MLW – Chapter 19

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For three hundred years, I had been living a slow life by myself, but it has suddenly become lively in recent times.

The reason is simple. Four people have become a part of my family. Or perhaps I should say, since I didn’t have any conversations while living alone, I mostly kept to myself. On a bad day, I could’ve talked to the clerk at the nearby convenience store.

Store Clerk: “That’ll be 183 yen.”

Myself: “I have the exact change. Here, 183 yen.”

Store Clerk: “I will return your receipt. Thank you very much.”[1]

Myself: “Yes, thanks.”

—-The end. That was my reminiscence of my time in Japan. There are relatively a lot of days like this, and I think that people right now are having similar conversations.

On that point, in a family of four, there are numerous conversations to be had. First of all, I have to greet 3 people.

Today, I’m home, elegantly reading a grimoire that I recently purchased.

Because I finished shopping as well as having finished cooking duty yesterday, it was time to laze around. Today on lunch duty was Leica.

“Look, Sharusha, look! I found this in the field!”[2]

“Nice find, big sister.”

Also, the voices of my daughters were being made into BGM. It could be said that I’m content with this.

“Hey, this flies well!”

“Ah, true. Good distance.”

What could the girls be talking about? The flight distance of a paper airplane?

A grasshopper glided just before my book.

‘Distance’. This is what they meant!

“Hey-! Don’t catch grasshoppers and bring them inside!”


“I understand, Mother.”

Surely, around here, because it’s the grasslands, there are many grasshoppers about. But I wish they would stop bringing grasshoppers inside the house. It is quite difficult to catch them when they jump around, in addition to when they break out of confinement.

“Then, what can we catch-?”

“I think a rabbit would be ok for Sharusha.”

“A rabbit? A while ago, Farufa extended her tentacle to one and it got chewed on.”

Come to think of it, although their tentacles have been revealed to me, I have not seen much of what they can do. Their tentacle-like hair can extend, or perhaps I should say, I can’t see their “hair” as anything other than tentacles.

The two girls are supposedly extremely intelligent spirits, but their behavior is childish.

Since it’s a rare moment, let’s see my daughters’ exchanges.

“Then, big sister shall we read a book?”

“Yea, the book that Sharusha reads is amusing and I like it-!”

“Well then, let’s read Loretta’s “The Elf Race’s Rise and Fall History” 3rd Volume’s 5th chapter’s 2nd section, “Frant Province’s Klar Dynasty Policy Regarding Trade.”

I think it’s an overly technical book. It’s not a genre to read for leisure.

Originally, this house did not contain such a thick book, so it seems to be Sharusha’s property. Sharusha really likes historiography.

Incidentally, the word “Elf” came out. Naturally, there are elves in this world as well.

Although it is not a big country because of the elves, based on the woodlands of various places, there are a few that are recognized as small sovereign nations. It is like the dynasty, Klar Dynasty, that Sharusha mentioned; it’s that sort of small country.

Elves are known for having long lives, and some are close to being immortal-like witches. Since I haven’t left the plateau, I have not been acquainted with any elves.

Also, to begin with, there aren’t many elves residing in the plateaus, so in this Nanterre Province, there shouldn’t be any of them living here. It’s not like there isn’t any forestry around, but it seems that it isn’t at the scale which elves would want to live in.

――Dondon, Dondon.

There was a knock at the door.

Who on earth could it be? My two daughters were right in front of me, and Leica was in the kitchen making soup from the beans that were harvested.

“Kaa-san…… should Sharusha go?”

“I’m happy, but just the gesture is fine.”

At the worst, there is the danger that someone will come and attack me. There is also the fear that the topic of the strongest witch is wandering by herself. I can’t let my daughters go.

I opened the door, carefully.

“Yes, to whom do I give my greetings?.” [E]

The elf girl stood there with teary eyes.

At any rate, they had a bizarre figure. Big boobs and a big butt.

Furthermore, they had a considerably short skirt. Elf-san sure is incredibly sexy.

If my daughter were a male, I wouldn’t want him to look at her womanly features; they’re too erotic. No, those boobs, I think I want her to share a bit of her endowment with me. I wish I could say that my breasts are too heavy, or that I have stiff shoulders, or something along those lines

Well, those thoughts aside.

“Er,  what’s your business?”

I didn’t think that elves would come just after hearing word of my daughters, such a coincidence as this is to be expected. For example, on the day you read about Kamakura, you see a TV travel program on Kamakura appear kind of thing.[3]

“Umm…… I’d like for you to help me!”

She extended her arm forward, and as she was saying that, her boobs got puffed out between her arms. Thanks to that, the boobs looked larger.

It wasn’t like the person herself was intentionally emphasizing their own boobs. There is no meaning in using these seductive techniques on me, a single woman.

“You want my help? There aren’t any orcs around here, but…”

If it’s an orc we’re talking about, Elves and Female Knights would become its foremost target.

“It’s not orcs―! I want your help with the high leveled demon Beelzebub!”

Beelzebub. They’re a tremendously high ranking amongst demons, also known as the Lord of the flies[4]. If it were to appear in a game, it would be suitable to deem him a final boss.

To be frank, I don’t want to fight him…


I slammed the door closed.

Immediately, the elf opened the door again.

“Please―! The only person we could think of to save us was Witch of Plateau-san―!”

“Even I don’t want to fight  that sort of scary monster!”

By the way, in this world, the far north side of the continent is cold and made so that living organisms barely lived in that region. It seems―― inside that region, the intellectual monsters created a country-like territory for themselves. It’s so cold that normal humans can’t reach it, so it’s not well-documented.

In the past, it seems that they had fought with a human nation. Ever since then, it has been peaceful for about five hundred years. So unless it has something to with fighting monsters, it should be relatively peaceful from now on.

However, if we were to come to a common ground with Beelzebub, I feel that peace will be in jeopardy.

“Please―! Please listen to my story at least―! Even if I asked everyone in the village to leave, there is nowhere to go…… So if the powerful and famous Witch of the Plateau were able to deal with it somehow……”

“Then, I will only listen to your story, and after I listen, could you please return to where you came from?”

“S-save us please―! If Beelzebub sets his eyes on us, we will definitely die……”

As one would expect, I can’t just turn her away, can I…  Makes me wonder if I should save them within doable circumstances. And only within a certain range. If the monster country spirals into total war, my family of four’s life will fall apart, so forgive me for my selfishness.

“I understand. At any rate, please tell me your story. Here, come inside.”


1. TL: It does sound weird, but it does translate to “I will return the receipt” or “The receipt is returned.” etc., but this is Japanese keigo, aka honorific speech, which is a very very very polite way to talk, sometimes the meaning of the sentence will change depending on useage like here.
2. TL: Just incase you didn’t remember, in the first few chapters, Azusa makes a field next to her house where she can grow crops, mostly vegetables if I remember correctly.
3. TL: Kamakura is a prefecture in Japan.
4. TL: For all those people that are like me, and just don’t care about religion, here.

Chapter title: An Elf Came For Help



3 thoughts on “MLW – Chapter 19”

  1. “You want my help? There aren’t any orcs around here, but…”

    If it’s an orc we’re talking about, Elves and Female Knights would become its foremost target.

    – that’s becoming a popular trend hahaha!!!


  2. She’s quite talkative by my standards…if it were me:
    Clerk: That will be 183 yen.
    Me:…..*hands over 183 yen*
    Clerk: Thank you.
    Me: ….*Nods*
    The End.


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