MLW – Chapter 2

Translator(s): DCThanatos    Editor(s): Yuzuha    Proofreader(s): Yuzuha, Sauv   TLC(s): ShimizuA, Fairy(from RaisingTheDead)


To Persevere Through the Limit No Matter What

“一Could you please show me your status, just for a moment?”

“Status huh? Come to think of it, I never checked it this whole time.”

At any rate, it had been unnecessary. Around this area, the only monsters were slimes anyways. There was never a moment at which I felt I was leveling up.

Still, to say that I only fought slimes would be a lie.

If you go to the edge of the forest, you can find rabbits. However, since it was a similarly weak monster, I easily beat it with my knife.

This knife is specially made. Even after 300 years had passed, to this day the knife was not chipped despite me using it often. After thinking hard on it, I had a revelation. Perhaps, it’s a very expensive item! Although I won’t sell it after being in its care for 300 years.

“Witch of the Plateau-sama, you have been watching over Furuta village this whole time, right? Therefore I think you have a tremendous status. I’m just a little curious about it.”

The young female staff member had eyes full of anticipation.

I am a bit embarrassed, as I’ve gained quite a bit of respect in Furuta village.

I’ve lent the village my help every once in awhile when it was in trouble. There were a few epidemics that occurred over these 300 years, but I prepared medicines and herbs which helped with resistance to disease, in order to prevent people from dying.

But when new villagers were born, they simply think of me, who has been watching over the village from the plateau, as something like a guardian deity.

As for me, I am only enjoying the slow pace of life, therefore the excessive respect feels uneasy.

“You can check my status, but there is nothing particular about it as I’m only an immortal witch with some knowledge on herbs. I can’t imagine myself being someone like a legendary adventurer.”

“Again, being so modest. Saying it’s not a big deal is probably standard of Witch-sama, right?”

“Well anyways it’s fine if you take a look at it. Since it’s going to be normal.”

I put my hand on the slate.

If this was Japan, then there would have been a dramatic change after 300 years, but this world only changes a little. The stone slate still works to this very day. Well the status still displayed, but it felt more high-tech this time. [1]



Occupation: Witch

Level 99

Strength: 533

Attack Power: 468

Defense Power: 580

Magical Power: 867

Speed: 841

Intelligence: 953

Magic: Teleportation, Levitation, Blazing Flames, Tornado, Item Appraisal, Earthquake, Blizzard, Lightning Strike, Mind Control, Dispel, Detoxification, Magic Reflection, Mana Absorption, Language Comprehension, Shape Shifting, Magical Creation

Special Abilities: Knowledge of herbs, Immortality of the witch, Increased EXP Acquisition

Acquired Experience: 10,840,086



Some weird numbers appeared……

“Ah, this stone tablet is broken right? A number like level 99 appeared”

“Wooooaaaahh!!! Witch-sama is seriously too strong!!!!!!!”

The female staff member was surprised and almost collapsed.

“It’s absurd! That’s the strongest in the world!”

“Therefore the stone tablet must be broken. Afterall, I never defeated anything besides Slimes you know?? And acquiring a number of experience such as 10,840,000 is strange isn’t it?

“Well uh……Witch-sama, you have been regularly killing slimes for 365 days for 300 years, right? Of course, I don’t know much, I’ve only heard things based off the stories from grandmother-san and grandfather-san of the village.”

Incidentally, this world has a Sun and Moon, so they adopted a solar calendar.

“That’s right. About twenty five per day. And when I wanted some magical book/grimoire, or when I needed to repair my house, or whenever I need some cash, I defeated more than that.

As expected after 300 years has passed, the building as well as substantial reconstruction has been made to remodel. I acquire the necessary funds after earnestly  killing slimes. Inflation and such not occurring has helped me out alot.

“In addition, you obtained a special ability from somewhere that increase the experience you acquire. I don’t think Witch-sama goes out that much, so I think you got that skill when you leveled up.”

“Can such a thing happen?”

Even just continuously defeating slimes would likely increase my level just slightly.

“The special ability multiplies experience acquired by two for each monster”

“What, only 2?”

