MLW – Chapter 11

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The Completed Barrier And a Disciple’s Cooking

By the way, the barrier that I created had a few effects.

First of all, the magic barrier covers the village. With this, if some magic were to come flying from a long distance, it would be blocked. This is the standard effect of a barrier.

It’s just, there’s one more key feature.

If people who contain malice in their hearts enter the village, the barrier will sense that such a person has entered, and will seal their movement like a net. This sort of “evil detaining” magic appears to be used by clergymen who work in temples and such, however for this situation, I mixed them.

“To be frank, there is almost no precedent for one magic spell to have several effects. Azusa-sama can perform Magic Creation, furthermore it is only possible to do so because she is the highest rank mage.”

I was being praised by Lecia excessively to the point that it is a little embarrassing.

“Once one becomes strong, they have to use their power for good things.”

I have lived constantly thinking that I have to protect Furuta village. The reason is simple, this is my home[1]. Although I live on the plateau, the residents of the village also live the same way of life as me, and the people in the village agree too.

Such things as world peace, or even things like peace for a single country, I lived my life believing that I do not have  the power that  can accomplish such a large scale ideal. That is normal. However, I want to at least protect the place where I lived. With such feelings, I  made medicines and even perform medical treatment for those sick people.

That was my raison d’être[2] for these 300 years.

In conclusion, the barrier this time around followed that ideal, so it came into existence.

Well, because I am Level 99, voices that ask for help from various place will come from now on, I am concerned but……

“Well then, shall we return to the village, and inform the village head about this?”

“Yes, then please ride on my back.”

“Nah, let’s walk.”

Yesterday, I ate quite generously, so I wanted to exercise.

After explaining it to the village head, he was overjoyed and shed tears.  Furthermore, since the dripping tears continuously pattered, I was worried about possible dehydration.

“I’m happy! The Witch of the Plateau is truly thinking about Furuta village!”

“No, it seems like there is a rumor saying that my strength has increased, and is a countermeasure for that and the previous incident. Prideful people with power that would do pointless things also will be restricted in the village.”

For example, from now on, even if I accept the challenge from people like Lecia and win them, I cannot say that there will be no risk of revenge aimed at the village. Besides, the fact the village is becoming popular is probably due to me. The chance that a problematic person will come also increases because of it.

“No no! Certainly, so far within this 500 years, there has been no safety measures made in this village, so it has been a question frequently brought up. It has finally been resolved!”

If it was expected to be such an unresolved problem, I’d have done something about it sooner!

“Ah! I was thinking to the degree of constructing a bronze statue of Witch-sama!”

“Ah, please definitely stop it.”

If I was a person with a strong desire for recognition,I may be happy, on the contrary, I‘d rather stay anonymous.

Because the issue of the barrier had been concluded, we returned to the newly built house.

It’s just, this so called “crime prevention system” is a troublesome thing, and actually it would be best that nothing happened so that its functions couldn’t be tested at all.

The work that seemed to be our job for today has ended, but there is this still one thing remaining.

That is Leica’s homemade cooking.

Yes, since we live together, it is necessary that we share cooking and cleaning. Instead, the disciple wanted to do it mainly.

Nonetheless, if I entrust everything to my disciple there is a risk of becoming useless as a human, therefore I plan to do some myself within my capabilities. My goal is 50-50.

It’s just, even if I say 50-50, in the case that Leica’s dish was tremendously horrid, then it’s not going to happen. So, today I’m going to do a cooking inspection.

“In this first place, can dragons cook?” I had an image of dragons eating food raw.”

“Ehh, we are not barbarians. Dragons are one of the noble races.” Rare as it was, Lecia stuck out her chest proudly.

“Since I bought common ingredients, choose some of them and cook something with it.”

“I understand. I will do my best!”

Leica entered the kitchen with a considerable amount of enthusiasm.

On a side note, in this world there is something like a metal cylinder filled with flame magic, with this flames can be controlled.

