Magi’s Grandson – Chapter 69 noteless

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My sensation has shifted

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“Ha! Hua! This is really hard!”(Sieg)

“Huh! Ha! Don’t scratch the material! Hiya! This is also troublesome!”(Chris)

Sieg and Chris who were supposed to have come as the leaders of our group said that it didn’t feel right just spectating us, so they decided to participate in the demon subjugation as well.

Chris, the only knight present, has been tasked to take down the demons that get through our defenses.

More importantly…

“Sieg, you can use chantless magic?”(Shin)

“Ahhhhh!? Ha! This is the usual Merlin style of training! If you practice it for a long time, the magical power you can control increases… Hua! And then you can cast magic without chants! I reached the point where I am able to use it!”(Sieg)

“Oh, I see.”(Shin)

“I mean! You chat like it’s normal! While! Using magic without reservation! Shooting demons down like they’re made of paper!”(Sieg)

“Shouldn’t you be familiar with it?”(Shin)

“What! How could I be!?”(Sieg)

Prior to this battle, Sieg began to shoot magic chantlessly.

The magical power he can control now is worlds apart from before.

Just by practicing magic power control, it increases the amount of magic power that can be controlled by so much…

“Everyone can do it.”(Shin)

“Even our Magic Division! Everyone can do it!”(Sieg)

“That’s right, it’s a good thing.”(Shin)

“Everyone was chanting! But! Merlin and Shin are doing it this way! When I said this is your practice method, Everyone started doing it seriously!”(Sieg)

After all grandpa’s name is  very distinguished among the magicians.

Everyone said that practicing magic power control in silence is the most boring part of magic practice.

By the way, I’m having fun just because of the fact that I get to control magical power, so I never had that mentality.

Even now I do it everyday.

“Eat this! Alright! Now!”(Chris)

“Oh!? Chris, what did you do just now?”(Shin)

She shot the blade of the exchange sword towards the demon, it pierced the demon, she exchanged the blade in the interlude, and went for the next demon.

“The spring for ejection when exchanging blades is designed to be the most powerful one! When I change blades, it creates an opening! If the blade can be ejected, not utilizing it effectively would be a waste; wouldn’t you say!?”(Chris)

Oh, there was a use like that for the replacement function.

Replacing blades used as an opportunity to attack.

“If that’s the case, don’t you need considerable strength to change a blade?”(Shin)

“My training! Is not that weak! Uhm… Did it fit…?”(Chris)

While I was talking to Chris and Sieg, the wave of demons fell before we even noticed it.

“How about we leave it here for today?”(Chris)

“We’re worn out already!”(Alice)

“Ha… Ha… Shin… Already… Broken…”(Sicily)

Everyone is worn out.

Sicily was practicing without rest, so she seems to be more exhausted than anyone else.

“Well then, that’s it for today.”(Shin)

“Ha… As expected I’m really tired…”(Yuri)

“It was easier to just release magic at full power…”(Rin)

“Shin is right. Although I was the follow up, didn’t I end up taking down a lot of demons?”(Maria)

“Is that so? It took me a while to get accustomed to something this big.”(Shin)

“What the heck… what did you usually take down?”(August)


I looked up at the sky, and I saw a bird flying far above the forest. I know from experience that it’s a delicious meal despite its appearance.

I shoot a very small wind blade towards the bird.

The bird could not escape the blade and consequently lost its head and started falling towards the ground.

I also manipulated the wind to catch the falling bird and bring it to my person.

The next step is to hold the bird’s feet and drain its blood.

We’ve been killing off demons all this time, so everyone had gotten used to mere blood and guts.

Everyone in the team was stunned by the spectacle. Only Chris and Sieg was exempt from the astonished crowd.

