Magi’s Grandson – Chapter 63 noteless

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The Three Power Talks begin


Gorgeous carriages were moving along the road connecting the Earlshyde Kingdom and the Swedes Kingdom.

There was an imposing entourage of escorts and an especially luxurious carriage in the middle of it.

It was the horse-drawn carriage of Earlshyde’s Crown Prince, Augusto von Earlshyde.

There was a large number of escorts present due to the fact that they were traveling toward the Three Country Talks that was going to being held between: Earlshyde Kingdom, Els Federation of Free Commerce, and the Holy Country Ys.

I found out that the representatives of each of the three countries will be participating in the talks: Crown Prince Augusto from Earlshyde, the Archbishop of Ys, and the official in charge of diplomacy from Els.

The purpose of the Three Nation Talks was to address the threat the devils pose to the world and unite to confront it.

It will also be announced that the Ultimate Magicians are not a military division of the Earlshyde Kingdom, but a group intending to solve threats all around the world.

To confirm that at the Three Powers Talks, the members of Ultimate Magicians are also heading towards the Swedes Kingdom, the host of the soon to come Three Powers Talks.

That’s why there are several carriages.

In one of those carriages…

ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー

“Because the devils haven’t attacked recently, I can hear people saying: ‘The Devils have given up attacking because they fear the Ultimate Magicians,’ is that okay?”(Shin)
“I have already said that negotiations with other countries are my area of expertise, so you don’t need to worry.”(August)
“But still…”(Shin)

Will he be able to get the cooperation of Els and Ys if that’s truly the case? That’s what worries me more than anything.

If we have so much leeway, they might think their power isn’t necessary… So to say…

Wait! What!?

“No way… Are they aiming for post-war exhaustion…”(Shin)
“You’re overthinking it. Els is generally a mercantile nation. For a merchant, the most important thing is trust so such behavior will be highly criticized. The same is true for Ys. Do you think a religious nation that follows and believes in good deeds and the Creator God will act like that?”(August)
“Is that so?”(Shin)
“Well… that’s what’s publicly known…”(August)
“…So it’s not known how they act behind the scenes… is it…?”(Shin)
“Leading a country isn’t something that can be done by only doing good deeds.”(August)
“…Be careful for the duration of the meeting…”(Shin)
“This magical tool you gave me will protect me, so I have nothing to worry about.”(August)

Gus played with the necklace on his chest.

Even if they don’t get their way, I don’t think a direct attack will occur during negotiations… But I don’t know what kind of cheap tricks they might use.

Let’s hope that the representatives of Els and Ys are cordial people.

The last time we arrived at the Swedes Kingdom was within a couple of hours because we were flying, but this time it’s a formal visit, so we’re moving by a carriage.

We could get there in a moment with Gate… It was two days to the border with a horse-drawn carriage and two days from the border to the Imperial Capital of the Swede Kingdom, but we finally arrived.

So distant… Should I seriously think about sky travel?

I don’t think that the impact on society will be too big if I lay the groundwork in various places with business negotiations…

“Hey, Shin, are you planning something?”(August)
“…Was I grinning again?”(Shin)
“I did it again.”(Shin)
“You really were… when will you remember to reflect?”(August)
“Rude. I’m being prudent this time, and I won’t create it right away..”(Shin)
“Calling that prudent…”(August)

He was angry the other day, but I think it’s a convenient idea…

As we were talking, the walls of the Imperial Capital of the Swedes Kingdom came into sight.

“Ohh! It’s been a while! It’s been considerably rebuilt!”(Maria)
“Is that so? Well it has to be a symbol of hope against the devils.”(August)

Everyone peeked out from their carriage trying to get a view of the ramparts which was still far away.

I unintentionally came here just the other day to test out the communication device though.

“Welcome everyone of the Earlshyde Kingdom! It has been a while!”

When we arrived at the Capital … an enormous amount of people welcomed us.

