Kuro no Senki – Chapter 7

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Tyria’s Return


When we look back through history, Japan has only recently switched to the monogamous system in the past hundreds of years.

Islam allows one to take up to four wives, and in the noble society of Europe, having a sexual affair with your servant is commonplace.

‘Yep, that’s right.’ To hell with that, I’m an idiot!

Chrono cursed himself last night in bed.

On his bed, Okami, who is naked alongside Chrono, is facing him while using her arm as a pillow.

He feels relaxed, as if he has returned back to his childhood.


“Oh my, did I wake you up?”


She slightly opens her eyelids, then embraces him like a child and kisses his forehead.


“… Well, that’s troubling. While I did say I wouald be troubled if you went serious, please do it properly.”


Remembering their passionate night, she lets out a chuckle.

Being told that he wasn’t serious has completely shattered his pride as a male.


“Although, wasn’t six rounds in one night overdoing it? My joints are still sore, and I thought that I was gonna die in the last one.”


“It was also my first time doing it six times in one night.”


Even during my first night with Leila I didn’t get to do it six times. While Chrono is thinking about such things…


“Hey, don’t think about other girls at a time like this.”




She pokes him.


“I-it’s not like I’m mad or anything. It’s just, there’s some women that can’t stand being compared to younger women. We’ve become saggy compared to when we were young.”


“No no, you’re… beautiful! There may be nothing you can do about your age, but y-your breasts are big.”


If they’re that big, it can’t be helped if they sag a bit, right?


“I don’t need that kind of weird consolation.”


She retracts her arm and shows her back to Chrono as if sulking.




“W-what the heck are you doing!”


Chrono caresses the landlady’s breasts from behind, as he fondles and squeezes them.


“… Hey! We’ve already done it six times last night. What are you, a monster?”


“Even I surprised myself. Well, this just goes to show how charming you are.”


Chrono leans over her and shows a sadistic smile.


“E-even my dead husband never, never did something like this!”


“It seems I’m very possessive… Now that I’m aware of my personality, it makes me want to dye you in my color once again.”


“How scary!”


How noisy, he thought as he shuts her lips by himself.


“Hasn’t something like this happened before?”


“Chrono, you’re late!”


As Chrono tilts his head in puzzlement, Tyria slams the door open.




“…Don’t take me lightly, Chrono. I’m 100% sure that you brought a half-elf into bed.”


“Sorry but I’m not a half-elf.”


Letting out a sigh of relief, Okami smoothly slips out from under Chrono.


“Nua! C-Chrono? You even laid… laid your hands on our cook?


“It’s normal for a noble to lay his hands on his servant you know.”


Okami who is putting on her underwear frowns in disgust.


“It can’t be helped then.”


She puts on her revealing maid uniform and dashes out.

While she’s at it, she doesn’t forget to throw a kiss as a service.


“C-Chrono! Ugyaa!”


Tyria furiously rushes to him, but falls dramatically on the spot where Okami changed her clothes earlier.

She trips because of the sticky substance that made Okami say ‘it can’t be helped’ earlier.


“W-what the heck is this?”


“… Baby seeds.”


Chrono averts his eyes from Tyria who tries to pick a little of it with her finger.


“Ugh, brprp.”


Tyria stares at her fingertips with tearful eyes, pondering if she should act resolutely like a princess or start a fight like a maiden… Like that she stops moving.

It seems that she lost her consciousness.



Chrono changes into a tunic to disguise himself and leaves the mansion when Goldey, the dwarf head craftsman, approaches him holding an armor piece.


“Ooh, Chrono-sama! The new-type armor… well, it may still be a prototype, but it’s finished.”


“So this is the armor invented by Goldey huh.”


Chrono carefully inspects the armor he receives from Goldey.

The armor is the standard in fantasy, a breast plate.

Its color is black without any glossing, and it’s quite thin when compared to the armor of heavy cavalry.

To increase the strength, there are many deep grooves running on its surface.


“The design is new I see.”


“It’s not just the appearance! The, the materials are also different! We tempered the iron that had been warped by charcoal, and gave it a heat treatment during the molding process! T-this process dramatically increases the hardness and toughness of the iron!”


Goldey’s mouth starts foaming as he emphasizes the iron manufacturing process.


