Magi’s Grandson – Chapter 68 noteless

Translator:Kaelpie   Editor:Conform Child


I had a hard time.


“The Walford Company is amazing…!”(Alice)

“Uh-oh! Shin is becoming more and more rich as time goes by.”(Sieg)

“Your Highness! Well, I agree. It’s amazing considering that you’re the same age as us.”(Thor)

“Hungh! Alright! Because some products are still under development, the profits will only continue to increase.”(August)

This conversation is strange because we’re conversing while playing magic volleyball.

The conversation ended up being about the Walford Company that opened recently because Alice bought the jet boots through her father’s discount.

By the way, the cost for everyone paid for their combat gear at a discounted price, of course, the reason being that they feel guilty when wearing the gear without paying for it.

It’s a genuine compromise.

After Alice purchased jet boots, she was very eager to try them out. As a result, we decided on a fairly casual game of magic volleyball.

Professor Alfred gave us permission because we use chantless magic, and it counts as magic practice as a result.

Oh, Mr. Alfred is watching the game from the courtside with his mouth agape.

I think this is a great educational opportunity, so why don’t we incorporate magic practice into it?

“Hey! We decided beforehand we’ll be using jet boots!”(Alice)

“Fu… Using helpful tools can be called a strategy.”(August)

Gus is saying some strange things.

Is this volleyball?

Before I knew it, everyone was motivated to win.

“Mu-! I’ll get it next time! Olivia, could you raise the toss higher next time?”(Alice)

“Even more?”(Olivia)

“Yes! Even higher please!”(Alice)

The game resumed in accordance to Alice’s shout.

Tony utilised a super high angle/high speed jump with body strengthening and slammed the ball to Team Alice’s court.

“Ah! It’s sly to use it this early!”(Alice)

“I got it!”(Julius)

Julius makes a nice receive by following the trajectory.

“Nice, Julius! Come on Olivia!”(Alice)

“Here it comes! Alice!”(Olivia)

Olivia performed a toss that is unimaginably high for volleyball players in my previous life.

“I was waiting for this!”(Alice)

Alice finally launched her jet boots and jumped at the highest speed possible.


Alice’s attack pierced the court of Team Gus without anyone on Gus’ team reacting… I couldn’t react either.

“I did it! How about that your Highness! You couldn’t get that one could you?”Alice)

“Oh… In no way did I think that you would have come up with such an indecent strategy…”(August)

“That was honestly unexpected…”(Olivia)

“Well, that was a sight for sore eyes.”(Tony)

“A sight for sore eyes?”(Alice)

Only Alice has a puzzled expression.

Right now, we’re doing magic practice… The magic practices are done in our battle uniforms…

There were a couple of glances a little while ago, but this time…

“Alice, it… it’s a cat, right?”(August)

“A cat…? Ah!”(Alice)

It seems she finally noticed.

Alice held down the skirt of the uniform and turned beet red.

The girl’s uniform is a skirt, so when you jump that high…

“Alice… It was in plain view…”(Rin)

“Well… Her panties were cute, so isn’t it ok?”(Yuri)

“Yuri, your untactful support will end up conversely hurting her feelings.”(August)



Alice has cats on her panties…

“Shin, what about you?”(Sicily)

“What is it? Sicily.”(Shin)

“…Did you enjoy seeing Alice’s underwear?”(Sicily)

“No! I saw it by accident…”(Shin)


“It wasn’t on purpose! It wasn’t on purpose!”(Shin)

I used the remaining time to calm Alice who was timidly hiding in the corner of the practice field, while Sicily was wearing a scary smile with a piercing stare.


I don’t know if this one is supposed to be here or not.

“Ha… How far have you come since the summer holidays… I guess there’s no meaning for you to attend the Magic Academy anymore.”(Alfred)

“Is that so? Don’t you think that studying is important?”(Shin)

Really, we should be going to the Academy to continue studying.

“Joint training with the Knight Academy will be resumed soon… But what will you guys do? Is there any point to it?”(Alfred)

“Oh, there’s something I’d like to do in the meantime.”(Shin)

“What do you want to do? “(Rin)

“We’ll also participate in thinning out the demons… But… I want to participate alone,  separately from the Knight Academy…”(Shin)

“That’s fine, but… Can I ask why?”(Alfred)

“Before this, a group of demons attacked us while we were returning from the Tri-Power Talks. At that time I hunted without dropping the value of the materials, but everyone was struggling quite a bit… I think that if we hunt properly it would be good for precise magic practice”(Shin)

That was a good exercise for everyone. I was planning to incorporate it by all means.

