Cheat na Kaineko – Chapter 20

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Being Served by Master During New Cohabitation Life

Misha and I were the only ones living in such a wonderful and gorgeous mansion.

Nevertheless, there were various things we have to do on our own, since we aren’t living in an inn anymore.

First off, we have to prepare our own meals.

Next, there is the need to clean the house.

Lastly, the garden requires some maintenance.

However, since there were two of us living together, this is not a problem as long as we split the work.

[Master, the two of us will live a happy life from now on.]

Misha said so as she clung onto my arm in her human form.

[Mmm. Although there might be some rough times ahead, as long as we are together, there won’t be any problems we can’t overcome.]

There was once I thought so.

Frankly speaking, I was too naïve then.

I was seriously too naïve.

[Mastera, it is almost time for a meal! Hurry up and prepare it nya~!]

Misha turned into her human form and told me while reading a grimoire.

She turned into a human as it was easier to flip the pages this way.

To increase the variety of magic we could use, we purchased other grimoires beside the one with transformation magic.

[Ah, I heard you. I am grilling the chicken now, so please wait a while.]

[Yesterday’s meat is too bland. Add more seasoning.]

[I understand.]

[Add more vegetables into tomorrow’s meal. You have to be health conscious nya~.]

[Yes, yes.]

It was fairly difficult to cook as there was only a small number of seasonings available in this world, as well as using ingredients that I am not used to.

Having a Japanese supermarket would’ve been much more advantageous.

Regardless, by having a stove that could be operated using a fire magic formation, cooking was still considered relatively easy.

[Ah, that’s right, the opposite room that has a square table is dusty. Please remember to clean it properly later on, Master.]

[I’m aware of it. I’ll go clean it after I finish cooking.]

[The area under the bed is also dusty. I’d reek of mold if I were to go in using my cat form, so please clean it properly nya~.]

[Mmm…. I will do that too.]

[Master, remember to remove the weeds growing in the garden. The growing weeds make it seem as though this is an abandoned house nya~.]

[…Yes. I will remember with my heart.]

[It would look nicer growing some sort of red flowers. Master, go plant them after removing the weeds.]

[Yes…yes…. I will go buy some flower seeds next time….]

[Fuaaa], and Misha yawned.

[I feel sleepy. I will return to my cat form after eating my meal, and sleep on Master’s lap.]

[…Err…you can do that…but I still have to do cleaning…]

[Let me sleep when I want to sleep. You could find some other time to do the cleaning and removing of weeds. Isn’t this Master’s job?]


[Ah, remember to wash the plates properly after eating. There are some stains remaining from yesterday.]

And I was ordered to do everything.

…It might be better If I said something here….

[…Ah, that… I’d be happy if Misha could help me with the cleaning….]

[Eh? Why must I do the same things as Master?]

[After all, we are living together, so…it is also important to split the workload…]

[…Isn’t taking care of me part of Master’s duty?]

So that’s how it is.

I see, there was also such a problem.

I was not aware of such an issue when we were staying in the inn.

Misha has never done any housework.

I am not saying that Misha is an useless bride.

The problem does not lie there.

A cat just does not have the concept of doing housework.

Everything is expected to be done by the owner.

A normal cat would definitely not think of doing any housework.

There are also no cats that would cook for their owner.

This was the part that did not change even after Misha became a beastkin.

In actual fact, if Misha was still in her cat form, I would definitely not expect her to cook.

I might have placed unrealistic expectations on her after witnessing her beastkin form.

[Master, I’m hungry. Hurry, Meal. Master….]

[I know, I know and please stop calling me “Master” when ordering me to do things.]

The party that got called master was being ordered around. I felt that it is common sense that this shouldn’t be happening.

For example, someone would be called master by a maid. The maid would do everything including cooking and cleaning.

Furthermore, the master should be someone staying in the study room, reading books.

I felt that this should be how it works.

Ordering her master to do cleaning—. There is something wrong with this! (E.D. This is why you domesticate your cat girls first)

However, I do not have the courage to confront Misha.

[Mmm? Master? Did you say something? Is there something wrong?]

Misha stopped reading her book and smiled faintly at me.

[No…there is nothing wrong….]

Putting aside whether she is a cat, it is a fact that majority of the money was earned by her.

Without Misha, we would not be able to defeat the golden slime. We would also not be able to live in such a house.

Despite both of us being adventurers, the contribution made by Misha versus me is 30:1.

Hence, it is difficult to tell her to [You should also do some housework].

…At least it is difficult for me to say so.

Although I still hope that she would do the initiative and help out.

Well…it is already not normal for a cat to even talk.

The purpose of humans is to serve cats. This is the relationship between a cat and a human.

[Ah, that’s right. Master? Please help me take a bath later at night.]

Misha is a child that disliked bathing since she was still a cat.

[Yes, yes, let’s do that too.]

I am bathing a cat at that time, so there isn’t any feelings.

Washing a cat’s body, well, its feels normal.


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