“Then, about the endurance test–” “It’s already been tested!”


Eh? Chrono looks at the armor one more time and indeed, there’s some trace of damage from swords and arrows.


“There is no problem with sword attacks and it’s also able to defend a point blank shot from a conventional bow, but a compound bow’s arrow is still able to penetrate it…”


Goldey hangs his head listlessly as another dwarf carries an armor that’s full of holes back to the workshop.


“Well, since a compound bow is in a class of its own, the armor itself seems excellent, so let’s switch to this armor.”


“T-thank you very much.”


Feeling half happy and half regretful, Goldey shakes Chrono’s hand tightly.


“Since you’re just reporting the results, there’s no need to thank me. Well, I’m sorry that I’m unable to fully understand the greatness of this armor in depth.”


“No, it’s thanks to Chrono-sama that I was able to realize the dream I’ve had since I was a young lad.”


Goldey wipes his tears.


“We got Chrono-sama’s forgiveness!”


OOHH! The dwarves reply vigorously.


“Where will you go after this Chrono-sama?”


“I just angered Tyria again. Until things cools down, I’m going to just wander around town. Ah, that reminds me, how’s the paper going?”


“We have prepared 50 new sheets.”


“I’ll take 10. Well then, don’t get too absorbed on it alright.”


Chrono receives the washi[1] and leaves the workshop.



Moving on to the commercial district, Chrono takes a stroll around the stalls.

In Hachel city, the shops are mainly street stalls and their item variety is surprisingly low.

It seems that only a large-scale business like Pick’s company deals with a wide range of merchandise.


“… So they don’t sell ‘potatoes’ or ‘corn’.”


Now that he thinks about it, he’s never seen either of them since coming to this world.




Chrono walks while eating dried fruits he bought from the stall when the elf twins… Deneb and Arided[2] hug him. He still can’t tell which one is which though.


“Huh? You two…”


“Two days ago, we completed a thief subjugation!”


“So Chrono-sama, give us days off.”


They say that while taking the dried fruits that Chrono had, into their mouths.




“Do you want to eat it?”


Chrono holds out the dried fruits; Deneb and Arided stuff their cheeks without even saying thanks.


“…Leila is also on her day off, isn’t she.”


Chrono takes the communication crystal out, but quickly gives up.


“You should just call her.”


“She could also be tired right now, suddenly calling her is a bit…”


“I don’t think so though?”


“That’s right! Suddenly calling her and pushing her down is also fine!”


“I’m not such a beast, alright.”


As Chrono says that, the twin elves tilt their heads in puzzlement.


““Isn’t Leila Chrono-sama’s mistress?””


“That’s right, but doing things like that is not good.”


Deneb and Arided glance at each other and frown their eyebrows.




“Why you ask; because I love her.”


““Is that really because of love?””


They ask him again seriously; it makes Chrono feel uneasy about his feelings, but he convinces himself that pushing her down is a different matter entirely.


“It may be different from the love that Leila and you two want, but it’s true that I want to cherish her. Well then, let’s stroll around a bit more.”


““Hey~, Chrono-sama?””


Deneb and Arided cling to his arm while letting out a spoiled voice

They tighten their grip and press their breasts against him.


“We’re free right now.”


“That’s right! We’ll be happy if you play with us!


“Of course you don’t mean to purely play, but that’s ok.”


Yay! Deneb and Arided cheer as they smile brightly.

Chrono watches the stalls while accompanying the two elves.


“Chrono-sama, please buy me that.”


“Chrono-sama, I want this.”


Dragging him along, Chrono pays for them when they ask him to.

He intends to refuse if they ask for expensive items, but they cleverly calculate it and choose cheap food such as fried drumsticks, dried fruits, and fruit juice.

It seems that their stomachs are starting to swell; they start pestering less and less. At that moment, Chrono stops his feet in front of a certain stall.


“Kiriboshi daikon (dried daikon strips)?”


There’s many bundles of it lined up in the stall.


“No, it’s beet.”


A woman who’s sitting on a wooden box smiles at Chrono.

She’s probably in her mid-twenties.

She has healthy light brown skin with shoulder cut dark brown hair.

