MLW – Chapter 18

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My Frightfully Clever Daughters

After that, we walked inside the village, and introduced my two daughters around.

“My, my, such cute children.”

“Are they around 10 years old?”

In reality they are around 50 years old, but it’ll probably become very confusing.

However, staying quiet is unwise so after giving an explanation, they were quite surprised, but…

“Since Witch-sama is 300 years old, it is not surprising if her children were 50 years old.”

They were somehow convinced.

At the very least, Farufa’s and Sharusha’s name spread considerably as we walked through the village.

The villagers are calling out to me already by name and is greeting me.

It seems that, there are a number of people that have a designated a way to distinguish which is which.

The older sister Furufa has blue hair, and the bright green hair is the younger sister Sharusha.

Around the middle of the village, I explained to the two: Beyond living together, this will become our family’s homeland.

“That is the bread shop-san. The neighboring one is the clothes shop-san. Remember this well, when we go shopping.”

“Ye~s, Mama! Farufa, properly remembered already~!”

“Really, then how about the shops on the main street, how many can you say?”

“Right after the village’s south entrance, 6th building is Noerisu Shoe Store, next is Meitsu Dairy Products Shop, the 5th building was a general store until 8 years ago but now it’s closed and vacant, next is the Kanto Company that deals with vegetable seeds and the like, and sells farming tools. The other day, the shop owner got a strained back.” [1]

“Too detailed.”

A shop that sells cheese, beef, etc., did I ever say that it was Meitsu Dairy Products Shop? I haven’t heard an official name for three hundred years. The people in the village should be dealing with it like a milk and cheese store.

“I wonder, does Sharusha remember?”


Sharusha has been completely withdrawn(socially), or rather, I still feel a bit of distance between her and me. She had come to kill me, so the distance was natural since the interaction between parent and child up until now was none.

“The worn wide road is the old highway, that’s why if you look well, you can find traces of an official road. There are traces of the border of the old country era.”

“I didn’t even give such an explanation.”

Are you Bu○○mori? [2]

Anyways, I know that both of them are extremely/frightfully smart. It seems like being a spirit is a special existence. Well if someone lives for 50 years, there’s no way they’ve kept their innocence.

“As expect of Azusa-sama’s daughter, being the case where both of them are intelligent.”

Leica praised them, but I don’t think it’s that clever from my perspective.

“Well then, the explanation is over. Let’s have a meal now.”



I’m glad that they both childlike.

After that, four people dined at the restaurant [Bright Eagle].”

“A~, that greengrocer’s wife, it’s good she didn’t spread a weird rumour~. We’re afraid that there’s an underground intelligence shop.”

Perhaps, as a matter of fact this person could have been a great adventurer.

“Mama, is it bad if I don’t eat celery?”

“Kaa-san, Sharusha dislikes celery. I think……”

I was feeling relieved with that sort of attitude.

Ahh, that kind of thing is indeed childish.

“Then, after eating it, how about we order a chiffon (cake).”

The two seems to be troubled, but making up their minds, they gulped down their celery.


1. Several references here. Most obvious one is Kanto Company which is a reference to Kanto region in Pokemon. The second one, which is not so obvious, is the general store. General store is writen as よろず屋 instead of 万屋 (both pronounced yorozu-ya), which is a preference to Gintama and Yorozuya.
2. Reference to Buratamori (well at least we think), a travel show. Go google if you want more info.



3 thoughts on “MLW – Chapter 18”

  1. “The older sister Furufa has blue hair, and the bright green hair is the younger sister Sharusha.”
    Well, this answer my confusion in the previous chapters. However, it also means that the sentences weren’t written correctly in those chapters since it Sharusha kept on being referred as “Nee-san” by Furufa in the two(i think) previous chapters. That should be corrected.


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