“Eh? Is it that easy to hunt down a flying bird?”(Olivia)

“It’s not like that… Usually, you would shoot the birds with arrows before they fly away.”(Tony)

“In flight… And furthermore a single blow to a flying bird…?”(Julius)

“His magic skill is unreasonable as ever.”(August)

“Shin… didn’t you say that you hunted flocks?”(Sicily)

“A flock?”(Everyone)

“If it’s smaller birds, there wouldn’t have been enough for everyone. Chris and Sieg ate quite a lot didn’t you?”(Shin)

It wasn’t every day but various people came by frequently.

Both Sieg and Chris ate quite a lot whenever they came to visit my home.

“Oh, it was a considerable feast everytime I went.”(Sieg)

“We felt bad for just eating while expending no effort, so we went out to hunt with Shin but…”(Chris)

“Because we were shown that scene…”(Sieg)

“We just went along to collect the prey Shin hunted. We were completely useless.”(Chris)

It was like that. Because it is troublesome, it was their task to collect the felled birds. It was easier this way, and I didn’t notice the facial expressions of the two people.

You cared that much…?

“Well, I won’t tell you to do it anymore. However, won’t precise magic control come in handy in certain situations? For example, if they take hostages.”(Shin)

“Is a situation like that even possible…?”(Alice)

By my demonstration of precise magic shots, it seems that everyone’s motivation has risen.

However, today, they’re all tired, so I’m hopeful for the next time.

After that, we split the spoils and prepared for our return.

“Well, let’s go home. Sicily.”(Shin)


“Hop on my back.”(Shin)

“Err, yes? A-a-alright!”(Sicily)

“Sicily is the most exhausted here. I’ve caused you so much trouble. This is the least I can do.”(Shin)

“But, but…”(Sicily)

“If you won’t do what I told you, would you rather be in a princess carry?”(Shin)

“I will get on your back!”(Sicily)

Damn. I was hoping that I’d get to princess carry her. Would it be too embarrassing for her as I expected?

I started running carefully so that I don’t burden Sicily, who is resting on my back.

“Sicily, I’m sorry for today.”(Shin)

“What’s wrong, Shin?”(Sicily)

“No… I made it tough on Sicily today…”(shin)

“Huh? Oh, I didn’t mind that at all. Rather, I was lucky that I got to practice a lot with Shin’s follow ups.”(Sicily)


Those are Sicily’s true feelings I guess, but I was in the situation where I have to help Sicily grow more than anything else.

“Because Sicily specialises in healing magic, you have less practice in attack magic than anybody… I want you to obtain even a little bit more power while you still can.”(Shin)

“Wasn’t the reason that you were so harsh on me because I volunteered?”(Sicily)

“Still. If I don’t give Sicily enough time to practice attack magic and something happens… That’s what scares me most.”(Shin)


“As a result, I was only strict on Sicily. I was being selfish, so… I’m sorry.”(Shin)

My selfishness is the root cause of her exhaustion.

Even if I’m giving her harsh treatment… Sicily is important to me.

“Shin… Thank you.”(Sicily)


Sicily clung to me.

“Being cherished by Shin like this… I know that I’m loved.”(Sicily)

It looks like my feelings were conveyed. That’s good…

“Training was tough but …. But, because Shin is thinking about me, I will do my best. I will do my best next time too!”(Sicily)

“When I’m being unreasonable will you tell me that it’s impossible?”(Shin)

“I will not say that! Because…”(Sicily)

Sicily silently brought her lips close to my ear and whispered.

“I’d like to be praised by Shin…”(Sicily)

Hot! My face is hot, my body is hot!

When I felt Sicily clinging tightly to my back and whispering things like that into my ear…

“You guys… You still feel like flirting at a time like this?”(August)

“A classic sickeningly sweet couple.”(Maria)

“You two are bright red! I wonder what you two talked about?”(Yuri)

I know that our faces are red. I mean, we’re practically steaming.

Of course, the surrounding people took notice of our plight.