Although she’s wearing an easy-to-move earth colored robe, her belt makes her waistline prominent.

Looking at her face that’s filled with happiness, it stirs up a feeling of guilt in him.


“Just when I was wondering who it is, it’s the earth temple’s priestess huh.”




“Bzzzttt! I’m Arided, she is Deneb.”


Deneb and Arided once again hide behind Chrono, then go back to their original position after rotating.


““Now, which one is Deneb, and which one is Arided?””


“This one is, Arided?


“Bzzztt! I’m Deneb you know!”


The woman confidently points at Deneb, who in turn makes an X with both arms overhead.


““Chrono-sama knows which is which right?””


The two people separate from Chrono again and turn around on the spot.


““Now, which one is Deneb, and which one is Arided?””


“You’re Arided right?”


“Bzzztt! I’m Deneb you know!”


Huh? Thought Chrono as he folds his arms. Even if they’re twins, they can’t just go ahead and switch their names.

He doesn’t think he can mistake them just from them circling around him.

Chrono puts his arms on their heads, then tenderly brushes their hair and plays with their pointed ears.






The one claimed to be Deneb laughs ticklishly, while the other one isn’t looking upwards while holding back her tears.


“The one who laughed is Arided, the one who seems like she’s about cry is Deneb, am I right.”




As Chrono points them out, Deneb and Arided open their eyes in surprise.

Well, in other words, he lied about not being able to tell them apart.


“Um, Chrono-sama, are you angry?”


“I’m not angry. But, please apologize to the priestess.”


Chrono gives a bitter smile to Arided who had asked with upturned eyes.


““We’re sorry~”


Looking at the priestess who seems to be in a panic, Chrono is honestly impressed.

Apparently this person doesn’t have any prejudice towards demi-humans.


“You said that these are beets, right?”


“This is something that my father has selectively breed for several years in accordance with our ‘Mother God who rules over the land of fertility with loess[3]’ teaching. Even if this is a dried food to be put in storage, it’s very sweet and has good nutritional value.”


“He~, but, isn’t this animal fodder?”


“That’s right, she doesn’t even need to sell it.”


He takes a bite from the pointed tip of the beet, and surely, it’s sweet.


“Eek, Chrono-sama! It’s animal food you know!”


“That’s right! It’s not something that humans are supposed to eat you know?”


“Chrono-sama? …eek! Pardon my rudeness!”


The priestess turns her robe and prostrates with an amazing vigor.

In the Cepheus Empire, in theory, the priests are free from secular influence.

In any case the first emperor thoroughly suppressed them in a similar style that Nobunaga did.


“It’s not good to prostrate yourself… um, Miss Priestess?”


“P-please call me Shion.”


“Please give me that beet.”


“Yes, it’s 1 copper coin.”


Chrono gives her one copper coin which Shion receives with both of her hands.


“Don’t be that afraid; Chrono-sama isn’t a cruel man alright.”


“Is, is that true?”


“That’s right, the rumors are lies.”




Deneb’s and Arided’s faces twitch.


“The rumors about Chrono-sama are… How handsome you are, peerless in both swordsmanship and sorcery techniques, the holder of stratagems that can overthrow an army even with a tenfold difference in power, and how your eye is god’s eye that can see through to the depths of one’s heart. After he befriended Cain, he became the owner of the thief’s adoration.”


“Nothing about that is correct.”


If any of those were true, he would be able to change the world for certain.


“I have heard that people from Temple of the Dead run a soup kitchen, are you, Shion, perhaps one of them?”


“Y-yes… we have been struggling to gather donations.”


“But, why are you selling animal food to us?


Being yelled at, Shion trembles like a puppy struck by the rain.


“Arided. Shion is opening this stall to help poor people, don’t be harsh.”


“If they’re poor, they can just go work, couldn’t they.”


“That’s right. They can become a soldier like us.”


Chrono can’t help but sigh in their difference of values.


“…Deneb, Arided.”


““We’re not wrong.””


“That’s right. But, Shion is not wrong either.”


Chrono kneels and grasps Shion’s hand tightly.

He feels her hard palm which is peculiar for a girl; probably a result from the hard work she does everyday.


“Shion, soon, the poorhouse will be rebuilt. I’m also thinking about various other matters, but I decided to give the poorhouse priority so… please hang in there a little bit more.”




