MLW – Chapter 33

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The Dragon’s Dispute


“Umm, excuse me… does it not end peacefully…?”

Strictly speaking, I do not want that kind of thing to happen.

“Aah, to tell you the truth, the dragon race lives in several separate clans. We are on bad terms with fellow clans, so there’s also sometimes a situation where they come and disturb us.”

The dragon world is also troublesome.

“Especially since there’s a marriage ceremony, there is also a risk of them coming to ruin it. Well, the possibility of them coming is lower than the chance of rain falling, so don’t mind each and every little thing.”

“I see. It would be good if nothing happened as it is…” [1][1]

“Dear, you have to prepare a meal of a proper size that our human guests can eat,” said the dragon whom I believed was the mother. As expected, it was the smaller dragon.

“Aah, I see… Let them eat the first portion in the mansion for the afterparty.”

The papa dragon walked heavily and clumsily, so we also followed.

He took quite large steps, so we couldn’t help but break into a jog so as not to get separated.  

“Excuse me, Azu-sama. My father is not accustomed to living with humans, so he does not know the feeling of walking on foot.”

“No, it’s okay. I only have to rush a bit.”

However, when we were separated from the dragons that were gathered there――

The clear sky suddenly darkened.

After looking up, I screamed.

The sky was covered with countless dragons.

Also, the skin colors of those dragons were somewhat bluer compared to Leica’s.

“It’s those Blue Dragons. They’re eager to wreak havoc!”

Papa dragon shouted.

“Blue Dragon? There’s also such a thing…”

“That is correct, guest. The Blue Dragons which reside in the Heinto province are brazen and uncivilized dragons which breathe cold air…”  

The dragons in the sky suddenly exhaled white breaths.

The breaths made contact with many trees, freezing them over as if it was midwinter. It definitely appeared to be cold.

“Uwahhh… I’m useless… I want to faint, this is bad for the heart…”

Harukara was spouting negative things.

“It’ll be troublesome if you pass out, so please stay awake!”

However, just after I shared that troubling thought, the Blue Dragons slowly began to descend towards the ground.

I think there were about twenty or so?

The Blue Dragon in front, who appeared to be the leader, cried out.

“Today, I heard that you all were holding a wedding ceremony. Because that notion made me feel nauseous, yeah hehehe, you Rokko Volcano red dragons, I came to mess with you!”

Sheesh, he straight up said he was here to bother us… that’s not a good reason.

“Getting married at the age of three hundred. I’m single and more than four hundred years old!”

What, that’s prejudiced!

“Furthermore, I offered my hand to a Pearl Dragon at a social gathering twenty years ago and I was turned down! She said, ‘A leader who gets pushed around by the red dragons? Sticking my neck into that mess would be a bit…’

You reap what you sow! [2]

I certainly wouldn’t go out with a man that is easily pushed around. I felt that was unreasonable to admit.

“It’s all because of me!”

He easily admitted it!

“Nevertheless, I will continue to pursue vengeance for being pushed around! The Blue Dragons’ hearts are as cold as ice! Not only the wedding venue, but also the separate forces that are at the volcano’s crater! I’ll freeze those too!”

What an annoying fellow…….

“That one’s name is Furattorute. She’s known as the Harassment Queen of the Blue Dragons…”

Papa dragon added in an explanation. This gal is a really troublesome person…

“I have to cease this… If that’s the case, then I have no choice but to go all out……”

Papa dragon seemed to have steeled his resolve. I turned my head as I heard the noisy footsteps of dragons from our side amassing. I understood right away that the large crowd of dragons were about to attack.

Leica turned to face her older sister.

“Sister, it’s dangerous here so please go back together with the groom!”

“It’s our fault that this conflict occurred so we will fight!”

“Leica and I will fight to defend!”

The bride and groom were obviously dragons as well, and they intended to fight. This has become very significant.

On the other hand, I must first think of protecting my daughters that came here along with Harukara.

“I’m afraid, Mama…”

Farufa grabs onto me tightly.

Sharusha, on the other hand, is enduring by grasping the end of my dress.

A slime spirit is no match for a flock of dragons.

For some reason, Harukara was already on the floor on her stomach.

“Why are you on the ground!”

There is no way she has been attacked yet.

“I’m, I’m playing dead. In my grandfather’s dying words he told me to play dead if I ever met a dragon…”

As I was thinking about saying how that is actually more dangerous, a running dragon imprinted the shape of his foot with a thump right next to Harukara. If that was one meter over, she would’ve been stepped on and immediately dead…

“I’ll stop p-playing dead……”

Harukara stood with a pale face.

“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea.”

“Guests should take refuge someplace safe. This is a dispute between fellow dragons. We will settle this ourselves!”

Immediately following that, papa dragon plunged towards the blue dragons.

However, where is there a secure place……?

The cold breath also came flying towards us.

Watch out! I summoned flame magic from my right hand and released it.

The flame and cold air collided, canceling each other out. As a result, we managed to get away with the air temporarily getting colder.

“Mama, that’s amazing! But, I’m scared…”

“Mother, we’re right in the middle of the battlefield, we should be getting away from here…”

I guess I should follow Sharusha’s suggestion here.



  1. TL Note: Not one, but two flags raised by papa and Azusa. Smh.
  2. TL: God, I(DC) hated this with my life. It was an idiom which made me question my life decisions, as well as my already shitty dao of translating. Luckily, your friendly neighborhood Yomigaeru came in and saved the day with their peerless dao of translating. Here’s a short conversation explaining it:

Yomigaeru: it’s saying like, the rust on a sword originated from the sword itself

DC: That actually makes no sense to me, like at all. I’m an ignorant American, enlighten me.

Yomigaeru: Same, but I think it’s like if your sword gets rusty it’s because you didn’t take care of it properly -> the fault is within

Nyx: The chemical process of rusting is oxidation of the metal so it really is “within” its components, it is not a build up of something on the surface but the change of the material itself on the surface of the blade.

DC: Nurd

Flowingcloud: Lmao you should just go read cultivation novels. Really good.


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