MLW – Chapter 62


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Revitalization of a Ghost Town


Before long, Rosary found free time, and that turned into her going out to the village, forest, etc.
Because she was confined until now, it seemed like anything and everything was unusual and fresh.

Incidentally, since suddenly putting Rosary on cooking duty was impossible, it was decided that she would assist us when we were on cooking duty.
In the beginning, she could only roughly cut vegetables, but her fine cutting skills had been gradually improving.
Just being able to manipulate a knife at will was a pretty powerful spec in its own right.. combat-wise…

“Yeah, small, small! If this is improved a bit better, you could make an onion salad.”

“It’s thanks to Nee-san’s guidance! Osu!” [not sure if we need footnote for osu]
What’s with that, the ‘osu’…… I still haven’t gotten used to her delinquent behavior. Or rather, even though she was always alone, how did she learn her delinquent behavior. Is ‘delinquent behavior’ something you can acquire by yourself automatically?

“I’ll do the cleaning above the ceiling later! I’ll clean it with a wet cloth and make it pretty!”
“That ability really saves the trouble. I’ll be in your care from now on!”

Thanks to Rosary, aspects of hygiene had been powered up quite considerably.
If one were to refer to a witch’s mansion, it would be in a gloomy forest, and have an eerie image, but I think that it’s best to be clean and open-minded.

I tested out something similar to terrace seating during the cafe, and it’s nice to have a tea party on the terrace for lunch. I want to increase my QOL (quality of life). It wouldn’t be bad to just have a tea party on the terrace like a celebrity.

In that way, Rosary was adapting to my family.
Harukara was also fighting in a new environment.
She was assembling the opening staff for the workshop in Nasukute Town. However, it seemed like it wasn’t going too well so far. On the same day, she came back home with dropped shoulders. Right after she returned, she drank alcohol; so this is drinking in desperation probably.

“Aah, grim prospects…… “
“Why isn’t it going well even though Rosary’s case was resolved?”
“Of course, I said that the ghost problem was settled. However, in the first place, the townspeople who saw the ghost were almost none. Therefore, even though I say it was resolved, it seems like I can’t quite receive their trust……”

This was quite a troublesome problem……
If there was a large stone in the middle of the road, anyone would understand that it would be resolved once it was moved to the side.
However, it is difficult to have people understand that the ghost had disappeared from the land where ghosts were thought to have appeared. No one investigated if ghosts appeared everyday.

“Then, on the contrary, how about you display Rosary? If she could be seen, it would be less scary, and they would be able to understand that there’s no ghost there.”
“That’s it!!!”
An awfully cheerful voice came from Harukara.

“I [understand]! I’ll also have a triumphal return to the town!”
Rosary was also eager. However, I think a ‘triumphal return’ was a little bit different……
I’m worried so I’ll head over as well……

Thus, a ghost revealing ceremony was held in the town of Nasukute.

“Suーp! I’m Rosary who committed suicide at that street over there long ago! I am currently living at Plateau Witch Nee-san’s place! I do not live here, so please take care!”

“Alright, it’s the authentic ghost that suicided on that workshop’s land! It’s this cute, so it’s not scary! Rather, since it’s confirmed that there are no other ghosts, it can be said that it is safer to work there than at other stores. Come on, let’s work at the workshop!”

Rosary and Harukara shouted, and marched around the town.
They were saying quite strange things, so a fair amount of people, who mistook them as performers or something like that, assembled.

“Oh, what’s that, what’s that?” “It seems like a ghost.” “Now that you mention it, she’s transparent.”

“Seems like they’re on board. Rosary-san, is it okay to touch?”
“You won’t feel anything though.”
“No, that doesn’t matter!”
It seems like Harukara had come up with something.

“Come now, feel free to touch the ghost if you want to touch her! She’s genuinely transparent! Please line up!”
Then, a little girl was brought by her grandfather, and came to touch her.

“Ah, it went through~!”
The mysterious experience of the little girl caused the her spirits to become high.
“Right? Dying is bad little girl. Live happily okay?”
“Sure! Ghost Onee-chan!”

Whether it was the effect of the little girl or not, warm gazes filled the surroundings. It seemed like they started to recognize that it was a good ghost.

“She’s not scary at all.” “She’s not an evil spirit at all.”
Her approval rating was going up.

It seems like Rosary had come up with something this time. She turned her eyes on an elderly couple, and lightly flew towards them..
“The two of you, are there any places that you can not clean and that are troubling you?”
“Aah, we cannot reach the high places of the window…… Even if I got up on a stool, my height has shrunken (cuz she’s getting older lol) and can’t reach it.”
“Well then, that window, I’ll use a dust cloth and wipe it for you!”
The elderly couple’s faces suddenly became bright.
“That would save us the trouble! Thank you!”
“Tell me your house’s address immediately! I’ll go at once!”

Voices like, “Can I also ask you to do that for our house?” “My house is covered with spiderwebs on the ceiling……” reached Rosary.

Rosary’s face was also extremely lively.
That face was truly radiant.

“Harukara, even if she became a ghost; she could still live for the sake of others.”
“Master, because it’s a ghost, she can’t live.”
“Don’t find faults. Although she’s a ghost, she could be useful to others; Rosary looks pretty happy.”
“Of course it’s like that. Rather than being an existence that was detested, of course it’s more fun to be shown gratitude. I was also aiming for a business management that benefited the town.”
Harukara said something an upright entrepreneur would say.

Thanks to Harukara’s workshop, a person that became happy was born.

From this day on, Nasukute Town had become a town known for its cute and good-natured ghost.
Once a week, Rosary appeared in the town, and it seemed like she contributed to the town’s tourist attractions.


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