Shion gazes at Chrono with teary eyes.



“Even though she’s just a priestess, how can she be that sexy.”


“How boring~”


Despite being frustrated, Deneb and Arided still tag along with Chrono.

On top of that, it’s hard to walk because of all the beets that he bought.


“Perhaps, Chrono-sama will…’I’ll give you money so let me do as I please with your body,’ or something like that?”


“I won’t do that.”


While letting out a sigh, Chrono looks up at Pick’s company building.


““Is it okay to leave it here?””


“It’s not like I’m going to keep it a secret, so it’s okay.”


As Chrono enters the building accompanied by those two, Nicolas quickly steps up before anyone else.


“Chrono-sama, what kind business do you have today?”


“For now, maybe some trade?”


“Then, please follow me.”


Urged by Nicolas, Chrono moves to the back office.


“Vel! Quickly prepare the tea!”




The loud steps that resound make Chrono smile bitterly.


“Is there something you need?”


“Today…I’m here to sell this.”


Chrono presents a bundle of washi and Nicolas takes it with a serious expression.


“This is?”


“A prototype paper made by our workshop.”


“Can I try to write on it?”


Chrono nods, then Nicolas takes a feather pen and writes some letters.

In the early stages of its development, the pen nib often got stuck on it, but that problem has been cleared after numerous improvements.


“Oh, what a nice feeling. Although it being thin is a minus, it won’t be a problem by fixing it on a board.”


“If it’s you, Mr. Nicolas, how much would you sell it for?”


“Since the market price for parchments in the Cepheus Empire is 3 copper coins per one sheet… I think 1 copper coin is appropriate in terms of just opening into the market.”


“Then, how much profit would you get out of it?”


When Chrono asks, a cold sweat appears on Nicolas’ forehead as he sinks into silence.

Probably, rather than trying to negotiate the price, he was thinking about Chrono’s honor.


“Sorry, it may be unfair to ask you like that. On our end, if one paper is one copper coin, we need to sell over 2,400 in order to not have a deficit. But, this is only based on the labor cost. If we switch over from collecting the raw material to cultivating it… probably, the price could jump up by over 200%.”


“I brought the tea!”


Vel enters with a bang, places the cups for four persons’ portions and then leaves the office.

Nicolas grabs the cup with his trembling hand.


“With the amount that Chrono-sama stated before, we will get 10 gold coins of gross profit per day, but… why did you reveal the cost to us?”


“Since I thought you wouldn’t cooperate unless I explained it properly.”


“… I see, so Chrono-sama is bad at trading, aren’t you.”


“That’s why I came here for this.”


Nicolas drinks his tea in one breath and put his cup down.


“If so, for the time being we will purchase the paper made by Chrono-sama’s studio for five copper coins. When a new workshop has been built, we will talk about the price again; is that alright with you?”


“Then, let’s go with that.”


Chrono wrote two copies of their agreement and hands one over to Nicolas.



After finishing his business with Nicolas, they grab a light meal in the brothel managed by Miles.

Surprisingly, since Miles doesn’t show any discrimination to Deneb and Arided, the meal’s atmosphere is peaceful.


“Chrono-sama, you work quite often.”


“That Miles guy, I hate him.”


“Well, he’s not really the likeable type after all. I will return to the mansion, so you two–”


““We’ll follow you to bed!””


Chrono looks at them and the beet back and forth.


“Can you use magic that manipulates cold air?”


““We are elves so we can use all the magic elements.””


“Then, let’s go towards the kitchen together.”


Chrono goes to the Marquis Erakis’ residence accompanied with the twins.

So now you bring elf twins!? Said some of his retainers as they roll their eyes when Chrono walks his way to the kitchen on the first floor.

The kitchen is so spacious that a private house could fit inside of it. In it, there’s an enormous table, polished frying pans and stock pots lined up on the wall shelves, and something like a stove that’s installed in the fireplace.


“O-oh my, Chrono-sama… W-what are you doing, in a place like this.”


“I’m just thinking about borrowing the kitchen for a while, can I? Also, we have eggs and milk here right?”


“Well, sure.”


Chrono puts a bundle of the beets into the stock pot, then pours water until they submerge.


