Magi’s Grandson Chapter 65 noteless

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Author’s Note: Although this story talks about religion, this religion was created by me in this work and is not related to any religion/organization that exists.
Also, the view of religion which is portrayed does not reflect my religious views.
It only applies to the world I created.
Please keep that in mind.

The second day of the Three Power Talks


August and Bishop Makina had finished their business at the lodgings of the Holy Country Ys’ delegation and went straight to the meeting place in the restaurant.

Els’ diplomat Naval had already arrived at the private room.

There were dark circles around his eyes, probably a result of thinking about the postwar profits August had mentioned yesterday.

“…Good morning, Prince Augusto. Who is that?”(Naval)

“Oh, good morning. The delegation of Ys has changed from Archbishop Fuller to Bishop Makina.”(August)

“Nice to meet you, Els’ representative. I am Hamill Makina. I am a bishop of the Holy Country of Ys. Please take care of me.”(Makina)

“This one is polite, excuse me, I am Osama Naval. By the way, what happened to Archbishop Fuller? Is it okay for the representative to change?”(Naval)

“Well… He caused a problem and was forcibly deported back to Ys… I will act on his behalf instead.”(Makina)

“Can you tell me what he did…?”(Naval)

“I am sorry, however…”(Makina)

“Is that so… I guess there’s no use pursuing it then… shall we begin today’s meeting now?”(Naval)

“I’d like to do that… However, I have not eaten breakfast yet. Would you mind if we eat first?”(August)

“Huh, you too?”(Makina)

“Since early this morning, Bishop Makina and I were busy. What about diplomat Naval?”(August)

“It would be embarrassing to be the only one left out, so I will join you.”(Naval)

Like yesterday, the meeting started with breakfast.

What’s different from yesterday is that the Ys representative isn’t Fuller.

Additionally, Makina’s portion was noticeably smaller than Fuller’s in the previous day.

“Bishop Makina was it…? Will that truly be enough?”(Naval)

“Yes. Our religion’s doctrine is that one must not take more than the necessary nutrition. The bare minimum of bread and soup. It also dictates that the surplus food is to be shared with the ones who are in need.”(Makina)

“That is very different from Archbishop Fuller yesterday… Even so… The doctrine in Ys is the exact opposite of our country. In my homeland, wealth is justice.”(Naval)

“I was thinking of telling Els’ merchants this someday: if you mindlessly pursue profits, you will make countless enemies which will eventually cause your demise. Wouldn’t it be better if you changed your behavior before that happens?”(Makina)

“…Really… All the followers of Ys say the same thing… Unfortunately, Els is a country of capital supremacy. If you’re careless, you will be harvested until not even a single hair around your anus remains.”(Naval)


“That was a metaphor.”(Naval)

“I know, I know.”(Makina)

A follower of Ys tries to reprimand an Els merchant. The Els merchants reject the preaching. This scene that could be seen throughout the world was on full display here as well.

“Well then, it seems like we’ve slowly opened up to each other so let’s get down to business.”(August)


“Agreed. By the way, what was the contents of your discussion yesterday? Because Fuller went straight to his room as soon as he returned, I haven’t received a report from him.”(Makina)

“That’s right, yesterday…”(August)

August explained the contents of yesterday’s meeting.


“What… What a disgrace…”(Makina)

“I was overwhelmed as well…”(Naval)

“So? Do you understand the postwar profits now?”(August)

“That is true… Why didn’t I notice yesterday… I am truly pathetic…”(Naval)

Naval finally noticed what kind of profit each country would reap after this disturbance.

“Before that, I have a question… what is going on in the territory of the old Empire?”(Naval)

“We have confirmed that the Imperial Capital has fallen, and the Emperor was slain. We’ve also confirmed several cities that have been completely wiped out. However, we cannot confirm  every city…”(August)

“After this much time has passed… I wonder if all of the other cities are in the same state…?”(Makina)


“That means… The hundreds of thousands of people living in the empire…”(Naval)

“…Sorry, however…”(August)

“Terrible… It’s unbelieveable…”(Naval)

“Oh, God… May they rest in peace…”(Makina)

As far as the investigations conducted by the reconnaissance teams, the cities have been annihilated… No, not just annihilated.

If the same things found were done throughout the whole Imperial territory… it is anticipated that there are no more humans left in the empire.