“Kyaa! Augusto-sama!”
“Magic King-sama! Amazing!”
“Ooooooo! Sicily-sama!”
“Saint-sama! I’m healed!”

The sheer amount of cheers from everyone who seems to be thankful for the subjugation of devils from back then were astounding.

That aside, the title of Magic King has reached this kingdom as well…?

“We seem to be very welcome.”(Shin)
“Of course. The devil raid didn’t occur a long time ago. When the devils were repelled, the citizens had a lot on their minds so they couldn’t thank us properly. There were many crass people who are sorry for not thanking us when they had the chance, so they are putting in extra effort this time.”(August)

Gus had declared the beginning and the end of the battle, while Sicily was in direct contact with the people to heal their injuries. It’s natural that they would be popular.

“We have prepared a guest house this time so feel free to raise your spirits before the meeting.”
“Your consideration is appreciated. I’m sorry for the trouble.”(August)
“Don’t mention it. Please accept it as a token of our gratitude.”

And so we were welcomed by the Swede Kingdom.

Both of the remaining two countries will arrive this evening.

The meeting will start early in the morning tomorrow.

As soon as this agreement is settled, an offensive against the old empire territory will be launched.

I hope it goes smoothly.

ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー

In a famous restaurant in Swedes, there is a room on the second floor where you can have a meeting while you eat.

This time, the venue for the meeting prepared by the Swedes Kingdom was that room.

The Swedes Kingdom did that hoping to make the meeting advance peacefully accompanied by a meal.

In a private room near the meeting room was August, who had arrived before the representatives of the other two countries.

Thor and Julius were sitting with him as his escorts.

August is really relaxed in contrast to the two of the escorts that visibly looked a bit nervous.

Thor wondered how August could remain so placid.

“Your Highness is quite calm but… are not you worried about Shin’s concerns?”(Thor)
“Certainly, I understand Shin’s worries.”(August)
“Then why?”(Thor)

August answered Thor while grinning.

“I just have to grasp the initiative from the beginning, right?”(August)

Thor responded to August by saying, “Your Highness must have carefully calculated the chances of victory,” and decided not to ask anymore.

“Your Highness Augusto, the representatives of Els and Ys are ready.”

A report stating the arrival of the representatives of the two countries was heard from the guard outside the room.

“Well then, shall we go?”(August)

With a light feeling, August went to the venue of the Three Power Talks.

When he entered the room in which the meeting would take place, the representatives of Els and Ys were waiting without sitting in their chairs.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Crown Prince Augusto, this one is in charge of diplomacy at the Els Federation of Free Commerce, Osama Naval. Please remember me.”(Naval)

The Els representative spoke with a distinctive Els accent.

His face was terribly repulsive and transparent. It was very obvious that he wanted to pull favorable conditions for his country during this meeting.

(Could you hide your greed a little?) (August inner monologue)

“Augusto von Earlshyde. The pleasure is mine.”(August)

In his thoughts, he was disappointed in Els who sent a man that could not hide his desires to this crucial meeting, but he could not say that. He responded with an attitude befitting the royal family, without giving any impolite remarks.

“Greetings Your Highness Augusto, I am Amun Fuller, and I hold the title of Archbishop at the Church of Creation.”(Fuller)

Even because of this man, who was an archbishop of the Church of Creation, August sighed on the inside.

Because the clergymen of the Church of Creation consider poverty a virtue, they’re famous for being disciplined and frugal, but the person in front of him was a fat and greasy middle-aged man.

(Being the Archbishop is a good excuse for staining priest clothes… Furthermore…)

“Augusto von Earlshyde, please take care of me.”(Fuller)
“Mhm, very well.”(August)

Being from the royal family, August is trying to behave arrogantly to provoke antagonism.

It’s obvious both representatives are trying to use these talks to further their career.

For the sake of obtaining this position it’s not unthinkable they used every means at their disposal.

