Cheat na Kaineko – Chapter 21

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Flirting During Bath Time

And then, it is finally time for bathing.

…Misha is waiting for me in her beastkin form.

Since we’ll be bathing, she is also fully naked.

[Come over here Master, and quickly wash me.][Ah-? Ahhh…?! Misha? A-are you not going to take a bath as a c-cat…?]

I am unable to remain calm.

I used a bath towel to scrub her back.

Different from the time when she was in her cat form, as a beastkin she apparently doesn’t have any hair growing on her body. Rather, her whole body was silky smooth.

[Fufufu…. It is slightly itchy~.]

Misha laughed in a playful manner.

[W-well, it’ll be fine as long as you don’t do anything crazy….]

Depending on individual cats, some cats would hate bathing so much that they would start biting the owner.

[Well then, the next part is my head. Please wash while massaging my head,  Master.]

I took some plant-based shampoo and rubbed her scalp.

Almost no bubbles were formed, but 70% of the dirt could still removed from the scalp by washing properly, so there is no problem. 

And so, everything is fine thus far—.

[Next is washing my feet!]

Misha extend her left foot forward.

…If this is the case, I have no choice but to move over to her front.

Well, I could then enjoy Misha’s naked body. 

[Don’t stare too much. Master, bad~.]

Misha scolded with a teasing tone.

[…I know…]

I must remain calm, and empty my mind while rubbing her feet.

[…I understand. It is bad letting Master do all the work. I am aware of this.]

[What…? Do you feel guilty now?]

[However, it is also weird asking a cat to work. The relationship between human and cats have been this way since the past, and everyone is still happy with that. It would be better to keep a dog if someone dislikes this kind of relationship, Master.]

There was truth with what she said.

In the end, Misha is still a cat.

She is not someone I know from school, nor someone I elected in politics. She is someone I chose and picked up in a pet shop.

Hence, it is just natural for Misha to be served.

[I am not dissatisfied with the relationship. I am Misha’s master still, so I am just doing things that a master should.]

[Thank you very much, Master.]

Misha faintly smiled at me.

[…Hence, I thought that I have to give a reward to such a good Master.]

And Misha hugged me with her bare body.

I could feel the warmth from her body on mine.

She is licking my face like a cat now.

Rather than feeling ticklish from it, I felt that something is raising and it is getting difficult to endure it.

[Nothing would change my love for Master… So…please love me even more…]

[If you say something like that, I won’t be able to endure any longer…]

Being told that by a fully naked, cat ear bishoujo of the same age with a sweet charming voice, there is no men that could not resist that.

[Isn’t is also Master’s job to make me feel good? Hurry up now….]

Misha laughed and teased me.

[Well then, I will start doing my job now!]

After that, I loved her intensely.

Probably within the span of thirty minutes, Misha screamed [I love Master the most!] for thirty times.

While we were in the bath, I was hugging Misha.

[…Alright? All the housework are Master’s duty. In return—.]

Misha took in a deep breath and continue speaking.

[As an adventurer, I will earn enough gold that would allow Master to live a luxurious life. For the sake of Master’s and my happiness, I will work harder. That’s all so that we could live life like a prince and princess!]

Ah, it seems that Misha is also thinking of me in her own ways.

[At the same time, Master must also became an even stronger adventurer. This is my way of showing love.]

[Un, you should just stick to your own methods.]

[Furthermore, it is fine when I was a cat, but I will mind being dirty when I am in beastkin form.]

There are many person in this world that do not bath, but Misha values towards hygiene is closer to that of a Japanese.

[Hence, you must wash my body again and again…alright?]

[Ahh. That’s right, we will get dirty when we enter the dungeon.]

[Of course…you must also touch me….]

Ah, this… The purpose is not to wash her body anymore….

From this day on, [washing her body] meant something completely different between us.

It seem, the days where I must continue serving Misha, must still carry on.

However, regarding this situation, I also realizes that this is my duty as her master. At the very least, we understood our individual roles.

——————————————————————————————————On another matter, the cultivation of plants in the garden and yard is Misha’s responsibility.

[It is fun, digging using my cat form.]

—It seems that this is interesting for her, as Misha spoke to me in her beastkin form during meal time.

[Playing with mud using your cat form, it seems that there isn’t any sense of incongruity.]

[That’s right, Master.]

Misha look at me with upturned eyes.

[My body is dirty…so please wash me….]


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