With all the towns combined, the Empire’s population was around hundreds of thousands of citizens. To Naval, it was an outrageous number, while Makina prayed for those who lost their lives.

“I do not know the intentions behind the devils’ actions.When I thought that they were going to rule the empire, they killed all the people they should be ruling over. I did not expect them to take such brutish actions. It was extremely painful to watch innocent Empire citizens get slaughtered…”(August)

“That… That cannot be helped? To be slaughtered instead of to be dominated… I can’t believe my ears.”(Makina)

“That’s right, although… It may imprudent for me to say this but… my country will profit because of it… I guess that is the end result?”(Naval)

August looked at Naval who seemed to have finally noticed.

“Hmm, you seem to have noticed”(August)

“Yeah, how did I not realize what I was doing? It seems that this matter is so large that it exceeds the scope of my understanding.”(Naval)

“What do you mean, too large?”(August)

“…It may not be something suitable to talk about in front of the clergyman of the church of creation… What is in the territory of the old empire right now?”(Naval)

“Even if you ask… Isn’t it a group of devils? Also, those very demons are overflowing into neighboring countries…”(Makina)

It seems that Makina has also noticed.

“Yes, so now the former Empire’s territory… It is now a ” Devil Territory”, populated by devils and demons… That’s it.”(Makina)

There are no citizens left who were originally settled there.

“If we subjugate the devils and drive out the demons to a certain extent… what would be left behind?”(Makina)

“Everyone… Vast land that is not governed by anyone…”(Naval)

“That land is supposed to be evenly distributed amongst neighboring countries. Els and Ys will become enclaves. Please acknowledge that.”(Makina)

“Well… we don’t share a border with the empire, so we don’t mind.”(Naval)

“When it comes down to it… What are our benefits?”(Makina)

August, who heard Makina’s words, finally got to the main point.

“It is not a matter of distributing the land. There is no point to unclaimed territory unless people live there and have a means of production.”(August)

Naval understands and Makina nodded as if he had been convinced.

“To undertake production, humans require equipment and facilities for persons to live.”(August)

August started going into the details.

Naval and Makina didn’t interrupt and listened carefully.

“I do not know what the state of the old cities are, but a grand reconstruction will probably be necessary, and that reconstruction…”(August)

August looked at Naval.

“With the approval of each country that task will be left to Els.”(August)

Listening to that, Naval got goosebumps all over his body.

“We are planning to ask for procurement of materials for the reconstruction. Ordered from each country including Earlshyde. The supplier will be a trading company of Els.”(August)

“That… that’s an outrageously grand deal…”(Naval)

“How about it? We cannot distribute territory to you but won’t this agreement have enough benefits for Els? However, let the companies decide on a supplier by bidding.”(August)

“…To turn down such a huge deal… You’d have to be mad. I understand. For future profits, we’ll pay from our own pockets now.”(Naval)

“Is that so? Thank you.”(August)

“I should be the one saying that. Please treat us well.”(Naval)

“And now Ys.”(August)

Up to this point, we have only talked about Els, but Ys hasn’t been brought into the conversation yet.

“What was the religion of the old empire?”(August)

To August’s words, an unpleasant color appeared on the face of Makina.

“Frankly, they are not recognized as the followers of the same religious doctrine.”(Makina)

“I guess so. I heard about that as well.”(August)

The sole religion in this world is the doctrine of the God of Creation. But there are multiple interpretations of the doctrine.

The widespread doctrine is that there are several commandments of the religion and it entails doing good deeds. By amassing good deeds, you will be brought closer to the Creator God.

As a result, this world can distinguish between good and evil because of the commandments. The laws set in each country are based on that good and evil.

However, in religion, denominations frequently appear depending on the region and the environment.

In the headquarters, Son is an interpretation of “Child” regardless of whether it is a man or woman, so marriages and childbirth which increases God’s children are allowed.

Of course, selfish acts like the actions Fuller took are forbidden by the commandments.

On the other hand, depending on the region, the Son is a person who has dedicated himself to God and some sects forbid marriage and intercourse.

So what was the doctrine within the old empire?

“The church of the empire’s doctrine… We are the sons of God, so God is watching over us. Therefore, if you confess your behavior obediently and donate to the church, all your acts will be forgiven… They have been taught such terribly misguided things.”(Makina)

“Something like that… Any kind of sin would be forgiven if you just confess?”(August)

“It seems so. But it didn’t seem to spread amongst the poor people because a donation was necessary.”(Makina)

“Because of that, the nobles misunderstood that their actions would be forgiven by God and started to think they could do anything to the commoners… Really… Terrible.”(August)

Confessing is not “Penance”.