This should be a meeting to address the world crisis… Because the two countries are located farther away from the former empire, they don’t feel as much threat from the devils and therefore lack the atmosphere of a crisis.

“I’d like to start the discussion at once… And while we’re here, why don’t we talk while we eat?”(August)
“Hm? I don’t see why not.”(Naval)
“That’s right, it’s early in the morning. Breakfast is a matter of course.”(Fuller)
“Well then, excuse me, please bring breakfast.”(August)

Naval, the representative of Els, frowned because he was trying to appeal to his own argument and immediately get into the meeting, in contrast to Fuller who showed a pleased response.

Although it may be that he was just interested in the food…

While the breakfast was being handed out, August started talking.

“Since the devils appeared, demons have increased in number around the highways. Doesn’t that impact the circulation of goods, turning it into a serious problem for Els?”(August)
“Indeed, we had to increase the number of escorts and the costs have painfully increased.”(Naval)
“How about Ys? The believers are anxious and demand help from the church, correct?”(August)
“Mhm, certainly the devotees are feeling uneasy.”(Fuller)

Naval responded normally, however, Fuller responded nervously for some reason.

Seeing Fuller’s facial expression gave August some confidence.

Such small talk continued over breakfast until it finally came time for the meeting to start.

“Now then, since this is an appeal from our Earlshyde Kingdom to the Els Federation of Free Commerce and the Holy Nation Ys, I will just get straight to the point.”(August)

The other two people changed their posture to those words.


“I would like to form an alliance for the sake of defending the other nations from the devils who have conquered the former Empire territory and have advanced into neighboring countries.”(August)

The envoys started thinking about it, and then Naval spoke with a cheerful expression.

“That… As much as I would like to, it’s impossible”(Naval)

Naval responded to August’s question while grinning.

“Els is a mercantile nation you see? Joining the alliance will only procure loses. That’s why there is no interest in participating.”(Naval)
“There is no benefit…”(August)
“Assuming the devils would be suppressed who will be responsible for the military expenses? Could you ask them to pay war reparations?”(Naval)
“Certainly, it is impossible to ask for reparations.”(August)
“Or will Earlshyde Kingdom cover it?”(Naval)
“Military costs for a whole country? Don’t be unreasonable.”(August)
“Is that so? In the first place, Earlshyde are the ones who proposed an alliance. In addition I heard a rumor… Have you heard about it? That Earlshyde could handle the crisis themselves. Yet despite that they still try to establish an alliance in an attempt to control us.”(Naval)

August’s facial expression slightly distorted when Naval brought up rumors from the streets.

Naval who saw that expression started looking down on him more and more.

“Invasion would be too big of a burden for Earlshyde alone, but if joining the alliance would turn profitable for us…  Then it would be a different story.”(Naval)
“Hm… does Els have something they desire?”(August)

Those words finally arrived from August! Naval’s face lit up.

“Certainly… There is now a magic tool that can do long distance communication between Earlshyde and the surrounding countries. Why not offer that as payment? Of course, we could negotiate the number accordingly.”(Naval)

Communication equipment that quickly exchanges information would be something indispensable for mercantile nations.

August spat a sigh at Naval who stated his request without reserve.

“What about Ys? They surely wouldn’t demand something to face this world crisis?”(August)

Naval’s face is distorted when August criticized Els for making selfish demands during the world crisis.

“Ha ha ha, am I not a cleric of the Church of Creation? We cannot make greedy demands like Els.”(Fuller)
“Wha-what !?”(Naval)
“We wouldn’t even think of giving priority to our own interests during a world crisis.”(Fuller)

Naval stared at Fuller like he had killed his parents in front of him, but Fuller ignored it with a cool face.

“That would mean that Ys will join this alliance?”(August)
“That’s right… We are willing to participate…”(Fuller)

Although he criticized Els, it seems that Ys has a demand as well.

“What do you wish for?”(August)
“I’ve told you earlier didn’t I? Anxiety is spreading amongst believers. I wish to manage the situation.”(Fuller)

Fuller voiced his demands to those words.

