Cheat na Kaineko – Chapter 27

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Adventuring with Reina

This is my first time exploring the dungeon with Reina.

We set our goal to floor B14.

This is because golems won’t appear before B14.

There’s also close to no risk at all if we fought with monsters other than the golems.

I chose a lower difficulty floor since this is the first time we formed a party.

Recently, I’ve gotten more familiar with the activities of an adventurer and now can rapidly cut down the monsters with my sword.

[Ohhh, as expected of master! Your movements are so crisp!]

[If we are talking about that, your movement is even more crisp Reina.]

As it’s inappropriate for her to wear her maid uniform in the dungeon, Reina is wearing clothes that are easy to move in, like short pants.

Her clothes gave her absolutely no defense.

In return though, Reina became extremely agile.


[Haa! Hei! Yaah!]

She can avoid most of the attack by low level monster.

Then, she threw a small knife at the monster, a Matango (T.L Some mushroom like monster).

Exchanging blow with that Matango for a bit, Reina then thrusts her knife into the monster, kicking it to make it lose its balance before giving it the finishing blow.

[Ah…. The movement of my hips are duller than before. Hmm….]

Reina scratched the back of her head while looking embarrassed.

However, she looked extremely strong in my eyes. She was even stronger in the past?

[Just now, I couldn’t kill that Matango with one strike. If it was me in the past, I could easily kill that level of monster with one attack.]

[Well, l can’t understand that level of obsession.]


As for me, I learned the way bandits fight.

It is extremely dangerous if they got hit but their rate of evading is high in return.

This fighting style is similar to gambling.

On the other hand, my current fighting style is similar to a traditional warrior.


We proceed further into the dungeon smoothly.

Even so, we only followed the standard route so we didn’t face any difficulties.

[However, I don’t feel any motivation if we explore the dungeon without any clear goal.]

Of course, I collected the magic stone with the intention of buying something for Misha.

Reina’s dog ear started twitching.

[Oh. Speaking of which master, have you heard the rumor of some expensive accessories appearing on B13?]

[No. Not at all. Previously, we didn’t have the intention to explore every floor in detail. We only entered the dungeon for the sake of raising levels….]

[Since that’s the case, how about we set this time’s goal to finding an accessory? Perhaps the ones that hid them were bandits like myself. There are some bandits who have the hobbies of hiding their stolen goods in the dungeons.]

There are many fellows with weird hobbies in this world. Well, I really could not understand their mindset.


Then, we arrived at floor B12.

We proceed with me leading the way so I wanted to quickly clear this floor and reach B13.

However, I soon realized the difference between our capabilities.

[Master, let’s search this place carefully!]

[But…there’s nothing on this floor.]

However, Reina is looking at a slightly different place.

[…I felt something strange around this area.]

Then, she slowly knocks on the wall.

Suddenly the normal-looking all moved and a small room appeared. It seems like Reina pressed a hidden switch on it.

There is a flight of stairs that leads to the floor below.

[That…. How did you find out?]

[Master, this is my animal instinct.]

Misha would occasionally show similar actions.

[Those treasures would already be found if we search floor B13 normally.]

Now that you mention about it, that’s definitely the case.

I had seen empty treasure box of various size on B13.


We went down the stairs and found ourselves in a hidden room with treasure boxes.

[Alright, the treasure we are looking for should be-.]

[Hold on master. Please don’t open this yet.]

Reina stopped me by thrusting her hand.

[There are rumors that accessories could be found on this floor but those treasure chests are still here. When you think about it, there should’ve be someone that found this place but could not open this chest. It might be that this type of chest requires a long time to open even if you are serious.]

[…The bandit’s way of living sounds rough….]

Reina took out a wire-like item and tried picking the lock.


Around 3 minutes later.

[…Finally, its open.]

We slowly open the chest.

Rather than an accessory, the item found in the chest is a silver-white crown.

[It seemed this will match Misha with her black hair.]

[Boss will surely be happy!]

However, soon after, Reina started yawning.

Her yawn is even higher than Misha and it gave off a feeling of a dog.

[…I’m sorry, master. I got too exhausted from opening that chest….]

[I suppose this required more concentration that when you were fighting, eh? Well then, let’s rest for a short while here. Let’s sleep for around 30 minutes. Since this is a hidden room, monster shouldn’t just spawn here.]

[….You are right. Well then, let me sleep for a short while….]

Reina lean her head against the wall and immediately fall asleep.

This is probably the habit she picked up while she was a bandit.

I should also take a short nap.

I attempted to sit beside Reina and sleep.


…However, I failed to sleep.

This is because Reina’s head is now leaning on my shoulder.


[This…. I must not cheat]

This is how it should be.

While listening to her snoring cutely, I stayed motionless for 30 minutes.

However, Reina showed a bitter expression when she woke after 30 minutes.

[Master, this is being rude to Boss! Please wake me up next time!]

[Aren’t you overreacting…?]

[That’s not so master. If I fall in love with master, things will get complicated….]

I could see Reina face turning red after rejecting me.

Eh? Could it be…I did something unnecessary…?

[It…. It doesn’t matter! Let’s go back since we obtained what we want!]

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