Because of that, the nobility was not conscious of their sins and the church’s children, who could also be said to belong to the imperial faction, became increasingly greedier because they were able to decide the amount of donation money.

“So the church of that imperialist group has also gone away.”(August)

“Yes… that would mean…”(Makina)

“Is a church necessary in a newly rebuilt town? The devils have unintentional purged the faulty doctrine.”(August)

“In other words, if we can build a church of a righteous doctrine in a newly built town…”(Makina)

“Well, that’s why. The principal doctrine of the religion is common so wouldn’t it be a good idea to think about increasing the number of churches in a country that has already had them?”(August)

“Well, it’s a pleasure to have more churches.”(Makina)

August presented the benefits to both countries.

For the reconstruction, the materials will be left up to Els.

For installation of new churches, the preaching and the righteous doctrine will be left to the church.

To that end, it is essential to subjugate the demons and devils in the Devil Territory.

“Well, compared to Els, there’s a less practical gain… Does Ys have any more demands?”

“…Well, it was our fault that Fuller was our representative. Consequently, this time, we are content with smaller benefits…”(Makina)

“So will you cooperate then?”(August)

“Turning our eyes away from the demon threat is contrary to our belief. Of course, we’ll cooperate.”(Makina)

“Well, the fine adjustments and the military strategy is not yet concrete but for the time being… I will be relying on you.”(August)

August put his right hand on the table.

“Yes, I’m counting on you too.”(Naval)

“Thank you.”(Makina)

Naval and Makina shook hands with Augustus. Then they reluctantly shook hands with each other.

Here, Earlshyde, Els, and Ys established a World Union of neighboring countries.


“Oh, you’re back. How did the meeting go?”(Shin)

“Oh, Els and Ys were convinced. The formal signing will be the day after we decide the details.”(August)

Great! The world alliance has actually been established!


“No… So Gus is actually a nice guy…”(Shin)

“You… Just how did you see me until now?” (August)

“Eh? A wicked prince that gets carried away by his plots.”(Shin)


Hey? Gus started trembling. However, I thought it was a fairly accurate description myself…

“Only Shin would say something like that to His Highness.”(Maria)

“Oh yeah, to the world, Prince August is a wise, handsome, talented, an excellent moral character, and has a highly popular view in the public eye.”(Tony)

“…Hey Freed… What was that?”(August)

“Ah, I’m sorry. But after I see your interactions with Shin, I feel much more familiar with you.”(Tony)

“…After all, Shin is the root of all evil, isn’t he?”(August)

“What are you talking about? It’s just Gus’ true character. That aside… Won’t Sicily get angry if you badmouth me?”(Shin)


I looked at Sicily.

“Ah… Hahaha…”(Sicily)


“Until I saw His Highness interactions with Shin, I didn’t know what His Highness was like as a person… I think that’s thanks to Shin.”(Sicily)

I smiled wryly. This character of hers is unknown to the citizens of Earlshyde…

“Really? As soon as I came back, this… It ruined the serious atmosphere from a while ago.”(August)


Gus was?

“Ah… It was truly amazing. For both yesterday and today, I kept the initiative at all times, so I finally managed to convince the representatives of Els and Ys to participate in the coalition.”(August)

“I hadn’t seen Your Highness’ dignified appearance in a long time.”(Julius)

“Julius… “(August)

“Oops, I misspoke.”(Julius)

Laughter rose up within the team. It truly was a jovial moment.

“By the way, I told you to introduce us. What happened to that?”(Shin)

“After this, we will attend a dinner party to celebrate the signing of the coalition, so I will introduce you then. That means it’s free time now, and we’ll gather again in the evening.”(August)

So it’s like that. Once the dinner is finished, will the Three Power Talks be finished?

There were some terrible things along the way but all’s well that ends well.

Because it was still early in the afternoon, I had lunch with our group and headed towards the restaurant where the meeting was going to be held in the evening.

The meeting area seems to be a private room on the second floor, but the dinner party is held on the first floor.

Els and Ys’ delegation will also be there. There will be a considerable number of people.

“The Kingdom of Earlshyde has arrived.”(Doorman)

When we arrived at the restaurant, the waiter told of our arrival to the people who were already present.