“The Saint.”(Fuller)
“According to the rumors, there is a girl hailed as a saint in your country. A very beautiful girl who excels in healing magic. Please hand over the Saint to us. I want her to become a symbol that removes the anxiety of the people in the Holy Country.”(Fuller)

The proposal makes sense. Sicily is truly earning a reputation as a Saint.

Deep down August anticipated something like that.

He thought that he would demand something similar when he heard about anxiety amongst the followers.

He did not anticipate, however, being told to deliver the saint…

Lust was clearly evident in Fuller’s eyes.

He would probably make a pretty girl famously rumored to be a saint into his own plaything.

When August imagined what Shin’s reaction would be… It sent shivers down his spine.

Els and Ys. What both countries requested is closely connected to Shin, and in particular, Ys’ demand could not be accepted easily.

Naval and Fuller are both looking at August with anticipation in their eyes.

(Through cross-national negotiations, they are trying to fulfill their own desires.)

Naval and Fuller are trying to hide their greed but it pollutes their eyes.

“The demands of both Els and Ys…”(August)

Naval and Fuller enthusiastically look up.

And then August begins speaking…

“I cannot possibly accept either.”(August)

To those words, they could only stare with their mouths agape, shocked and disappointed.

“What are you saying? Impossible to accept? Are you saying we should participate in the war without any form of compensation?”(Naval)
“Although it was a proposal for the sake of eliminating the anxiety of the people… To put it bluntly, I am disappointed.”(Fuller)
“After all, is it impossible to conduct such sophisticated negotiations with the young Crown Prince…?”(Naval)

Naval and Fuller criticised August for rejecting their demands.

As for August who was showered by their ridiculing words….

“You are the ones who know nothing.”(August)

He put some anger into his response.

“There is no benefit for Els? How dare you show your face here with that degree of understanding of the situation? Did you send a representative just to wish good luck?”(August)
“W-why you!?”(Naval)
“Also, Archbishop Fuller. Why must we hand over the saint?”(August)
“I’ve told you already, in order to get rid of the people’s anxiety…”(Fuller)
“People have started calling her a saint by themselves. She herself underwent no training to become a priest. Wouldn’t that diminish her credibility? Speaking of the Saint of the Ultimate Magicians, she has the power to go to the battlefield and defeat devils, furthermore, her reputation originates because she cured the wounded people without requesting compensation. Hence her popularity among the populace and everyone’s high hopes for her. Would the insecurity of the people even decrease at all if she was handed over to Ys? ”
“Th-that is…”(Fuller)
“On the contrary, wouldn’t removing the saint from the battlefield only serve to fuel the people’s anxiety?”(August)

Fuller lost the words to respond to August’s questioning.

“Or… is there another purpose to it?”(August)
“Such a thing!”(Fuller)
“Oh? The Archbishop… Demanded the Saint for the sake of his own craving?”(Naval)
“Be silent you niggard!”(Fuller)
“What did you say you corrupt priest!?”(Naval)
“That’s enough!”(August)

August stopped the two people that had started quarreling.

Why did Naval, who was supposed to be here as a representative of Els, start provoking Fuller, the representative of another country?

That’s because Els and Ys had strained relations even before going into these talks.

Els was unhappy with Ys who complained about their capital supremacy, and Ys saw Els as a group of niggards.

That relationship was personified here.

Although it’s a bad relationship, they’re a mercantile nation and a religious nation. Considering the costs of war and the impression that the religious nation gives to the world by going to war, they weren’t planning on waging war against each other.

“What are Els and Ys thinking? These are negotiations to overcome a world crisis.”(August)
“That’s true, however, Earlshyde could handle it alone couldn’t they? Why do we have to get involved?”(Naval)
“I agree.”(Fuller)
“Do you not understand even that…?”(August)
“Are you making fools of us?”(Fuller)

The other two people have still not noticed the true meaning behind these talks. August spat a sight.

