MLW – Chapter 1

Translator(s): DCThanatos   Editor(s): Yuzuha   Proofreader(s): Merp-Merp  TLC:ShimizuA


The First Slime Extermination


On my way to the village, the path was obstructed by a soft and flabby jelly-like thing.

“Oh, is that a slime?”

Because of its appearance, I felt like it was harmless. It had the same feeling as if a cat was appearing in front of me.

Nevertheless, it seemed like it was a monster and its intention to attack was felt.

I pulled out my knife.

I prepared to attack.


“Is this working?”

I attacked it again.


I felt like it worked more than before.

Even though I hit it, it didn’t appear to be in much pain.

I began to attack more once again.

I eventually managed to kill the slime.

The slimes body changed and turned into small jewels.
If you killed a monster in a game, it turned into money, but this is…

Because I needed to be self sufficient, I did not hesitate.

I encountered and killed two more slimes before I reached the village.

The slimes were splendid.

The village wasn’t big, but it was neat. It resembled Switzerland.

By the way, I had wanted to go to Switzerland for some time for sightseeing, but that’s no longer possible since I died from overworking. Oh, even if I had taken days off, I would have used them for sleeping at my house instead of traveling.

I found an old lady who seemed kind and called out to her.

“Excuse me, I just moved to the single house on the plateau, could you tell me a little about this village?”

“This is Furata Village. If it’s information about the village, you can get it from Natalie-chan who is the receptionist at the guild. She also usually talks about the village to adventurers who come from other lands. So she is familiar with giving explanations.”

I see. It seems like a likely story.

“Thank you very much”

“It is your first time coming here right? I will guide you to the guild. Either way, since this is a small village, I’m sure you would find it right away.”

“Thank you!”

I went to the guild with the really kind old lady. It was a small building for certain. It seemed peaceful, and there didn’t seem to be any degenerate adventurers. (TN: I used “degenerate” in the place of “licentiousness”, because who knew that word by default?)

“Oh, hello Aunt Imal.”

“Natalie-chan, this child has just moved here. Can you please tell her about the village?”

“Oh, that’s fine. This is the reception desk”

I headed to the receptionist desk of the empty guild. This is where Aunt Imal and I parted ways. Though, since she lives in the neighborhood,  we’ll probably meet again soon.

“I’m Azusa. I just moved into the single house over on the plateau.”

“Oh, over there? I’m Natalie. Now, let’s talk about Furata village, shall we?”

Natalie-san began to explain Furata village. She certainly seemed to be accustomed to this.

Anyways, from the start, this was peaceful, peaceful, unusually peaceful. As I walked around the village, there was a clear idyllic air.

A huge percentage of the village kept cattle and goats, since dairy products were their speciality.

The Earl who owned this land lived a while away, and there was no trouble from the village head who had been appointed by the Earl.

“The only monsters around here are slimes. So to an extent, it’s even safe enough to doze off outside the village.”

“That sounds extremely pleasant”

“Nevertheless, even if this is a small village, the basic necessities like bread and salt can be bought, so don’t worry. However the population is small, so it would be hard to do business.”

Hearing Natalie-san’s words, I recalled something.

“Say, I killed a slime on my way to the village and got a jewel, but why is that?”

“Oh yeah, when you kill a monster, you get a jewel called a magic stone. It can be converted into money at the guild. When that is done, it will be 600 copper pieces, or 6 gold coins.”

Is that monetary unit about the same as 600 Japanese yen? It was only enough to visit a cafe once, but with no rent to worry about just killing enough slimes should allow me to more or less earn a living.

“Then, please let us exchange this at once.”


“To convert it, you have to be a registered adventurer at the guild. Do you mind?”

“Yep that’s fine.”

Then, Natalie-san took something out that looked like a stone slate.

“Although I need to know your occupation, when you put your hands on the stone slate, your status and occupation will be displayed.”

While placed my hands, I thought of how it felt like a fingerprint authentication.

Then, a status was displayed at the top of the slate.


Occupation: Witch

Level 1

Strength: 6

Attack Power: 6

Defensive Power: 7

Magical Power: 9

Speed: 8

Intelligence: 7

Special Abilities: Knowledge of herbs, Immortality of the witch

Acquired Experience Points: 6


“Eh! Immortality! That’s wonderful!”