When we entered… we were greeted with a grand applause.

Oh… wow… After the meeting, I didn’t think there was going to be such a welcoming atmosphere.

Gus is really amazing…

“His Highness Prince Augusto has arrived. With the famous, rumored magicians of the Ultimate Magicians… Are you the Magic King and the Saint?”(Naval)

Is this the Els’ accent? You can immediately identify a person from Els by their accent.

“This is the Magic King, Shin Walford, and this is the Saint, Sicily von Claude.”(August)

“This is our first time meeting each other. I am Osama Naval of the Els Federation of Free Commerce. Please remember me.”(Naval)

“I am Shin Walford. It’s a pleasure to meet you too.”(Shin)

“I am Sicily von Claude. Thank you in advance.”(Sicily)

“Hou… as rumored, you’re a very beautiful girl, I’m very envious of Mr. Magic King.”(Naval)

“You mean Magic King…”(Sicily)

“Oh… that…”(Naval)

Those nicknames are gradually becoming our real names! He just called me Demon King instead of my real name!

“Oh? Would you like to greet the people from Ys?”(Naval)

“No, because we have already met them this morning. I intend to greet them formally later.”(August)

“All right. Oh, by the way, Mr. Magic King.”(Naval)

“Why Mr. Magic King…”(Shin)

“I have something I’d like to consult with you in private, but… Is that all right?”(Naval)

“Diplomat Naval, dinner has not yet begun. Would delaying it be okay?”(Shin)

“Oh, I’m very sorry… I got ahead of myself.”(Naval)

Laughter was heard from the Els delegation.

“We have yet to do a formal signing, but I am very pleased to have the countries mutually agree to form this important coalition and save the world from this crisis. Well then, to our future… A Toast.”(August)


The dinner party started with Gus’ toast.


“Mr. Magic King! To continue the conversation from just now!”(Naval)
“Ah! Chiho! You’re sly Naval! I would like to talk Mr. Magic King too!”(Els Merchant 1)
“That’s right! Are you trying to monopolize him?”(Els Merchant 2)
“Damn! You’re noisy! I will win!”(Els Merchant 3) 

The Els merchants gathered around me all at once.

“Fufu, Shin, aren’t you popular?”(Sicily)

“Even if I’m popular, I’m not happy if it’s among old guys…”(Shin)

“Well then, would you rather be popular among young girls?”(Sicily)

… Sicily’s smile is terrifying… She’s also secretly pinching my arm.

Ouch! That hurts!

“Haaa… It’s just like the rumors…”(Els Merchant A)

“I’d really like to get her attention… I used to be beautiful a long time ago…”(Els Merchant B)

“A stupid drunk like you?”(Els Merchant A)

“Stupid drunk???!!!”(Els Merchant B)

“What are you doing?”(Els Merchant A)

“Shut it!”(Els Merchant B)

Seriously! What? What is this comedic routine!?

“Pffft, Ahahaha, Ahahaha!”(Sicily)

Sicily is having fun.

“Oh, the damage.”(Els Merchant A)

“What a pleasant sight. It was worth mentioning about my handsomeness.”(Els Merchant B)

“Really?”(Els Merchant A)

“Ah ha ha! Ahahaha!”(Sicily)

It seems that Sicily has passed the point of no return and cannot stop laughing.

“Ahaha, Fu, Ahaha, so-sorry, I’m sorry.”(Sicily)

“It’s rare to be laughed at by the Saint.”(Els Merchant A)

“But I always get laughs at the pub.”(Els Merchant B)

“That is an insincere laughter. What you say is not amusing.”(Els Merchant A)

“Why do you undermine me at every turn??!!”(Els Merchant B)

“Did you come here to do two-person comedy act?”(Shin)

I blurted something out carelessly.

The expression on the faces of Els’ delegation men was one of surprise.

“Oh, what a sharp tsukkomi…”(Els Merchant A)

“Despite being a Magic King, he made a tsukkomi… Scary…”(Els Merchant B)

“What!? Why would you be scared of that!?”(Shin)

Oh, my tongue slipped again.

Els’ delegation members say “Oh.”

“No, I was impressed. I respect you, Mr. Magic King.”(Els Merchant)

“I don’t need that kind of respect!”(Shin)

“Oh.”(Els Merchants)

“That’s enough!”(Naval)

It seems that we finally arrived at the main point.