I thought it was a good idea, but Professor Alfred was holding down his brow.


“Hunting without losing the value of demon materials… Is how a veteran hunter thinks. Have you reached that level already?”(Alfred)

“Well… Everyone here can hunt disaster classes already. However, they only push with force so I want them to learn a bit more precision.”(Shin)

If they can do precise magic control, it may be possible to hide magical power, approach the demons, and surround them to prevent them from escaping this time.

I think that the variety of attacks will expand and I think that’s a good thing.

“…Well, the primary goal of this training is to build up a smooth collaboration between the knights and the wizards. It’s unnecessary for you who can fight by yourselves…”(Alfred)

“It’s because our target is a devil.”(Shin)

It was decided, during the joint training of the Magic Academy and the Knights Academy, we had to train our precision through demon hunting.



“Oh! Shin, thank you so much for this!”(Sieg)

“Life with a toilet with a washing function… It seems like a dream.”(Chris)

“The refrigerator I bought with it is also useful.”(Sieg)

“For ordinary people who cannot control magic as well as a wizard, it’s nigh impossible to make that much icy water. How did you do it?”(Chris)

Joint training is a part of class, so even if we have different plans, we still gather at the same meeting place… But everybody is just looking at us and no one will approach us. Even the Knights and people of the magic division.

Meanwhile, Sieg and Chris are talking to us like normal. The topic was about the magic tool purchased before.

“That’s not such a big deal. For the refrigerator, as long as there’s a magic stone it can keep it cold all the time…”(Shin)

In fact, my refrigerator has already been modified to that type. The maids are praising it for being so convenient.

“Manastones… It’s still under investigation…”(Sieg)

“What’s the progress?”(Shin)

“Several people have deployed from the Knights. It would seem that we’ve uncovered the place from Shin’s report.”(Sieg)

Then big bro Sieg lowered his voice.

“…It seems they’re appearing sporadically.”(Sieg)

“I see.”(Shin)

“Even so… As soon as Shin appeared in the world it’s been one thing after another…”(Sieg)

“He was out of the ordinary even while I was in the forest. But to think he would’ve became this famous and brilliant…”(Chris)

“Both of you knew Shin when he was a child? What kind of child was he?”(Sicily)

When Sieg began talking about myself when I was living in the forest, Sicily, who should have already heard this story, asked the two of them.

Did you want to hear the story from the viewpoint of these two as well?

“We were promoted to become his majesty’s bodyguards four to five years ago, so we don’t know about before that but…”(Sieg)

“I was so surprised when I first met you…”(Chris)

“He carried a super huge bear on his shoulder.”(Sieg)

I see. I took down a huge demonized bear, and I was so proud of it that I wanted to brag to Grandma and Grandpa, so I took it back on my back.

“A big bear suddenly emerged between the trees, so we took our stances.”(Chris)

“At the time… You were 10 years old. Because Shin was still small, we couldn’t see him because he was hidden by the huge body of the bear.”(Sieg)

Sieg and Chris spoke nostalgically. Everyone that heard that…

“…It would be more surprising if it was something ordinary…”(August)

“I’m convinced just because it’s Shin we’re talking about!”(Alice)

Can’t you be a bit more surprised? You all.

“Ha ha! You took it pretty well.”(Sieg)

“I was worried if such an extraordinary kid could make friends with kids his age… It seems my fears were irrational.”(Chris)

“Hey, stop that…”(Shin)

They are the two people that are always looking after me. After knowing that I can call someone a friend, they are gleeful and cheerfully stroking my head.

I’m ashamed of having something like that done to me at my age, but… But I couldn’t move their happy hands… As they were doing it… everyone’s warm gaze is…

“Fufu, the two of you love Shin a lot.”(Sicily)

“Oh, this.”(Sieg)

“Yeah we don’t know what to do with this child.”(Chris)

“Am I that much of a handful?”(Shin)

“What are you talking about!? If I took my eyes off of you for a second you’d disappear somewhere immediately.”(Chris)

“And he would come back all bloody.”(Sieg)


Sicily gives me a worried gaze in response to Sieg’s careless remark.

“We thought something was wrong too.”(Sieg)

“It seems that he failed to kill the prey and he got its blood on him…”(Chris)

“Ah, so it was something like that.”(Sicily)

“Hey, that’s… not!”(Shin)

“It’s true! Do you know how worried we were?!”(Chris)


I remember there being something like that. Sieg and Chris both got angry and yelled at me.