Natalie was surprised. Why was she surprised?

“If I remember correctly, Immortality happens when Witches adjust the magical power flowing in their body–Mana, so they live longer, which is common, but why is it at level 1? Do you have an incredible aptitude?”

“Why is that…… You have it by luck right?”

Let’s keep quiet about the bonus part of my transmigration.

“Well, it’s 600 copper pieces for 3 magic stones of slimes”

I got 6 gold.

“Well, for now I’ll settle on killing slimes and earning money”

“Yes, please continue to visit the guild from now on, Ms.Azusa(Or Azusa-san).

Afterwards, I went and bought seeds to plant in the field, using a gold coin.

“With this, I’ve finished all of the preparations to live here long-term, have I not?

On my way home, 3 more slimes appeared, so I killed them with my knife.

I got the magic stones, which had become an important source of income.

From that day, my slow life began.

At any rate, it was slow; I lived slowly.

First, I slept as much as I wanted to sleep.
I took care of and treated the field for the time being.

When I wanted to exercise, I killed some slimes. Since they were precious income, I decided to kill at least 20 every day.

I also entered a nearby forest.

Because I’m a witch, I immediately knew what was a weed, and what was a medicinal herb.

Every now and then, I made medicinal herbs and went and sold them at the village. I don’t mind not making a profit from them, so I sold them lower than the market price.

Also, if someone in the village was sick, I would examine them and then make a medicine using the medicinal herbs.

I can’t leave someone in the village alone to die without helping.

When I was doing that kind of thing, I had gained respect and became known as “The Witch of the Plateau”. Some people brought me cheese and other dairy products, which I appreciated.

I really didn’t do much aside from that.

I intended to read a grimoire, but they were expensive. However, I did buy some books using the money I gained from killing slimes. When there’s something you want you can even get fired up for killing slimes.

Other than that, not much particularly changed.

Because of my immortality, naturally I didn’t age or grow, and my physical condition didn’t change much either. In fact, practically no people came to visit me on the plateau, but I wasn’t too bothered by it. Back in Japan I also used to live on my own after all.

Speaking of troublesome things, the thing about being an immortal is that as an immortal you’re aware of people dying in the village. But it can’t be helped. I have no choice but to endure. It might have been okay if I had lived near by a village with elves, who lived long.

And so, 300 years passed.

Yes, I have been living for 300 years, killing slimes.

Since I’ve been killing slimes, I’ve gained confidence in my ability. I know where to stab my knife perfectly to kill them with one blow. I can even defeat them with my hands and legs alone without my knife. I wonder if my level is going up.

Then, that same day, I knocked on the guild door like I usually do, a part of my daily routine.

It’s because I had to convert magic stones into cash.

I brought my magic stones to the female staff members that have worked there since Natalie-san. This person is someone who came recently, and I had not completely remembered their name yet.


“Oh! The Witch of the Plateau!”

Again, I was known as the Witch of the Plateau. Having lived for 300 years I also became the one most familiar with the village’s history.

“Here are today’s magic stones. They’re from 26 slimes.”

“Yes, I’ve confirmed that. That’s 5,200 copper pieces.”

I put the money into my leather bag.

“Oh yeah. Witch of the Plateau-sama, I’ve been wondering about something”

“Yeah, about what?”

“How strong are you, Witch of the Plateau-sama?”

“Strong? I’ve never fought before, so I’m not sure.”

I’m only an adventurer so that I can convert my magic stones to money, but other than that, I haven’t been on any adventure. This thing called adventure brings risks of death. Slow and peaceful is the life for me.

The employee took out a stone slate.

“Can you show me your status once?”



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    1. Inflation occurs with modern societies changing the rates (number of coins) because our currencies aren’t tied to a real good, and with copper and gold common enough that you get 2 gold for a simple slime’s magic stone, and it’s roughly equivalent to 100 yen in purchasing power, too, then it’s not likely to inflate in cost at all; in fact, the size and mass of the coin is far likely to change, than the total number of them. Similar to the Roman nummus, or even sestertius.


      1. Nah inflation happened with the gold/silver standards it just the markets where more volatile and sensitive to gold entering and exiting the market so you had a lot more deflation which is arguably worse then inflation.


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