“Ha ha… My younger brother is in the springtime of youth… I wonder if I should settle down as well…”(Sieg)

“I wonder where my partner is.”(Chris)

“…There isn’t one?”(Sieg)

“Do you want to die?”(Chris)

“Saying things like that, there’s no way anyone would want you as a bride…”(Sieg)

“I-if they don’t rush over to me, something must be wrong with them!”(Chris)

Let’s leave them alone.

I mean, both of them have known each other for a long time, and I think they suit each other, but… I stopped myself from voicing my opinion. A big fight will surely break out between them.

Sicily, who was getting teased by everyone, couldn’t raise her head out of embarrassment and clung even closer to me, and Chris and the bachelorette camp were about to snap when we arrived at the meeting place.

“Oh, you’re back… Hey! What happened to Claude?”(Alfred)

“Yes, teacher, please listen to this!”(Alice)

Alice gladly explained the situation leading up to now.

“So it’s a result of flirting… Well, Sieg, Chris, and Walford are here, so there couldn’t be a worst case scenario.”(Alfred)

“Oh, that’s a surprisingly high evaluation from our senior.”(Sieg)

“Despite your character, I recognize your skills. That goes without saying for Chris.”(Alfred)

“Thank you, Marcus. If you weren’t married, I might’ve proposed to you myself.”(Chris)

“What? What the hell are you saying!? Have you lost your mind?”(Alfred)

“Ahh, that girl, it seems like Shin’s influence is making her hungry for love.”(Sieg)

“…Yeah, those two are, well… after watching the way they flirt, sometimes it really makes me want to see my wife.”(Alfred)

“You too, senior?”(Sieg)

“By “too”, you’re including yourself. You… are you hoping to meet someone…?”(Alfred)

“Hmmmmm… someone…”(Sieg)

“It isn’t the best place for it… with the magic division…”(Alfred)

I heard the conversation between Mr. Alfred and Sieg. Maybe the reason why Mr. Alfred left the magic division was because he couldn’t flirt with women…

The teacher looks serious. Let’s ask him the next time I get a chance.

“So, how did it go?”(Alfred)

Everyone became depressed after Mr. Alfred asked for their status.

“Wh-what? What happened? Did something go wrong?”(Alfred)

The teacher who knows that his class is gradually becoming a group immeasurable by common sense seems to have gotten very anxious after seeing everyone down.

“Actually, teacher!”(Alice)

“Please look.”(Shin)

I took out the demons everyone had collected from the Different Dimension Storage.

That amount… It made a small mountain.

“At first, they had plenty of prep time, so they could kill them cleanly, however…”(Shin)

“Shin didn’t let us prepare halfway through!”(Alice)

“After that, they were almost useless.”(Shin)

Everyone said that it was impossible to achieve the objective of collecting the material cleanly, which was the initial goal.

Mr. Alfred is still gaping at the the large stack of demonic material that appeared in front of him.

An uproar is rising amongst the surroundings.

Everyone has noticed it.

I wonder if the feelings of the surrounding are becoming distorted?

…Is it my fault? It was like this the first time around…

“Hunting this much… And you’re still not satisfied?”(Alfred)

“Our original objective was to kill the demons without scratching their materials. The quantity was just an added bonus.”(Shin)

“In any case… This much is…”(Alfred)

Come to think of it, since we moved from the academy to hunting demons, I was told there aren’t any people my age hunting demons. So, if we hunt this much… Of course they would be surprised.

“I’m telling you Shin. It’s rare even for the military to hunt down this much.”(Chris)

“To hunt many is abnormal in and of itself. Please have some self-awareness.”(Sieg)

Didn’t both of you contribute to this little hill?

“During the next joint exercise with the Knight Academy you will act separately again.”(Alfred)

“Eh? It’s not an offer but an order now?”(Shin)

“How can you pair people who can hunt demons like this with Knight Academy students that just got accustomed to basic hunting!”(Alfred)

The thing we requested this time became an order for next time.

Well that’s a good thing, I guess. No one will complain if it’s official.

Like that, the first day of demon subjugation training that focused on accuracy ended.

