MLW – Chapter 13

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Since my first contact with Leica, my peace was endangered for a few days, but that wave has finally calmed down.

In other words, I got accustomed to living with two people in a home.

Because there’s still plenty of room in the house, private time and a room to oneself is guaranteed. To top it off, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and the such is allocated by an on-duty system, so as a result, I can rest. Since it is a student-teacher relationship, it is not an equal relationship, though it can be said ideal for room sharing. [1]

(TL: I demand justice for equal opportunities for dragons! Especially Leicas!)

In the past, when I lived in Japan, room sharing was fairly prevalent.

There were some people who’ve shared rooms who went as far as broadened the range to the friends of their friend’s friends, so there could be a guy who could start such a topic.

It’s just, in truth, it can be said that room sharing is troublesome.

First of all, it is tiring to live with people with a very different sense of values.

My friend also fought with the child she lived with, until, eventually, she ended up living alone.

Besides that, the sense of distance can also become complicated.

Ignoring your roommate who will email or LINE you at random, I have heard stories from others about getting unreasonably mad and telling them to get out. [2]

Furthermore, there is the cleaning duty system, which can be hard when you live with a person who plays hooky. Life with someone who lacks common sense and public morality is difficult.

Even if you do the work for that person, while the cleaning itself isn’t hard, the psychological damage received is intense.

In addition, because I have received many troubling reports, I have, for nearly 300 years, thought that living alone was the best.

But, if you room to share with someone whom you care about, then it’s ok.

That’s how I feel about my life with Leica.

Because Leica tells me every day, “I can learn something from Azusa-sama every day,” it must be worthwhile.

I’m quite doubtful about what I can offer Leica, although it might be rather strange, a good disciple is equipped with the power to find the best in their mentor.

Even so, I was saved a little.

Although I didn’t check directly, ‘The witch of the plateau defeated a dragon’ information is at least being spread throughout the Nanterre province.

In addition, the story that the dragon became my disciple has also spread.

I had an increasing fear of a Doujouyaburi, but instead, it seems to be the opposite. [3]

In other words, this means that from the beginning, adventurers who clearly thought themselves weaker than a dragon gave up challenging me from the beginning.

Thanks to that, I can enjoy living a peaceful life. During the day, Leica cleans, and using her free time, she spent her time lazing about reading grimoires.

I recalled a certain memory in my previous life.

Exactly, it’s the memory of my mom cleaning the room while in my own room I was reading manga, magazines, etc.

So, this is when corporate slaves are unleashed from work for a time of ease — ”Returning Home.”

Similar to that blissful time due to something similar to room share, by the end of the day you realize something!

Since I had lived alone, I hadn’t remembered the pleasure in forever.

It’s the best. Hurrah for room sharing.

Of course, I clean on the days I’m on duty. In those regards, I won’t use my influence as a master. Rather, I am aware that acting self-importantly to an extent is terrible.

Even when Leica returns home, I want her to experience the sensation of the mother doing everything.

――In any case, I was able to relax a lot more in comparison to when my level 99 was leaked.

I wish that this peace would last forever.

Oh wait, that’s a flag……

You aren’t supposed to think about things like that……

Don don, don don.

The door was knocked on.

I wonder, who is it?

There weren’t many people that often came to this house.

“Shall I get it?”

“No Leica, please continue cleaning. I’ll go.”

I closed my grimoire and went towards the entrance.

When I opened the door, a girl with blue hair stood there.

Her age was roughly around 10 years old?

People with blue hair, I don’t have many memories of seeing people like that even after coming to another world.

Her facial expression was cheerful, and her glistening eyes stared at me with a fixated look.

At the very least, she gave off the aura of a stray child.

“Good afternoon, how can I help you?”

Since it wasn’t an adventurer who came saying fight me and that like, I relaxed my facial expressions.

The plateau around here is peaceful, and I guess there would also be children playing.

“At last, we meet! I’m so glad!”

What? Am I also popular amongst children as well?

“It’s nice to meet you, mama!”

I magically became a stone.

By the way, it doesn’t mean someone had cast petrification magic, it was figurative.

Mama? This kid, said mama?

“Well…… I’m not your mama? Surely your mother is a different person, right?”

“Eh-? That’s not true. Mama is Farufa’s mama. Farufa, understands clearly.” [4]

This was a strange case where a girl begins calling a person they just met Mother.

However, it’s good that this wasn’t happening in the village. Extremely strange rumors would start up. Furthermore, because it’s the village, it’d spread even faster.

Incidentally, in these 300 years, I have not fallen in love in this world. I have a proper reason for that.

As a witch with immortality, even if I fall in love with someone else, my partner would turn old and die.

Although it’s already hard enough to see the villagers die, if it was a lover, it’d be extremely painful. For that reason, in order to prevent falling in love, I stayed excessively conscious about my emotion.

Also, to an extent, only the people in the village have any contact with me.

From the villager’s point of view, the witch was a guardian-like deity who has been here ever since they were born. Although feared and respected as a target of worship, she will not become a romantic interest.

With that being the case, I have lived unrelated to love affairs.

Naturally, this means I had no kids.

“Your name is Farufa-chan?”

“Yes, Farufa”

“Farufa-chan, the person you should call mama is the person who bore Farufa-chan and brought her up. Other women shouldn’t be called mama.”

Surely, the definition of mama must be a little bit off in the general public.

“That’s not true. Farufa was born from mama.”


Okay, this is strange…………

If I think far back, no matter what, I shouldn’t be able to forget childbearing. Even if hundreds of years pass, I still wouldn’t forget.

“Azusa-sama, who is it, who came[5]?”

Believing that the reception was quite long, Leica seemed to have stopped cleaning to come over.

“It’s Farufa. I’ve come to see mama.”

“Ah! Azusa-sama, your child came!”

“No, I don’t have one. This child is misunderstanding something.”

“Farufa isn’t misunderstanding anything.”

“Azusa-sama, are you possibly a step-mother?”

The information was too complicated, and thus, confusion followed……

I was prepared for an adventurer “Doujouyaburi”, but this challenge is too new.

“I know you’re also called the Witch of the Plateau. My little sister was investigating it.”

“You have a younger sister?!”

It appears that I am supposed to be the mother of at least two daughters. What’s going on……

“And you see, because my younger sister wants to kill mama, I thought I had to tell you, so then I came here.”

“My life’s being targeted?!”

Suddenly, it’s become suspenseful……

1. TL: Room share (was in Katakana English)(ED: Changed it to Room sharing):
2. TL: LINE Is an app to communicate, similar to Wechat, Facebook Messenger, etc.
3. TL: 道場破り (Doujouyaburi): Challenge another training group and defeat each member (This term was used in previous chapters).
4. TL: Here Farufa is speaking with a children tone of voice, using “mon” and incomplete sentences to speak.
5. TL: Leica was speaking more casually, then switched to Keigo (Honorific speak, basically the super formal crap).

ED: Changed the title from “I was called mama” To “Mama?” in order to avoid spoilers.



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