Incidentally, Sicily has been laughing all this time.

“Ha… What sort of business is it then?”(Shin)

“Oh right. As a matter of fact, Mr. Magic King is an exemplary magical tool maker, right? For example, that device from before that will be used between countries…”(Naval)

“The device from before? Oh, you mean the communication device?”(Shin)

“Yes, that! Do… Do you have a price for it? Of course, I will pay any fee! Please!”(Naval)

“Aaah! Naval is stealing a march on us! Mr. Magic King, Mr. Magic King! Please, I’ll pay any price as well!”(Els Merchant 1)

“Me too, please!”(Els Merchants)

Wow… They bowed down all at once… Do you want a communication machine that badly? Well, communication machines that can instantaneously exchange information at long distances would be highly valued and useful even if you are not a merchant…

“No… Even if you want them, the communication devices are goods that will be sold by my upcoming company. And since they are currently only used to communicate between countries, you will need permission from the country, so I can’t give them to individuals…”(Shin)

“In that case, if I can get permission I can place an order at the company!?”(Els Merchant)

“Well, that’s how it is…”(Shin)

The Els merchants showed a joyful expression when I said they could buy it at my company…

“But the company itself has not been founded yet?”(Naval)

Their expressions turned into despair after listening to those words.

The Els merchants’ reactions are interesting.

“When… when can you do it?”(Els Merchant)

“We have already prepared the stores so we can open as soon as we get back home after the talks.”(Shin)

“If that’s the case, I will return to Els via Earlshyde!”(Els Merchant B)

“Great idea!”(Els Merchant)

“Stupid drunk, go tell everyone! We’re returning home after visiting Earlhyde!”(Els Merchant A)

What a prompt decision. However, Els is supposed to be on the east side of the former empire… Isn’t it foolish to go around in a circle?

“Well, this became business talks.”(Els Merchant 1)

“Really… A communication machine of my dreams…”(Els Merchant 2)

“My dream will come true.”(Els Merchant 3)

Haha, the Els merchants are daydreaming about a communication machine they have yet to see.

“Shin! Claude! Come over here!”(August)

“Oh, I’m sorry, Gus is calling us…”(Shin)

“I’m sorry, I will have to excuse myself.”(Sicily)

“Nonsense, don’t mention it. Will you introduce yourselves to everybody?”(Naval)

“I think that’s probably the reason.”(Shin)

I excused myself from Els’ merchants and went to Gus. All of the members of the team were already there.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your meal, but I wish for your attention for a bit.”(August)

Els and Y’s delegation members faced this way in response to Gus’ statement.

“We are ready to launch an offensive on the Devil Territories with this alliance. However, the devils… Are considerably strong.”(August)

Delegations of both countries became noisy after those words.

“But Your Highness, rumors are spreading around that the devils who appeared this time are considerably weaker than the devil who was previously killed by the Mage…”(Makina)

“Bishop Makina, that is not true. That rumor is only because people only look at the results. There are those who actually fought with those devils in the Swedes kingdom. Shall we ask them? Who among you felt that the devils were weak!?”(August)

Because this is in the Swedes Kingdom, this restaurant has a large number of Swedes Kingdom soldiers as security guards. When the Swedes Kingdom soldiers were asked if the devils were weak…

“As you can see, nobody agrees.”(August)

No one raised their hands, they were looking down and biting their lips. Some were even trembling.

“Honestly… His highness August… If the Ultimate Magicians hadn’t come… This whole country would have been destroyed…”(Swedes soldier 1)

One of the security guard soldiers declared that.

“But how did you hold them off before they came? That…”(Naval)

“It was thanks to the barrier magic tool made by the Magic King. Thanks to that magic tool, we were able to endure… It was an all-out attack, even with the Magic King’s barrier magic tool, they broke through the defensive lines… the citizen casualties were not few…”(Swedes soldier 2)

A soldier who was anxiously biting his lips answered.

“It was the people of the Ultimate Magicians that saved us! We… No, the Swede citizens have a great amount of gratitude and respect for Ultimate Magicians! I’m truly thankful to you!”(Swedes soldier 3)

The security guards all lowered their heads together.

There were no casualties in the Kurt Kingdom, but here…

Regrets from neglecting preparations remain.

Apparently, I had a gloomy face because Sicily grasped my hand.