Sicily wouldn’t separate from my back even after we eventually reached the meeting place.




Christina immediately headed towards the general’s office after returning to the Knights Office.

“I’m back.”(Chris)

“Oh, Hayden you’re back. Can you give me a  rough report about how powerful Walford is currently?”(General)

Dominic is the head of military affairs, but he is also the General of the Knights. As a result, the military director’s office is the general’s office at the same time.

“A report… about Shin… Uh, how should I explain it…?”(Chris)

“What’s wrong? Is it that hard to explain?”(Dominic)

“Rather than hard to explain… Whether or not it’s believable is the question.”(Chris)

“What happened?”(Dominic)

Christina made up her mind and reported exactly what she saw.

“You’ve made a small hill from the subjugated demons?”(Dominic)

“Yes. Moreover, they were careful not to scratch the materials. If they subjugated without worrying about materials… that number would be several times bigger.”(Chris)

“…If you were to incorporate the Ultimate Magicians into the battlefield where would you put them?”(Dominic)

“Each individual is a force of its own… It would be best if we organize them as an independent force.”(Chris)

There’s a reason for Dominic to inquire about their war potential.

After the Three Power Talks, it’s necessary to propose what kind of fighting power is to be placed to conclude the worldwide coalition.

Although it was stated that Ultimate Magicians are not the unique strength of Earlshyde, they are citizens of Earlshyde Kingdom, live in Earlshyde, and go to school at Earlshyde.

It is safe to say that it’s the obligation imposed on Earlshyde to grasp the Ultimate Magician’s  strength.

With the verification of its strength, if every team member has enough power to act in isolation… Who should be placed in which country in accordance to their military strength?

The sources of trouble just keep increasing.

“Furthermore the Earlshyde Magic Division is improving their ability considerably thanks to  Merlin’s training method… Earlshyde’s biggest impediment might be carelessness.”(Chris)

Dominic looked as if he bit a bug in response to Chris’ words.

He entered the military and overcame a number of joint operations with magicians, but it seems that fundamentally, it’s not pleasant falling behind magicians.

“…I will not not stand being defeated by such a dainty bunch!”(Dominic)

It seems that Dominic isn’t pleased because he’s falling behind the magicians, however…

“What do you want to do? Will you wallow in shame, or will you ask Walford to make you a vibrating sword?”(Dominic)

“It might be better to stop.”(Chris)


“That’s because no one but Shin understands how to enchant it, although the technique isn’t particularly held a secret…”(Chris)

“Then, what’s the problem?”(Dominic)

“…To be honest I’ve received a knife type model from Shin.”(Chris)


I got it from Shin. That means that if you ask Shin, you have the possibility to make it. Dominic immediately expressed a blissful face, but Christina’s expression was blank.

“Is there anything that is stiff in the room, which I can cut? For example, a wooden training sword?”(Christina)

“Then… Wait a moment. Oh, there it is.”(Dominic)

He found a wooden training sword in his personal locker.

“It was cracked in training. I thought of throwing it away as it is.”(Dominic)

Saying that, he handed it to Chris.

“Please watch this.”(Chris)

She took out the knife from her breast pocket.

“Is that it?”(Dominic)

“Yes, the vibrating sword… Or in this case a vibrating knife.”(Chris)

Chris inserted magic power in the knife she took out.

Most knights can’t use magic, but every person in this world can activate magical tools.

“Here goes.”(Chris)

To those words she presses the knife’s edge against the wood.


A hard wooden training sword is cut through as if it were made of butter.

The blade went right-left, left-right back and forth. With each time the wooden swords gets increasingly shredded.

“There’s no increase in power. However, it’s sharpness is certainly wonderful…”(Chris)

“…To rely on this… won’t our techniques lose all meaning…?”(Dominic)

“Yes. You don’t need to be a knight if you use this weapon.”(Chris)

“…… Really, are we becoming the biggest hindrance…?”(Dominic)

“No. Please look at this.”(Chris)

“Shoes. What about them?”(Dominic)

“These are jet boots. They are sold at the Walford Company that opened the other day.”(Chris)

Christina bought jet boots in addition to a toilet and a refrigerator.

