MLW – Chapter 16

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Members of the Family Increased

Since Sharusha fainted from Lecia’s attack, for now, the crisis has passed.

As it is we cannot let her keep sleeping on the ground, so we let her sleep in a free room.
The guest room is also earnestly furnished. When Leica was expanding the building, it gave birth to this room.

One hour later, Sharusha woke up.

“U, U~n, where is this……”
“Ah, Sharusha woke up!”
Farufa-chan immediately approached her.

“Ahh, Nee-chan —- ah, the Witch of the Plateau is here!”
(TL: No sh*t whose house do you think you’re in?)

Leica and I were in the same room as well.

“You, because Leica defeated you and you fainted, for the time being, we had you sleep here.”
(TL: The author actually had a typo. Wrote とりあず instead of とりあえず.)

“Excessive mercy will result at the end of one’s rope. Sharusha has the magic called Crushing Evil –”
(TL: If you didn’t notice, because I didn’t for a while. This is Leica speaking.)

“Actually, since I’ve used up all my mana, I won’t be able to use it for several decades.”

Sharusha’s face became pale. It’s likely that she realized that she could not invoke magic.

I had also heard it from her older sister, Farufa-chan, who confirmed it. It becomes a problem after using it for about an hour.

“Su, such…… what has been of this Sharusha’s life up until now……”
(TL: Did I ever say I hate how in Japanese people refer to themselves by name? So cocky.)

“I don’t know. It’s so sad to only live for revenge. Rather, it’s better to just live.”

“W-what do you mean……”

“If I die, you, would finally lose you meaning of life. Seeing that I’m still alive, you could make revenge as your goal.”

I thought that it was a little bit too pushy of a positive thinking statement, but Sharusha listened relatively seriously.

“You’re able to think like that……?”

“It seems so.”

She seems to be convinced of my words, so I’m slightly happy.

Sharusha looked towards her arms.
There were poultices tied and compressed there. [1]

“Mama, really knows a lot about medicine!”

“Leica was injured while fighting. I believe that she’ll recover at twice the ordinary speed. I’m not really that well familiar with the recovery speed of a slime spirit though.”

“Witch of the Plateau, especially, even to this point……”

A witch is a job where one deals with herbs. More than a small scratch deserves medical treatment.”

“H-however, there aren’t any merits from this!”

This is a child that asks about everything.

“After all, I am your birth parent. Therefore, I can’t leave you alone.”

No, even if I’m not the parent, if I see a child collapse, I will help.
However, there’s no need to say that since I’m the parent here.

For some reason tears piled up at Sharusha’s eyes.

“Y, although you say you’re a parent……b, but your an enemy of slimes……”

Farufa-chan took hold of Sharusha’s hand.

“Sharusha, you need to stop being stubborn.”

(TL: easiest line to tl so far!)

“Slimes and humans fight. Even now throughout the war, slimes are being defeated. Even if mama dies, that reality won’t change.”

Certainly, the number of slimes that I’ve defeated on a global scale is insignificant…….

“Apart from that, let’s think about living in a way that will make the two of us happy. That is more fun, isn’t it?”

To those words, Sharusha nodded in agreement.

Though she make look childish, Farufa-chan was a reliable older sister.

“Azusa-sama, it appears that I have lost this one.”
Leica, who had been watching from beginning to end, seemed to be relieved.

“Looks like that. I was only thinking about what was going to happen this time……”

“Ah, that’s right, Azusa-sama, the omelets I make, and my cooking, if we can divide it into about four equal portions, I think it’ll be just right if you are someone with a common appetite.

Somehow, it’s a blatant expression.

“But, Leica, is four equal portions enough?”

“Th, that I’ll make more so……”

Let’s accept and go along with her good intentions.

I approached besides my 2 daughters.

“Because the rooms are still vacant, it’s fine if you live here. Actually, please live here.”

To begin with, the lifestyle of these two were living is a mystery, however, I should ask later

“Yeah! Farufa, wants to live with mama!”

Onee-chan’s side is no problem.
Now then, the younger sister’s side is.

Sharusha appeared to be hesitating,

“Witch of the Plateau……”

“Calling me Witch of the Plateau is forbidden. Make it something family-like.”

Before long, Sharusha diverted her gaze from mine,


She said. With a sense of rebelliousness.

“Living together with Sharusha is…… fine.”

