MLW – Chapter 14

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My daughter came to kill me

The girl called Farufa with blue hair told me that her younger sister wants to kill me.

So there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings, I spoke as clearly as I could.

“Farufa, mama doesn’t want to die. So can you inform me about your younger sister from before?”

Before I knew it, the face of the child named Farufa hardened.

She didn’t appear to be joking around, and didn’t seem like she was old enough to either.

“Azusa-sama, for the time being, let’s bring  this child inside the house, and thoroughly listen to her story.”

Leica’s right. No matter how you look at it, the situation felt strange.

“Farufa-chan, I’ll get you some sweets. Come inside.”

“Yes! Farufa wants to eat!”

“However, can you tell us more about the situation?”

“Yes! Yes!”

Because I had made cookies two days ago, I decided to have Leica prepare them.

Meanwhile, I continued the conversation with the child at the table.

“Farufa-chan, what is the name of the younger sister you mentioned?”

“It’s Sharusha.”

“Is Sharusha my child as well?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

It’s almost like an interrogation. However, it’s only because my life is at stake.

What I’ve understood this much so far.

I have a daughter called Sharusha, and this child is targeting me.

“Do you know the reason as to why Sharusha is targeting me?”

“I think she has a grudge against mama. Likely, it’s big enough to kill.”

That’s weird.

My fantasy flow of life flow has completely changed, and the development became more like Sci-Fi.

There is a daughter whom I don’t remember giving birth to, moreover, this daughter is trying to kill me over a grudge.

Although I do understand that the situation is abnormal, I don’t understand much more beyond that.

Leica put a cookie on a plate, and then came over.

Farufa-chan said, “Wooow~, a cookie”, and immediately began to eat it.

“I hear two voices coming towards the house. For the time being, you should protect yourself from the person called Sharusha.”

“I know, it’s certainly a priority.”

It’s time to learn more about the true identity of the opponent.

“Farufa-chan, do you know what kind of attack will come from the child Sharusha?”

“Sharusha, continuously trained in Crushing Evil Magic the whole time.”[1]

(TL: ずっと、ず~っと, zutto, zu~tto; Ahhh so cute!)

Because it’s designated towards fighting a specific race(for instance monsters or humans, or possibly more specialized towards orcs or elves), it’s a type of magic that blocks attacks.

The person who learns such a magic often has a position as an assassin of a specific race like Cyclops Killer or Spector Slayer.

Furthermore, the more narrowed down the range of its targets is, the more effective it becomes, conversely, the wider it’s range, the weaker it becomes. For example, “Crushing Evil ”[2], things like that will have little effect.

“Crushing Evil Magic? It is said that even a high ranking practitioner would take more than ten years to become skillful.”

I also understand Leica’s words.

It’s specifically for an assassin that specializes in a particular race. Since it takes too long to learn, it’s not valuable to me.

Therefore, if you live as long as you look, I believe that the power of Evil Crushing Magic can be determined――nevertheless, because I’ve lived for three hundred years, I’m not really that optimistic.

“How long has Sharusha-chan lived for?”

“Around 50 years?”

Farufa said without much confidence while tilting her head.

But, with that, I got a reasonable understanding.

The enemy has something similar to immortality.

In that case,  there is also the threat of them being a powerful practitioner in their own way.

But what would be the Crushing Evil for me? Crushing Evil ? Or maybe Crushing Evil ?

“I’m sure, Sharusha will be coming soon. Mama, be careful.”

Immediately following what Farufa said while she was eating a cookie.

Gatagatagata — the window glass shook.

Something sinister’s outside!

“I’ll take a look outside.”

I anxiously went outside.

And Leica and Farufa-chan followed.

In the depths of the plateau, a girl with a figure similar to Farufa stood there.

However, she had light-green hair, which was fluttering a little.

“At last, I’ve finally found you. Witch of the plateau.”

Said the child with a voice that could be heard well.

“Sharusha! No bullying mama!”

(TL: Bullying no good, only killing, teehee)

Since Farufa said that, that child must be Sharusha.

“Older sister, please be silent. Sharusha will kill her to satisfy this grudge.”

As expected, she said she was going to kill me.

“Are you Sharusha-chan? I don’t think you can kill me, but why do you want to?”

Fuu, Sharusha laughed scornfully.

“You, how many slimes do you think you have killed?”
(TL: Revenge of slimes?)

Huh? Why are you talking about slimes?

“We sisters were born from the souls of the slain slimes that accumulated, so to speak we are slime spirits!”

(TL: Fking called the flag last chapter. It’s all Leica’s fault.)

“Slime spirits!!!!!!!”

“That’s right. Because you’ve killed a tremendous amount of slimes in this place, the delicate souls excessively accumulated, eventually forming into an unprecedented slime spirit! That’s us sisters!”

Sharusha said as if she was complaining.

“So, even if this Sharusha, even if I take away your life, immense hatred will still be left!”

I see…… although I thought it was impossible for slimes to take revenge, but that wasn’t true……

(TL: Slimes have feelings too. pouty face)

I’ve incurred her hatred……

“Come and fight! I’ll kill you and hold a memorial for the slimes!”

“Hold a memorial, the slimes’ souls accumulated and became you……?”

In a sense, recycling? It seems that I’m going to have to…….

“Shut up, shut up! Now, quickly come. You defeating me will never happen!”

The other side’s completely motivated. Well, after coming all the way here, as expected it was not possible for her to stop.

“Azusa-sama, how about looking at the affairs of things by throwing a tornado there.”
Leica suggested so.

“The other party is a spirit. There’s no danger of killing them with a tornado.”

“Yeah. Let’s try that……”

I stuck out my hands in front of me.

And I released a tornado towards Sharusha.

However —

“That Tornado, disappear!”

When Sharusha ordered, the tornado actually stopped and disappeared.

“Sharusha,  you see, after many years of practice has acquired a magic called Crushing Evil .”

(TL: What is this hack? Hard counter to Azusa.)


“Furthermore, I’ve come after accumulating mana for several decades! For the sake of this day! I’ve done this just to kill you!”



1. TL: 破邪の魔法: The translation for this to be, Crushing Evil Magic, was decided by me and DC cause this sounds cool and keeps translation meaning.
2. PR: So to help make this simpler to understand, if you target one type of opponent(specifically), then it’s pretty effective, but if you choose to target living creatures(I.e. Every living thing on the planet), then you might as well run into a fight naked.



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