“To be honest, when I saw Shin make it for the first time I thought it was unnecessary… In an actual battle, it’s very useful if you can master it.”(Chris)

“That reminds me… I saw it in action when Stromm and Walford fought. He used it not only on the ground, but also in the air.”(Dominic)

“That’s right. In addition, the rushing power will also increase. We should incorporate it to the Knights and bolster our strength.”(Chris)

“… Well, let’s place an order to the Walford Company. From now on, start special training with jet boots! Hayden, give them instructions.”(Dominic)


Thus, the introduction of jet boots to the equipment of the Earlshyde Knights was decided.

“Rupert, I won’t let you say that we’re a burden!”(Dominic)

(The Magic Division commander, the fierce rival of the Knights, Rupert Olgrand)




The aforementioned fierce rival Magician commander.

“Ah, You’re back, Sieg. So, what was Walford’s training like?”(Rupert)

Even the Magic Division commander Rupert Olgrand was greeting the returning Siegfried.

“They’ve become quite an outrageous group…”(Sieg)

Sieg told the story in detail to Rupert.

“…I was there when Walford fought. What about the other children? Are they all like that?”(Rupert)

“In general they make almost no mistakes. They can use magic chantlessly, and even if they defeat a demon, they’re frustrated if it wasn’t a clean kill. I finished exhausted…”(Sieg)

Demon subjugation was carried out in several waves. While subjugating them all, apart from Sicily, who was a bit tired, no one had any problems with it.

“That much… Just what are they? I just don’t understand.”(Rupert)

“Oh yeah… There was a mountain of demons from the ground to the second floor window.”(Sieg)

Sieg pointed to the ground from the window of the commander’s room on the second floor of the Magic Division headquarters to show how big the mountain was.


“Also because we were outdoors… It spread to the sides quite a bit…”(Sieg)

“…How many did you subjugate?”(Rupert)

“Eh? We didn’t exactly count. There was definitely more than two hundred.”(Sieg)

He stopped counting because he joined the subjugation halfway through.

Anyways, Sieg knows a lot.

“…They’re children aged fifteen to sixteen?”(Rupert)

“That’s right. They are first year students of the Advanced Magic Academy… Just speaking in terms of ability… I’d say they would be a good match for Shin at age ten?”(Sieg)

“…At what height are you and Walford?”(Rupert)

People who do such insane acts are said to have about the same strength as Shin when he was ten years old.

Or rather how talented is Shin that those insane people can’t match him when he was ten years old?

Rupert was anxious about that fact.

“I do not understand it. Even though Merlin far surpasses someone like me. Wouldn’t Shin be the most powerful magician in the history of humanity?”(Sieg)

“…What a time to be born into this world… If Walford was not there, what would have happened to this world…”(Rupert)

“True. It’s almost as if someone like God is writing this scenario.”(Sieg)

“..Don’t say that in front of the holy maiden of the Church of Creation.”(Rupert)*


At the same time that abnormal called Shin Walford appeared, Oliver Stromm, the first intelligent demon in history, appeared.

Many people that have the impression that there are so many coincidences it is as if it’s like a scenario scripted by God.

Some may say that he is God’s messenger.

“At this rate, all the credit’s gonna go to Walford-kun. We can’t lose to him!”(Rupert)*

“That’s right.”(Sieg)

“Ok! Now that that’s settled, it’s time for training! Sieg, let’s go!”(Rupert)

“Huh? No, I already trained plenty today…”(Sieg)

“You can’t overtake Walford with ordinary things! Don’t worry about that and go!”(Rupert)

“Wait a minute, waaaaaaaaaa-!”(Sieg)

Rupert grabbed Siegfried by the neck and dragged him away.

He did not care about the knights at all.