“Alright, well then, it’s decided. Let’s have a party today!”

When deepening one’s friendship, first of all is to have a party.
It’s different from long ago where you were unwilling to participate in a drinking party. [2]

“I wonder if I should make a tart.”
“Yaaaay! I love tarts!”

Said Farufa merrily.

“Then, I’ll make another omelet.”
“Yaaaay! I love omelets too!”

Farufa is just the type to appreciate everything.

On the other hand, Sharusha was more relaxed――

“Mom……cooking, I’ll help too……”

Without a smile on her face, she said.

“Yeah, thank you. Well then, what would you like to do?”

To be frank, I do not have a sense of feeling guilty for killing the slimes.
Besides, with that kind of extreme logic, since humans in most situations eat living creatures, in order to not kill the only choice is to die instead.

Nevertheless, it’s true that these children were born from me defeating slimes, I thought that at the very least I should act as their mother.
Besides, I simply thought that these children needed a mother. They might have been able to live alone, but it was better for them to have a place to go.

In a different world as a witch living a slow life for about 300 years.

Continuing to kill slimes, I got twin daughters.

Life, there are various things that occur when you live long.

Well, isn’t a slow life with many family members good too.

“By the way, are slime spirits OK with ordinary meals?”

“We don’t have to eat, but it’s fine to eat too.”

Sharusha while looking down, answered.

I’ve gradually been able to communicate with her.


Leica’s face turned into one that realized something was bad.

And then, Leica said apologies to Farufa.

“Um…… slimes, are they okay to kill?”

“It’s ok~. That is also because of the principle of nature~.”

“You do not have to worry so much.”

It seems that Leica’s training will resume as it is.

1. TL: Poultice: a soft, moist mass of material applied to the body to relieve soreness and inflammation.
2. This is referring to where people are forced to participate in “drinking parties” to “deepen friendship” within the company. Many people are forced to participate and even drink, putting social pressure on them if then don’t participate.
tl;dr : It’s referring to something bad, but Japanese people don’t like changing bad traditions.



9 thoughts on “MLW – Chapter 16”

  1. I’m not sure why they’re so focused on slimes. There are plenty of other low level monsters that exist in great numbers and give slightly more xp than slimes. Leica could just go kill them instead. Even if flying was a problem, the MC still has Teleportation.

    So, what’s going to stop her from murdering the MC in her sleep? Besides plot armor I mean.


    1. umm, because slime is the only creature that exist around her house. She’s too lazy to search for any other monster. I dont think there are any other monster that is weaker than slime, in some mmo like Ragnarok Online for example this creature is the starting monster that player will meet after leaving the town.


  2. Japan and America are no less shitty places to live than any other place in the world. Just like any other place they have their own overabundance of stupidity and corruption permeating through all layers of society.
    Well, corruption itself originates from stupidity and narrow mindedness of the one who started it. And stupid people are everywhere.


  3. “If I die, you, would finally lose you meaning of life. Seeing that I’m still alive, you could make revenge as your goal.”

    Wut? Okay, this is a very dumb thing to say. So if I understand correctly, the mc is telling her to live for the sake of killing her(mc), yet also to not kill her so that she doesn’t lose the meaning of her life. This is contradictory for one thing, but even more so it’s just plain stupid.
    The MC is telling her to focus on a revenge goal as the meaning of her life while simultaneously choosing to abandon that goal so to that the meaning doesn’t disappear even though that abandoning it also means that the meaning disappears.


    1. You forgot to go over another layer of stupidity in that rant of yours.
      What was the point of “avenging slimes”, if the end conclusion is that: “yeah, go ahead, kill them all, I don’t really give a damn.”

      She couldn’t possibly have the goal of avenging the lives of something that she finds as worthless to protect. What was even the point of all of that to begin with.


  4. This chapter came infinitely close to killing the series for me with its absolutely retarded stupidity. But ill still give it a chance to redeem itself. But seriously this was a shit chapter. I hope its retconned in the manga, because mannnn is it dumb. If it was meant as a
    one off joke, it at least needed a tsukkomi. Otherwise… man i hate this chapter.


  5. This tries way too hard to be funny and then only manages to be stupid. It’s one of the many “cute overpowered protagonist” webnovels – whether it’s Average Abilities or Kuma Kuma or … – but most of the time just feels like a bad copy. Really don’t get how this got a manga AND a LN release …


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