“Certainly, Earlshyde can deal with it alone, but what do you think would happen if only our country controlled the situation?”(August)
“If so… I don’t think we would have a hard time, but…”(Naval)
“If that’s the case, what about neighboring countries?”(August)
“That! They would be grateful to Earlshyde…”(Naval)

It seems they’ve finally noticed.

If only Earlshyde controls the situation Earlshyde’s achievement would be large. Too large.

The influence of Earlshyde who saved the world and the position of a major country that didn’t participate…

“The surrounding countries feel a great deal of gratitude towards Earlshyde, and this world… Concerning the two major powers that did nothing during the world crisis… Just what kind of evaluation will they receive?”(August)

That doesn’t mean it is a certainty that will happen, but Naval and Fuller went pale since August phrased it as if it were inevitable.

Commerce and religion. Although the core is different, they’re both heavily influenced by the opinion of the populace.

At this rate, if Earlshyde were to take all of the credit… Earlshyde would become the worldwide leader and will have a great deal of influence, while the other two great powers who did nothing would lose their credibility.

“This meeting is not to ‘please’ to Els and Ys. This is a ‘proposition to share the glory’. To divide the achievements that could be monopolized solely by Earlshyde with two more countries. With that… I do hope your corrupted desires have been eliminated.”(August)

The purpose of these talks was not only to counter the demonic threat but also to adjust the power balance of the world.

He predicted that the two representatives would lie to his face and convey their own request.

One was ashamed of himself because he couldn’t read him.

Another person felt angry for being humiliated.

“In the first place, the communication machine was invented by an individual. Every country can purchase it properly and pay monthly communication charges. Providing them to Els for free, and also in large quantities won’t make much of a difference.”(August)

In the first place, the communication tools would be handed out to other countries in order to rout the devils which Naval only found out later.

“That… Will provoke antipathy…”(Naval)
“That’s the primary reason the request can’t be accepted.”(August)

Naval hung his head after his request was denied.

“And as for the Saint… Are you aware that she has a fiance?”(August)
“We-Well that…”(Fuller)

Of course Fuller knew.

He knew but as the one who holds the position of archbishop in the Church of Creation, he intended to force his outrageous demand.

For that reason, regardless if there was a fiance or not, he thought that his request would be accepted if he demanded it.

“It seems you knew but did you know who the other party was?”(August)
“The ‘ Magic King”, Shin Walford… isn’t that right?’”(Naval)
“Yes, you are well informed.”(August)
“The ‘Magic King’ and the ‘Saint’ of the Ultimate Magicians have recently gotten engaged and are famous for their intimate relationship.”(Naval)

Didn’t you know that? Naval looks at Fuller with a prideful face.

Seeing Naval with a face like that, anger started to take control of Fuller.

Of course Fuller knew, but he did not think that a mere wizard would oppose himself, the archbishop of the world’s largest religion.

“After knowing all and still demand it… To be honest, I am impressed with the courage of Archbishop Fuller.”(August)
“The king of wizards called that even by the devils… If attacked by a group of devils, he would slay them all effortlessly with no remorse all for the sake of his fiance… How could one have the nerve to make such a demand… “(August)
“Even though it’s just his fiancée, I heard they are very close to each other nonetheless… Should you try that sort of thing, won’t the ‘Magic King’ fly into a fit of rage?”(Naval)
“…Trying to do that… The world… It truly will be utterly destroyed…”(August)
“What an exaggeration…”(Fuller)

Fuller could not believe it at all, but August perfectly understood Shin’s absurdity because he remembered a certain spectacle.

“In any case, do not put your hands on the saint and feign ignorance.”(August)

Fuller had no more rational thoughts left because of his anger. His face was utterly red and glared at August and Naval who were looking condescendingly upon him.