“What are you doing?”


“Doing a little experiment.”


He heats the stock pot with medium fire until they boil well.


“They’re fodder for livestock; what are we gonna do with it?”


“I believe that I can make sugar from them.”




Deneb and Arided peek at the pot from both of Chrono’s side, and a clear expression of disappointment shows up on their face.


“It’s dangerous, so please step back.”


Will boiling them for one hour be enough? Thought Chrono as he puts on the lid.


“You’re really well-informed aren’t you, Chrono-sama.”


“It’s mainly just knowledge that I’ve read in a book or heard somewhere though.”


Even Chrono doesn’t have a deep understanding of the process.

After about an hour passes, Chrono divides the beets and the broth with a sieve and boils the broth again.

As its viscosity increases, it starts to give a burnt-like smell.


“Chrono-sama, it’s burned, isn’t it?”


“But it splendidly became sticky.”


It now looks like sugar somewhat, but if he leaves it as is, it will burn and stick to the pot.


“How about using a double boiler?


“Double boiler?”


As Chrono returns her question, Okami puts a little bit of water in a new pot and heats it.


“It lets you heat the container by putting it into a pot filled with hot water. To not know about that, you really are a boy after all. Give me that, I’ll continue the rest.”


Okami moves the burned broth to a smaller bowl and heats it with the “double boiler”.


“It feels kind of a bit rough, doesn’t it.”


She stirs the broth with a spatula, and after a short while it became brown sugar.

She tastes a bit of it by using her finger,


“Yup, this, is definitely a sugar.”




Deneb and Arided lean their body forward and poke their finger into the bowl.


“Hot! But, it’s sweet!”


“T-this is, the legendary sugar!”


Oh right, sugar is a valuable commodity here, thought Chrono as he covers the sugar away from those two.


“Chrono-sama, are you going to monopoly this?”


“It’s still halfway done… Okami, bring me milk and eggs!”


“Aye, aye.”


Chrono puts the sugar, milk, and egg yolk he intuitively measures into a new container, and mixes them gently.


““Ah~, the sugar!””


While he carrying the container in his arm, he grabs a new metallic bowl from the shelves and places it on the table.


“You two, please freeze this bowl.”


““Alright, but… Dance, Ice pillar!””


The air creaks as the bowl’s surface is covered by frost.


“Just to make sure, once more.”


““…Dance, Ice pillar!””


The frost’s thickness increases with a loud crack and cold air starts flowing from the bowl.

Chrono holds the frozen bowl at his side and pours the contents of the container at once.




He whips it roughly until the liquid mixture of the sugar, milk, and egg yolk became a sherbet.


“I guess this is enough.”


Chrono divides the sherbet into portions and places them onto platters, then he offers them to Deneb, Arided, and Okami whose eyes are glittering with curiosity.


“Eat–” ““Delish~!””


Before Chrono can say anything, Deneb and Arided already ate the sherbet.


“How tasty. I’ve never eaten something as delicious as this.”


Okami’s face is smiling like a child.


“What’s the name?”


“…Ice cream.”


Chrono answers after a brief pause.


“Chrono-sa–” ““So you were here huh, CHRONO!!””


Looking at the source of that voice, he sees tyria push Leila aside and enter the kitchen.


“Ah, you two came at the right time.”


Chrono prepares their share of the ice cream and places it on the table.


“What the heck is this?”


“Bon appétit.”


Tyria and Leila eat the ice cream simultaneously,




They stop in their tracks.


“T-this is… what a, no wait, you won’t deceive me with this thing.”


“It’s cold, sweet, and delicious.”


Tyria is completely captivated by it, while Leile is crying happily as she brings the ice cream to her mouth.


“Chrono, how did you make it?”


“It’s a secret.”


“Again with that!”


Tyria says it in dissatisfied tone that makes Chrono smile.


“Can you promise you won’t be mad?


“Ok, I swear with my name as the first imperial princess of the Cepheus Empire.”


Tyria puffs her chest out proudly and nods composedly.


“Firstly, I boiled the broth I got from this animal fodder.”


“How dare you let me eat something like that!”


She suddenly stands up and starts shouting.


“…Since you broke your promise, I’ll stop here.”