However, because this is relatively expensive, people who want to save money often strike rocks together to create sparks; by using this trick, dry straw can be ignited, then burned.

On the other hand, if you can use flame magic, use it. Ever since I learned of my ability to use flames, I have used this method.

Similar to a whisper, Leica spit out a small breath of flame. Even when in her little girl form, she can still use flames.

“The condition of the fire, yeah, it looks good. There’s no problems for now. Calm down, calm down…… I am a dragon…… I am not a woman who is affected by this amount.”

I feel that she’s quite perturbed, but she’ll probably be okay…… right?

By the way, I’m only listening to her voice. I decided not to look at what kind of cooking she’s making. If I was always looking, she might become more nervous, and also because I would lose the enjoyment when the cooking’s served.

After about 30 minutes, I could hear a cheerful voice calling out, “It’s finished!”

Well, I wonder what kind of cuisine was made?

The first dish that appeared was a large salad. Inside were herbs which had a weak bitter taste, and could be eaten raw or boiled were put inside in great numbers.

Furthermore, on another plate, a huge omelet was placed there. I think it’s likely she used around 10 eggs.

“Although I like omelettes, this has a lot of calories……”

“This is my greatest masterpiece! Here, please!”

Well, the amount is only a side matter. What’s important is the taste.

First a bite.

“……Ah, it’s delicious!”

This fluffy feeling is amazing!.

“There’s also fried onions and carrots inside?”

This is an orthodox one. However, I seem to get tired of the same size and of the same taste all the time–oh, I tasted another flavor.

“Ah, move to the side a little, I’ll put cheese in!”

“Ah, okay. Inside the omelet there’s a little different mix. You can enjoy poking the eggs as well.”

“But, to think you made this huge omelet so well.”

“While bringing back gold coins, I brought cooking utensils as well.”

Is this the feeling brimming with wanting to accept a disciple……? Did you just buy that motivation[3]?

Leica, you, that was pretty sneaky.

The enormous omelet has reached a point where there are a total amount of 4 different flavors to enjoy; I’ll never get tired of it. “To be frank, it was wonderful. Even though I only saw the omelets, I approve of your cooking skills.”

“Thank you very much! I’ll do my best from now on!”

Lecia seemed to be happy as I praised her. It’s become a common occurrence where I praise my disciple, those who praise properly, also receive gratefulness. It’s a win-win relationship.

“It’s just, there was just a  bit too many eggs…… be aware of balancing it a bit better……”

“I am sorry…… when I make it myself, no matter what, my values of a dragon still remain……”

“When you’re in your human form, doesn’t your appetite become that of an average human?”

So far, I felt that she hasn’t been eating that much at restaurants, but…

“I am sorry…… Although the amount of food that I eat has decreases compared to when I am a dragon, I was not satisfied with that little amount of food…… it’s the same feeling as if I was on a diet……”

Well, I suppose an omelet of this size can be considered as conservative for a dragon.

“Next time, it’s fine to order without holding back, please order what you would like…”

Since I have a little heartburn, I decided to drink medicine that’s effective for the stomach.

–and, at that moment, I felt something similar to butterflies[4].

“I wonder what this is……? It feels like something happened to the direction of the village……”

“Isn’t that due to the barrier’s reaction?”


[1] TL: Homeground was written in kata.
[2] TL: Raison D’etre: The most important reason or purpose for someone or something’s existence.
[3] ED: Azusa was basically saying if Lecia just bought Azusa her motivation.
[4] ED: Stage butterflies, the feeling you get before you perform.



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    1. It is an apparent coincidence in life that when you’re prepared for something to happen, it usually
      My lecturer at medical school once told me he had an emergency kit with a bag-vavlve-mask ( the thing you use to give O2 to unconscious people which is better than mouth to mouth). He said he usually leaves it at home and he never encountered any incident requiring it’s use. One day he thought that he should put it in his car.. the next day he Van’s across the scene of a car accident and the ambulance wasn’t there yet, and a person was unconscious..😐


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