“In this situation, any further talks will be impossible. Let’s try again tomorrow Diplomat Naval and Archbishop Fuller. I do hope you will be able to cooperate with Earlshyde without any compensation. The reason for that is the profit to be made after solving the crisis.”

With that, August left the room.

Naval followed August and left soon after his departure. That left Archbishop Fuller alone in the room.

ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー

“Oh? Gus? You’ve returned already?”(Shin)
“Well, today’s meeting ended.”(August)
“Does that mean there will be another one tomorrow?”(Shin)
“Unfortunately, Els and Ys have tried to force their own demands, so we have to calm down and try again tomorrow.”(August)
“After all, because of the rumors…?”(Shin)
“That doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t worry about that”(August)
“Is that so…?”(Shin)

I thought the rumors would make the negotiations difficult.

It seems that there was some of their influence… not much… but did it really not matter that much?

Just as I felt relieved, I was called by Gus.

“Shin, Claude, can I talk to you for a minute?”(August)
“Yeah? What is it?”(Shin)
“What happened Your Highness?”(Sicily)

He called Sicily and me away from everyone.

“Look Shin… Will you hear me out without getting angry?”(August)
“What is it?”(Shin)
“It’s the representative of Ys…”(August)

What about the representative of Ys?

“This time, as a condition for participating in the alliance… He told me to hand over the Saint.”(August)
“Ha!? What did you say!?”(Shin)
“You said you wouldn’t get angry. Don’t worry, I rejected that request.”(August)

Hand over Sicily in exchange for participating in the alliance? What is that!? Would the Church of Creation really attempt to do such a preposterous thing?

“Don’t misunderstand, the clergy of the Church of Creation is basically famous for respecting poverty and rigidly regulating their greed. It’s improbable that he is a priest due to how fat he was. He was probably just skilled at swindling.”(August)
“A corrupt priest…?”(Shin)

Every world has people like that.

“Although the Els representative seems to have been convinced to an extent, the representative of Ys seems to be considerably mad that his request did not go through and because the Els representative tried to agitate him…”(August)
“The Els representative?”(Shin)

Why would he?

“Els and Ys are on bad terms with each other…”(August)
“Money and honorable poverty…”(Shin)
“Especially the representatives of Ys who nevertheless holds a considerably high position within the Church of Creation. He probably can’t accept the fact that his plans didn’t go as he wished. His face was dyed red from anger.”(August)
“…Like that…”(Shin)
“There is a possibility he might resort to force.”(August)
“Are you serious?”(Shin)

What the hell? Is he truly a clergyman?

“Therefore don’t take your eyes off Claude, Shin.”(Augusto)
“Oh… Understood.”(Shin)

Of course! I absolutely won’t let him lay a finger on Sicily!

“Shin, you?”(Sicily)
“Oh, sorry.”(Shin)

When I noticed it, I held Sicily by her shoulder and drew her closer.

Even though I noticed, I didn’t want to separate from her.

Absolutely, absolutely…

“I will absolutely protect you.”(Shin)

This girl, I…

“Wait a minute, shouldn’t you be doing those things in your room!?”(Maria)

However, Maria comes in with the usual interruptions…

“Errr… Shin?”(Sicily)
“Just a bit more…”(Shin)
“See… Everyone is watching…”(Sicily)
“It’s alright.”(Shin)
“Saying that…”(Sicily)

This is my promise to absolutely protect Sicily wherever she may be.

Bring it on! Try me with whatever you’ve got!

“…They’re flirting has gone up another level…”(Maria)
“Well, it seems appropriate this time.”(August)
“What do you mean?”(Maria)

After expressing my feelings of determination in front of everyone, we spent the rest of the day normally. We ate dinner, finished bathing, and went to each of our rooms.

And then…

“They really came…”(Shin)

If there was an attack, it would probably be at night when everyone is asleep and defenseless.
Then… as expected, a night attack occurred.

There were multiple magical power reactions that were detected by my search magic.