“Ugh, Wait… Kuuuuhhhh.”


Being conflicted, Tyria groans,


“…I-I won’t eat something made from animal fodder.”


And says that as she looks at the ice cream regretfully.


“Chrono, after you finish eating that, come to my room.”


““So the imperial princess is very bold.””




Tyria opens her eyes in surprise when Deneb and Arided make fun of her.


“I, I’m not! I just want to discuss certain matters with Chrono.”


““How many kids do you want?””


“G-get lost! You damn Elves! T-that’s treason!”


Tyria shouts as her face reddens from being teased by those two.


““Chorono-sama, we leave the follow-up to you!””


Holding the ice cream container, they jump out of the kitchen.



“…W-what’s with those two. Why should I-I want c-c-children between me and Chrono.”


After finishing her meal, Chrono enters the office, Tyria’s face is still red from embarrassment.

Sometimes, her mouth loosens… he wonders why.


“I’m here.”


“…kh! Ehm, ehm.”


Tyria awkwardly clears her throat.


“What is this?”


Chrono brings out a small bottle and a washi, then Tyria curiously inspects the small bottle.


“Sugar made from the animal fodder. Also, on the paper is the recipe for ice cream.”


“Sugar you say!?”


Tyria places the sugar on her palm and licks it.


“…It really is sugar. But can’t sugar only be produced in the south?”


Tyria glares furiously at Chrono.


“Chrono, what the hell are you? The compound bow, that paper, and now this sugar! Since the subjugation of the bandit troupe, no, since the first time I talked to you I have realized!”




She grabs his chest and slams him onto the table.


“… You were not even a poor student. I’ll ask this again; who the hell are you? Where do you come from? Why did you slip into this kingdom?”


“What if I say that I came from another world?”


Chrono expects an answer like ‘Are you crazy?’ or something along those lines, but the blood quickly drains from Tyria’s face.

The light reflects from a drawn blade


Tyria draws out her self-protection dagger.


O-oh shit!


As Chrono desperately resists her, Tyria swings down the dagger in one strike.


Stab! She sticks the dagger right in front of Chrono’s eyes.


“Chrono, does anyone else know about this?”


“I think it was treated as idle talk, but I indeed have talked about it in front of my subordinates.”


Tyria sighs as if being amazed and releases her hand from Chrono.

Still shaking on his knees, Chrono raises his body.


“Chrono, never speak that again, ever.”


“Can I hear the reason?”


“… The first emperor of the Cepheus Empire was a black-haired man who came from another world. Making full use of his otherworldly knowledge, he annexed the neighbouring country and built the empire in one generation.”


Tyria said it sullenly while brushing her hair.


“The same as me?”


“That’s right!”


“So, why were you trying to kill me?”


“Do you not understand?! You… you can be hailed as the reincarnation of the first emperor. Moreover, your otherworldly knowledge could be a threat for the current empire.”


Tyria sits on her chair and hangs her head in anguish.


“Good grief, why do the amount of troublesome matters keep increasing.”


“Even I didn’t come to this this world because I wanted to, you know… By the way, what happened to the first emperor?


“He had kids like normal, and died a natural death, I believe.”


“Ah, So he had kids like normal.”


Forgetting that he was just about to get killed, Chrono strokes his chest.”


“…Don’t tell me.”


Tyria holds her body as if she’s being alert.


“Even if I came from a different world, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to make children right now alright.”




Tyria tilts her head as if to say that she doesn’t understand him at all.


“So, what are you going to do now?”


“Tomorrow, I will go back to capital, but I plan to leave ten people who excel at paperwork here. They’re also here to report your actions.”


“Can I take it as there’s no restrictions with my actions?”


Fuuuh, Tyria solemnly sighs.


“Do as you please. However, don’t ever try to betray me.”


“I won’t betray you, you know.”


“You’re…truly an idiot, aren’t you.”


Tyria mutters quietly while narrowing her eyes as if blinded by his brightness.



That night, Leila’s state is kind of weird.

When reciting a book, or when reciting the multiplication table, her mind starts wandering towards somewhere else.


“If you’re tired, want to take an early break?”




Leila stares at Chrono absent-mindedly, but then she takes off her clothes without saying anything.