“Besides, I gave you a lot of trouble.”(Shin)

“When I was at the Magi’s house, I was more worried about Shin than guarding his majesty.”(Sieg)

Well, that was the case… Because I was a child, my concentration was weak, so I didn’t worry about my surroundings…

“To be honest, I was worried. I wondered if there was anyone who could become friends with such a unique child?”(Chris)

“To think he has made this many friends… Thank you very much everyone.”(Sieg)

“Thank you.”(Chris)

Sieg and Chris say thank you to everyone like true elder siblings.

I’m glad, but… it’s embarrassing.

“So? Is this foolish young brother trying to do something again?”(Chris)

“I’ve heard you’re gonna go to the demon subjugation alone… but what do you mean by that?”(Sieg)

“It’s nothing particularly strange.”(Shin)

As soon as I told the two of them the objective for our mission, they both wore shocked expressions.

“Practicing the collection of demon material cleanly without damage…”(Chris)

“At this age, you usually don’t even hunt monsters… Are you having the same thought process as a hunting veteran?”(Sieg)

“It’s a profitable byproduct. The priority is improving magic precision.”(Shin)

“Demon hunting is a part of training?”(Sieg)

“It was a good idea not to have these children participate in joint training. The Knight Academy students would definitely lose confidence.”(Chris)

“The same goes for the Magic Academy students.”(Sieg)

“That aside, aren’t you two leaders? Don’t you need to take charge of your group?s”(Shin)

We’ve been standing here for a little while but wouldn’t it be better for the people in charge to greet the members?

“The group we’re in charge of… Are you guys.”(Chris)


“So that Shin doesn’t do something unreasonable again… It was a request from both the academy and his majesty.”(Sieg)

“Eh? A unit to take lead us? There’s no need for something like that.”(Shin)

“As if I could go along with that reasoning!”(Sieg)

“I reflected on my past actions already though.”(Shin)

“As for us. We cannot let you act unreasonably no matter what!”(Chris)

Was it not leading but monitoring?

In a sense they don’t trust me, I…

“Shin, wouldn’t the true purpose of us two come out soon enough? Aren’t you going to the deepest part anyways?”(Chris)

“I see. Sieg, Chris, come with us.”(Shin)

Now then, we’ll begin magic precision practice on demons.



“Oi oi. Looks like there are plenty of demons today too.”(Julius)

“It’s really an abnormal situation. If we don’t solve this problem quickly, the world will be overrun by demons.”(Shin)

“What are we going to do about it? Do you have a plan?”(Alice)

“Don’t demons habitually gather around magical power?”(Shin)

“Oh, it’s said that demons will attack creatures that possess dense magical power.”(Sieg)

“That’s why a lot of demons appear when people travel in large numbers.”(Chris)

“If that’s the case, if you gather you magical power like this…”(Shin)

I collected all the magical power in the area and left it in a condensed ball without converting it into magic.


“Hey… Hey hey hey!”(Sieg)

“What’s the matter, Sieg?”(Shin)

“For crying out loud! The demons are gathering in great numbers!”(Sieg)

All the members stirred due to Sieg’s words.

Normally, the magical power is converted into magic immediately, so there won’t be collected magical power left as is.

However, if the demons are attracted by magical power and I keep magical power collected in this way, it could work as bait.

It seems that my hypothesis is correct as a large group of demons are gathered in front of us.

“Everyone get the demons.”(Shin)


“Yes, all right.”(Alice)

“Well then, in pairs, one person will kill the demon without damaging the materials. The other person will keep other demons off of his partner. You do not have to think about collecting the materials.”(Shin)

“Should we follow up in case of emergency?”(Maria)

“Oh, you’re surprisingly thinking properly.”(Chris)

“Both of you, just what do you think of me?”(Shin)

I don’t want to put anyone at risk during training. I thought it was fine until now because it was merely the small fry (disaster classes) that are being killed.

“Sicily is with me.”(Shin)

“It is reassuring if Shin is with me.”(Sicily)

Sicily seems to be happy even though we’re about to suppress demons in a moment. The trust is nice but… Is that really something to be that happy about?

“Well, I’ve partnered with you. Well then, the first group…”(Shin)

Everyone paired up, while the demons entered our range of magic.


The starting groups fired spells all at once. Although we ended up with a few bad materials, the suppression itself is going well.

“Wah! I missed one.”(Alice)

“Alice is still not good enough…”(Rin)

The demon that Alice failed to shoot slipped through the net and drew closer.