I looked at Sicily anxiously, but she showed me a smile.

With that alone… I felt a little better.

“Then how are you going to defeat such powerful devils?”(Makina)

“That’s our job. We… the Ultimate Magicians”(August)

Uh-oh, the meeting place got riled up.

“Let me introduce ourselves again, the Ultimate Magicians led by the Magic King Shin Walford.”(August)

When Gus introduced us, an applause rang through the venue.

The applause was from the security guard soldiers.

Yes, the guards.

The Els and Ys’ delegations have expressions of confusion.

“The enemy of all countries are devils and demons from the devil territory.”(August)

“But… No matter how you look at it, entrusting the job to a group of 15 to 16 years old children that just came of age…”(Makina)

“We are stronger than adults. Well, is there anyone who can slay disaster-class demons alone in your country?”(August)

“A disaster-class demon alone!?”(Makina)

“Such nonsense… The disaster-class demons that can be only subdued by the entire army? Someone like that cannot be human!”(Naval)

We’re not human…? Every one of us had questionable expressions.

“However, that power is necessary to subjugate a devil. Because…”(August)

The delegates all held their breath.

“Each devil is about as strong as those disaster-class demons.”(August)

Everyone from the delegations had desperate faces put on. The security guard soldiers, in particular, were trembling with blue faces. Is that PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)?

“That… That’s the end of the world!”(Els Merchant)

“O God, save us…”(Makina)

“What are you talking about? I told you earlier that we repelled the devils that attacked the Swedes Kingdom. In addition, weren’t the devils that appeared in the Kurt Kingdom also pushed back?”(August)

Both countries delegations were even more astonished by Gus’ words.

“That… If that’s true… You are…”(Naval)

“We are the only ones who can slay disaster-class monsters by ourselves.”(August)


“Is that true?”(Makina)

“Otherwise, we couldn’t have fought off devils, could we? Does that ease your tension?”(August)

“Errr…You could say that…”(Naval)

“What? Do you want to say something?”(August)

“No, no, nothing…”(Naval)

“Is that so? If it’s too hard for you to say it, how about I say it for you instead? With this much firepower, Earlshyde will become the next threat after the devils”… Am I wrong?”(August)

“No… How many… I mean…”(Naval)

“Well, that’s…”(Makina)

“Looks like I was right.”(August)

Neither country can answer Gus’ straight-ball.

It’s too much of a fastball.

“I understand the concerns of the other two countries clearly. However, I founded this team while knowing that. Do you know why?”(August)

“…For world peace?”(Makina)

“Bishop Makina is right. I founded this team for the sake of world peace. So let’s announce it here.”(August)

Gus has completely dominated the hall. This was the first time I saw this side of Gus.

“The Ultimate Magicians are not the war potential of the Earlshyde Kingdom. After this disturbance is settled, it will be founded as an international organization under the supervision of people dispatched from each country, it will act for the sake of world peace.”(August)

After the declaration was over, the venue was silent.

Everyone processed Gus’ words while emotions gradually began to appear on their faces and eventually…


A huge cheer erupted through the hall.

“Thank the Gods! If there is any problem, the Ultimate Magicians will solve it!”(Naval)

“An organization that embodies the doctrine of the Church of Creation! How magnificent!”(Makina)

Voices of approval arose from both Els’ and Ys delegation. That’s because each country will be able to dispatch their own people to monitor the guidelines.

If there is a man from each country monitoring us, it means that we cannot harm any country accidentally.

“When will the organization be founded? I would like to recommend personnel for it right away.”(Naval)


“After two and a half years.”(August)


“What? Did you forget? We’re still freshmen of the Earlsyhde Advanced Magic Academy. In other words, to operate as an actual organization, we have to graduate first.”(August)

I’ve forgotten that we are still high school freshmen…

“…Now that you mention it… “(Makina)
“Because of my excitement, I’ve completely forgotten about that…”(Naval)

It especially disappointed the representatives of Els. I wonder why? Maybe they wanted us to escort their shipments? But that would take jobs away from monster hunters who make a living escorting businessmen, so Gus said we wouldn’t accept that.

“I had in mind… I wanted to send over a beautiful woman to build favorable relationships with the Ultimate Magicians.”(Naval)

“Isn’t that bad to say that loud!?”(Shin)

That’s what you were planning!

And because of that, Maria, Alice, and Yuri are having scary expressions on their faces!

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