They confirmed the windows one by one and stopped at the window of Sicily ‘s room.

…They’re peeping!

However, even without that, their fate was already decided…

By the way, I told everyone to go to bed and pretend to sleep.

The magical entities stood in front of the window and didn’t move for a while.

Are they doing something?

Then, they opened the window and invaded…

I just barely held back my fury and waited for all of the entities to enter the room.

As soon as they were all in…

“What sort of insolent person would try to break into a girl’s room this late at night?”(Shin)

I went to Sicily’s room using Gate and called out to the intruders.

“…!!”(Masked Man 1)

The intruders were multiple masked men.

A huge amount of bloodlust surged towards the group that broke into Sicily’s room.

“Sicily, it’s alright.”(Shin)

I called out to Sicily.

“Fool! She is sound asleep thanks to this sleeping incense!”(Masked Man 3)
“! Not possible!?”(Masked Man 3)

These guys used… sleeping gas? So that’s what they were doing!

The reason they didn’t move for a while in front of the window was because they wanted to fill the room with sleeping gas from the cracked window!

Good thing I made that purifying magic tool just in case.

It was a good thing I specified “foreign matter” and not “poison”. Sleeping gas might not have been recognized as a poison.

They planned to put her to sleep and then abduct her while she was asleep!

My anger surged up and approached the limit.

I embraced Sicily who jumped into my chest from the bed… Now what to do with them…

“Catch the intruders!”(August)

Like an avalanche, a countless amount of guards ran into the room through the door and the window at Gus’ command.

Although the kidnappers tried to escape through the window, there was a squad of guards waiting for them on the outside. In the end, all of them were caught and tied up.

“Well now… What shall we do with these guys…?”(Shin)
“Wait, Shin. If we get a confession from these guys it will be advantageous in the negotiations. It’s the interrogation that should come first.”(August)

Even after tying up the intruders and removing the sleeping gas that filled the room, I believed that the kidnappers would rather die than say anything, but if it’s Gus doing the interrogation, it might be different.

Certainly, it will be an international incident if these guys were really hired by the Ys Holy Country, let alone a negotiation advantage, as they would basically have to do as they’re told.

Gus’ head wasn’t dominated by anger.

“Well now, why were you aiming for Claude?”(August)
“…”(Masked Man 1)
“Where did you come from?”(August)
“…”(Masked Man 2)
“Did you come here on your own volition? Or did someone send you?”(August)
“…”(Masked Man 3)
“Keeping silent…”(August)

The kidnappers remained silent with cocky expressions.

I guess it’s time I use that?

“Another invention? An enchanted necklace?”(August)
“It’s something like that. I’ve enchanted “confession” onto this one.”(Shin)
“…I see, If they wear this…”(August)
“Hey! Stop! Stop it you bastard!”(Masked Man 4)
“We can’t have you keep silent or tell any lies.”(Shin)

This one also uses manastones, so the magic is always invoked.

“Well then will you hear me out once again? Where did you come from?”(August)
“We-we’re from…”(Masked Man 3)
“Hey! Stop it! Don’t speak!”(Masked Man 1)
“…from… Ys Holy Country.”(Masked Man 3)
“So you were from Ys after all? So did you come here by your own will or were you ordered?”(August)
“…We came… by instruction…”(Masked Man 3)
“Who instructed you?”(August)
“Hey! Stop it!”(Masked Man 1)
“Some close his mouth.”(August)
“!-“(Masked Man 1)

A gag was put on the man who had just been screaming.

It’s finally quiet.

“Well? Who ordered you?”(August)
“…Ar-Archbishop Fuller.”(Masked Man 3)
“Archbishop Fuller?”(Shin)
“He’s the representative of Ys Holy Country.”(August)
“Really… What was he thinking…?”(Shin)

With this, it becomes an international incident.

Were they trying to do this so they can make any demand they wanted?

