya~.]

After confirming the strategy, I headed towards where the other adventurers are.

[So what now? We’re the ones being humiliated here, so pay up the bet. Though honestly, I sympathize with you being left behind by your companion.]

The man with huge build said this.

[Hahaha! I did not ran away!]

The group of men looked over us strangely.

It seems they are trying to confirm whether the cat is actually speaking.

That’s right, the cat is currently speaking right now.

If a talking cat became a commotion, at that time it will—.

[I am the magician Misha. I will be fighting in this cat form as your opponent!]

Yup, the scenario we created is that Misha transformed into a cat.

[No, umm…there are five of us here as your opponent. It’d be better if you fought normally you know?]

[I am gi-giving all of you a chance. No matter what, I will be fighting in this cat form!]

[…I understand. Don’t come crying!]

It seems that the opponents accepted our story.

[Umm…. She might receive heavy injuries in that form. Is it going to be alright?]

Aria-san came over to confirm.

[Yes, there is no problem! That magician is extremely strong.]

[I…understand…. Well then, let the duel commence!]

[Neko punch!]

Misha shouted her technique.

It happened in an instant. The man with the huge build was immediately sent flying.

The enemy mage attempted to use a fire spell in the meantime—.

Misha approached at high speed before they could.

[Neko punch!]

[Neko punch!]

[Neko punch!]

[Neko punch!]

All the remaining enemies were sent flying by a neko punch.

[M-m…m-m-magic…?! N-not…using…?!]

The man with huge build retorted despite being knocked down. Just how much did you want to retort?!

A Lv 71’s physical strength alone is tremendous.

The spectators viewing the duel were praising Misha with [Amazing!].

And with this, Misha obtained a flawless victory in her cat form.


Aria-san talked to Misha in her cat form while squatting down.


This means [Thank you]. Although it would also be fine speaking in human language.

[Umm well…. Could you transform back and say a few words to all the spectators?]

Aria-san, what are you saying all of a sudden?

[I… I understand….]

I entered a nearby washroom together with Misha.

Three minutes later….

[With my power, of course it was easy to obtain victory!]

Misha waved to the spectators while wearing her long robe in human form.

As it will cause further fatigue, Misha swiftly returned to her cat form in a nearby toilet after this.

[It is extremely tiring today…. The transformation magic cost more power than I expected. …After this, the fatigue will kick in nya….]

Misha then nimbly climbed and rode on my shoulder.

[Oh well. At least we now understand the limitation of that transformation magic.]

[However, we also obtained a large haul today.]

Ahh, she is referring to the wager.

[Tomorrow, let’s go find a good house!]

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