Usually she would strip down to her underwear; did something happen? Thought Chrono in his heart as he tilts his head.

By the way, Leila’s underwear is made from linen, a pair of plain shorts and a small tank top… or at least that’s what it’s supposed to be …


“Excuse me.”




Chrono receives an impact that feel as if he was hit by a hammer.

Leila turns her back on Chrono.

Perhaps, she’s angry?

Is it about the date with Deneb and Arided?

Or is it about the thing with Okami last night?


“Um, Leila? Ms.Leila?”




When Chrono touches her, Leila’s body stiffens.

Calm down, Chrono.

Count prime numbers, try to calm down.

Should I ask her, no, it’ll become a disaster if I try to poke the hornet’s nest.

While thinking about such things, Chrono is attacked by a wave of drowsiness… when he comes to his senses, Leila is already straddled onto him.

She looks at Chrono with her sparkling golden eyes.




“Um, Lei mmmppphhh!”


Leila devours Chrono’s lips.

Chrono tries to resist, but in front of Leila who has gone serious, it’s a futile resistance.




Leila presses her forehead to Chrono’s chest while breathing roughly and seductively.


“I’m really sorry, Chrono-sama.”


“Is this about the thing with Okami?”


Leila affirms weakly.


“… Chrono-sama is a noble, so I understand that a half-elf like me can’t monopolize you all the time. I understand that, and yet, I…”


How shameful, murmurs Leila in a self-deprecating manner.

Chrono can’t say anything.

He indeed still has the guilt from killing his comrade yesterday, and there might have been an influence from the wine he drank considerably of, but frankly speaking, he embraced Okami for a different reason entirely.


“Leila, I really love you. However, I also like Okami, and I don’t think I’ll be able to refuse if I’m ever tempted by Deneb and Arided. But if I ever think about having a heir, we have to get married, and I also don’t want to mix my work with my private life, so I don’t think there’s any visible benefit in that.”


While saying those words, Chrono becomes ashamed of himself.

He was such a unfaithful man to Leila who said that she would choose death over doing it with any other man besides him.

On top of being self-conscious about that, he also conveniently used words such as ‘don’t want to mix my work with my private life’.

Let’s stop the unfaithfulness here.

Because Leila, is the lover of this unfaithful man. Love is shapeless and also boundless, so it’s natural that I want to love Leila more than just ‘in the moment’.


“If we keep continuing our relationship as is, if…if, for example, by any chance, what if I were to bear Chrono-sama’s child? “


“Of course, I will acknowledge it.”


“I never heard of a half-elf child that got acknowledged!”


As Chrono says that, Leila becomes panicked.


“This is my sincerest… no, I know that what I’m saying now might sound too good to be true. But, I’m in a difficult situation where as an adopted child of a noble house, as well as your superior, I can’t impregnate you at the moment.”

Leila lets out a chuckle.


“Just now, Chrono-sama sounds like a child.”


She kisses him, and returns to her usual position.

This time, she faces him.


“Maybe, I’m also the same as Chrono-sama. If I only wanted love, I could have just retired from being a soldier, but I also want to be useful to you even if just a little…I’m greedy.”


“I’m sure, the one who is greedier is me.”


Chrono gently strokes Leila’s hair.



The next day,


“…Chrono, please take care of yourself.”


“Tyria too. Keep your spirits well.”


They exchange simple greetings, then Tyria gets into her gorgeous carriage without being escorted.

There were more than 10 carriages, with 50 cavalry as escorts… It seems that none of her retainers want to part with her.

Well, even Chrono’s subordinates also feel the same.

Twenty veteran maids hold back their tears since they were supposed to be strict while training Tyria’s maid, and as for the others… hundreds of commanding officers, Leila, Okami, even Elena never had any contact with her.


“I-if Chrono, if you were to ask me to stay no matter what, I’m fine with staying a little bit longer you know?”


“Just go already.”


“Geez fine, I’m going now!”


At Chrono’s immediate reply, Tyria shouts with her face reddened.

See ya, said Chrono as he waves his hand to the carriage that starts moving.



  1. Washi: Japanese traditional paper. Wiki here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washi
  2. Arided is another variant name of Deneb in Alfonsine Tables, so I changed her name.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loess




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