“What was he trying to accomplish with this? Does he even understand that this could turn into an international incident?”(August)

Of course. To kidnap a human of the country you were negotiating with, why order something that when it will clearly become an international incident?

Shouldn’t the subordinates go against such orders?

“The Saint is… Enslaved by the wicked Demon King… Being defiled… We were told that it was our duty to rescue her.”(Masked Man 2)

Crack… I heard something snap inside me.

It was fury tantamount to rage I’ve never felt before. Magic was visibly gathering and swirling around me.

Really… You scum… How low can you….

My thoughts started….

Pah! The sound of Sicily slapping the intruder’s cheek rang out.

“What selfish nonsense are you spouting!? Shin, evil!? Don’t joke around! Shin tries to keep everyone around him happy! Safe! He wishes for a peaceful world with his power! Branding such a kind and benevolent Shin as evil, trying to keep me away from him, those people are the evil ones to me!”(Sicily)

After that abrupt shouting, Sicily was breathing heavily with large tears flowing down her face.

At the sight of Sicily getting mad for my sake, instead of anger, I was filled with love.

“Fu! Fuwuu! Uuuu!”(Sicily)

I embraced the heavy breathing Sicily from behind.

“Thank you, Sicily. Sicily’s words… Made me very happy.”(Shin)
“It’s because of Shin. It’s because Shin is here!”(Sicily)

She turned around and buried her weeping face in my chest.


Was being called an “Evil Demon King” so mortifying for her?

While rubbing the Sicily’s back, I watched the situation carefully.

“You guys, after watching this spectacle, would you still say Claude was enslaved by Shin? After seeing her anger? Even at the sight of her tears?”(August)
“We wouldn’t… Does that mean we were deceived?”(Masked Man 4)
“That’s right. By Archbishop Fuller.”(August)
“…”(Masked Men 1-4)

The intruders were furious. You could see it in their faces.

I imagine they would be. They were swindled by a man claiming that the saint was being defiled.

“Although you have been deceived, we cannot afford to let you go because of the illegal trespassing and kidnapping attempt. Releasing you is impossible. There will also be a need to meet with the delegation of Ys ahead of the meeting tomorrow.”(August)

After all, the invaders will be detained and guarded in a guest house, while protesting to Ys tomorrow and demand a change of representatives.

And Sicily will say if…

“Sun… Hick… uhh…”(Sicily)

She still hasn’t stopped crying.

“Sicily, it’s all right now, it’s all right.”(Shin)
“Uuuu, Shin⁓”(Sicily)

With all the excitement, and the fact she cried, she seems to have slightly regressed to a child…

But it’s different than before.

“Oi, shouldn’t you lie down?”(Shin)
“Uuhu… together?”(Sicily)
“No, I’ll go…”(Shin)
“Please don’t go…”(Sicily)

When she looks at me with those tearful eyes… I can’t refuse!

“I understand but only until you fall asleep, ok?”(Shin)

I lead Sicily to her bed.

“Mm, mrr…”(Sicily)

I stroked Sicily’s head until she eventually fell asleep who was probably worn out from all the crying.

I felt relieved but when I tried to leave the room, I noticed that Sicily has grabbed the hem of my clothes.

What should I do? Her grip is showing no signs of loosening.

As I was contemplating which course of action I should take, Sicily murmured in her sleep, “Shin… love…”(Sicily)

To Sicily’s sleep talk, I stopped resisting Sicily’s firm grasp.

Today, Sicily got angry for me. She cried because of me.

Thanks to that, my feelings for her only grew deeper.

“Thank you for today. I love you too Sicily.”(Shin)

I followed my declaration with a kiss on her forehead.

“Nyufufufu ……” (Sicily)

I was lying on my side next to the giggling Sicily.

…I guess there will just be an uproar tomorrow… morning.




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  1. Thank you for the chapter.

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  2. did the priest just said the “N” word??

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    you know “Do I make my statement clear?” that kind of thing. Don’t have to go full laim and kill all the babies or anything.


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