“But a slime’s basic experience is 2. In other words it’s doubled. So let me calculate,

365 (days) x 300 (years) x 2 (Value of a slimes experience) x 25 (Slimes defeated in one day) x 2 (Bonus from special abilities)

Is what I think the formula would be”

“Yeah, I understand that much. Well, because the effect from the increased experience acquisition couldn’t have been from my early days, the number that I got will practically be smaller”

However, 25 Slimes per day was only my rough estimation, so if the actual was more than that, the number can change.

“Anyways, let me calculate for a moment…… 10,950,000…… Eeehhh, how many digits are there?…… 10,950,000!

It is very close to the 10,840,000 experience I gained!

By the way, 10,840,000 is equal to defeating 4,380 dragons, who have a experience value of 2500.”

“It’s more than killing dragons?!”

“It would mean it’s like killing 14.6 dragons every year……”

When the thought of dragons becomes standard, it feels absurd.

“Someway or another, the number on the tablet doesn’t appear to be wrong…… After all Witch of the Plateau-sama is a great witch!”

I was stunned and hardly believed the number myself.

I felt a sense of growing up. After all, I’m here in a 17 year old body that’s been accumulating experience.

However, the number here is absurd……

However, continuing to get strong like this is a bit excessive……

Well, when this gets excessively known, it won’t be good.

There is a possibility that I could be liable to have to help the village out in various ways.

For example, a dragon could come out of nowhere that would have to be exterminated.

Yeah, I’d only do it once. It’s okay if you kill a dragon once.

But certainly, after defeating one once, you’d definitely have to kill dragons elsewhere. Even though I would have killed one dragon, it would be in vain.

When that happens, I will no longer have a slow life.

Everyday becomes an adventure. It becomes a daily life devoted to work.

I do not want to unpleasantly die from overworking anymore……

I must prevent rumors from spreading.

“Oh, Staff-san, what was your name again?”

“It is Natalie.”

Huh, It’s Natalie-san you say?! Is this person young and immortal? ――It can’t be.

It’s not just a special name, rather someone was given it that’s all. Nothing more than a mere coincidence.

“Natalie-san, please don’t tell anyone about this. In the first place a status, so to speak, is something like a personal secret. You wouldn’t want to spread the size of your breasts would you?”

“Yeah, it is embarrassing isn’t it……”

“Therefore don’t tell anyone about my status. Is that clear?”

“Understood. I will be careful to not leak that you are the strongest Witch-sama! I honor Witch-sama, and will absolutely not betray Witch-sama who lives in this village!

The title of “Witch of the Plateau” was super effective in such a place.

All right! With this I can silence her.

Anyways, in these past 300 years, only Natalie-san was interested in my status. With this, peaceful days will continue for hundreds of years again.

I was relieved, and returned to my home on the plateau.

I used the magic Blizzard on the waterfall, to see if the status was true or not.

I still have not believed it yet. Because there was hardly a feeling of growing stronger.

“Let’s freeze everything! Hah!”

The waterfall froze stiff.

It’s true it seems……

Author’s notes:

I’m glad I could update this before New year’s sunrise
Like a game where you couldn’t get past level 99 however high your exp… the setting for this world was like that so I hope for your understanding. (Emi)

1. I believe the 300 years part was in reference to this story, provided by @med. 



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  1. If you can get 14.6 dragons worth of xp from killing slimes every day, why aren’t people stronger on average? Well, the adventurers and soldiers anyway.

    I wonder if Shapeshifting includes human forms? If so, she could always just change her appearance and move someplace else. She likely has enough money to buy a new cabin someplace else. If she just grows herbs in her garden, she can sell them instead of the slimes and then she won’t need to join the guild with her new identity. Problem solved. Series ends. So that obviously won’t happen.


    1. I think it was this formula ‘365 (days) x 300 (years) x 2 (Value of a slimes experience) x 25 (Slimes defeated in one day) x 2 (Bonus from special abilities)’ which has days. If you reread that part it seems that you misunderstood what the exp and the 14.6 dragons worth was about.


      1. But, still, if people living a long time isn’t that uncommon, they mentioned that witchs usually have that skill, then there should be people that have reached that point before, since you can beat stronger monsters, if you did the same with a monster that gives 12 XP you just would need 100 years to get there without the bonus XP.


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  3. yep she shouldn’t be anything special other than obtaining her xp through killing slimes only
    i mean immortality aparently is not that uncommon so thei’re should be lots of 99s around but , i bet it wont happen
    so far for the same genre kumakumakuma is clearly superior


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