Rin, her partner, noticed it and cast magic towards that demon.

“Hot! Rin! Don’t use the fire magic at such a close range!”(Alice)

“It’s alright, Alice is a strong girl.”(Rin)

“What do you mean by that!?”(Alice)

What are they doing over there? It seems the demon subjugation is advancing smoothly for most of the group.

Still, it would be better if we could gather the demon materials. I can’t tell them now, because I already told them that they didn’t have to worry about the materials.

Sicily is concentrating on subjugation, and I’m here to follow up.

Everyone has been eliminating the demons without a problem.

After a while, the first demon wave fell.

“Fuuuu! I’m tired!”(Alice)

“I wasted the demon materials worse than I expected.”(Tony)

“Hm, this is difficult.”(August)

“Oh… I did something unnecessary.”(Alice)

“This is… a challenging assignment.”(Rin)

“Fufu, thanks to Shin, I could concentrate.”(Sicily)

We chatted about our thoughts of the first wave as we rested, but there won’t be much time to rest.

“Hora, the second wave is coming. The first group will substitute for the second group.”(Shin)
“Yes! Already!?”(Maria)

“The demons won’t wait for us.”(Shin)

“Shin… did you collect magic power just now?”(Maria)

“Is it just my imagination? There are many more coming!”(Thor)

Actually, what Maria’s pointed out was correct.

I secretly gathered magic power earlier to attract more demons.

“The demons have come into our range! Shoot!”(Shin)

Along with my command, the latecomers start suppressing the demons in the same manner as the first group.

“Ah! My heart wasn’t ready!”(Yuri)

“Oh, I wasted it again…”(Alice)

“Uu… There is no mercy”(Yuri)

“Die! Sorry Thor! I missed one!”(Julius)

“Muu, I failed.”(Maria)

Because the preparation period was shorter than for the first group, they didn’t aim well.

“Shin, is amazing… He’s hitting the mark every time…”(Sicily)

“Well, I used to shoot down flocks of birds in the past.”(Shin)

“…That is…”(Maria)

“It was to get bird meat.”(Chris)

“Compared to birds, a demon is quite a large target…”(Shin)

“Such a thing.”(Maria)

After the wave, the latecomers who failed to recover in time, are depressed because they made the majority of the demon materials useless.

“If I just had the chance to prepare properly…”(Yuri)

“Walford, you’re outrageous.”(Maria)

When Maria and Yuri started whining, Chris began lecturing them.

“If you are whining about just this exercise, you can’t fight properly on the battlefield. Will you not fight until your enemies declare ‘I will attack now’?”(Chris)

“Their magic power is great, but they’re still children. Isn’t a surprise attack a regular occurrence on the battlefield?”(Sieg)

As expected, it seems that Sieg and Chris have grasped my true intentions for this exercise.

“I prevented you from having time to prepare on purpose. We won’t be fighting demons from now on… We’re up against devils… Those devils have consciousness on top of that!”(Shin)

Everyone hung their heads down to those words. Even Gus is making a bitter expression.

“Until now we’ve been helped by the fact that they’ve come from the front, but after this long period of tranquility, don’t you think they’ve prepared countermeasures? If they successfully pull off their plan, it will not be an easy victory like before.”(Shin)

Everyone raised their faces as they noticed.

“If someone is slow… If that happens… I…”(Shin)

For the first time in this world I made friends my age. I don’t want to lose a single one of them. For that I will…

“Well, the third wave is already here.”(Shin)


Look out, won’t the demon swarm arrive any second now?

“Shin is unexpectedly strict…”(Alice)

“Ah! They already came!”(Yuri)

“So… what is out goal?”(August)

“Obviously to collect demon materials.”(Shin)


Ha ha ha, even if the material can’t be collected, they won’t die, but they’ll probably have a hard time.

“Uu…This is terrible…”(Yuri)

“Oh, Sicily we’ll continue to subjugate them without a break after this.”(Shin)


“Can’t you fully focus on practice since I’m here? It will be fine, I will follow up properly.”(Shin)


With this, Sicily’s ability will also improve.

Well, I love my fiancée. I mean.

“Shin is S…”(Rin)

“It’s unexpected isn’t it?”(Alice)

You there! Don’t say strange things!


Sicily is trying to fight while on the verge of crying

Her crying face is cute too…

“Shin is a pervert.”(Maria)

“It’s unexpected isn’t it?”(Yuri)

You there! Stop saying strange things! !





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