MLW – Chapter 4

Translator(s): DCThanatos, Fairy    Editor(s): Yuzuha    Proofreader(s): Pirate11    TLC(s): Fairy, ShimizuA


Author’s Note: From the opening day, this series has reached rank 59th! I am really thankful to all of you!

An Adventurer Has Come


Just who is he…?

There are hardly any people that come knocking at my door.

Firstly, the location is inconvenient. The plateau is located where even just by walking from the village takes a considerable amount of time, it’s troublesome to come. Since there aren’t any facilities along the way, there are also no opportunities to drop by.

As I’m being respected as the Plateau Witch by the village, there is no such thing as a villager coming by carefreely to visit.

If I were to be treated like a shogun of a kingdom, without a doubt, it would be unpleasant. However, I was shown a moderate amount of respect which gives me a quiet life. So I left it as it is.

I wouldn’t be able to live calmly if someone comes to visit every day.

Even though I’m a working member of society, if my friends were to come by every evening just like they would in the past during our university circle, it would be pretty annoying and in a way similar. It’s important to have a sense of distance.

For that reason, it is unlikely that anyone would come to my house.

Naturally, there are probably reasons such as a child got sick suddenly and wishes for medicine. During that point of time, they will quickly come running to me.

If it’s an emergency patient, it will be grave so I cannot pretend to be out. Therefore, I close my grimoire and head towards the front door and opened it.

There was a party of four adventurers.

At the opening of the door was a man who gave an atmosphere of a young swordsman. I wonder if he is in his early twenties.

Additionally, there is a muscular male swordsman, a woman in the robes of a magician, and the fourth person was a priest who wasn’t quite twenty yet.


“Yes, what is it?”


I wonder why he came even though there isn’t even a single strong monster around here?

As there is nothing but small-fry monsters around, it is not a place where skilled adventurers appear. Perhaps there was a map leading towards a cave with “treasure” written on it.


“Are you Azusa-san, the Plateau Witch?”


Said the young swordsman who seemed to be the leader.


“Yes, it is I”

“May I have the privilege of testing your ability?”



My voice cracked.


“I’m just a witch who collects medicinal herbs and barely gets by living here? Even if you fight with someone like me, it will not even be a heroic tale.”

“I heard that there was a Level 99 Witch here”


The rumor spread!

It was heard by a person in the adventurer’s guild as expected. Even community-based adventurers will go around villages and towns of this area, so it’d spread……


“Oh, that’s a misunderstanding. The tablet was broken, and a strange number appeared. My true strength is around Level 10 at most.”

“It’s not good to lie”


Said the female magician. This person was in about her late twenties.


“I understand as I am standing close to you. Your body is overflowing with signs of mana. I have no doubt that you’re an unexpected big-shot”


Crap! Is such a thing known!?

What’s this, a setting where adventurers are being captivated by my status abilities.

But I will never fight. That is absolute.

If I fight, I won’t catch any breaks.


“For argument sakes, let’s assume that I am a witch with power. But even so, I do not have a reason to fight with you ?”


It’s a sound argument. Because this isn’t a dojo, there is no need to go and defeat a challenger.


“We want to become strong. For that sake, please accept our challenge!”


Although he has a polite attitude, it is not necessary to accept his challenge….

I am troubled. If these guys don’t return my peaceful life will come crashing down.

If it comes down to this, then let’s deceive them.

Kohon I coughed and started “deceiving them.”


“Actually, there are times when I had drowned in my own power.”

“Such a thing…”


They had listened to my words with more seriousness than I expected.


“However, with that, I had hurt tons of people. I would challenge anyone and those whom I challenged would end up having huge injuries or even die. Therefore, I have decided to not fight anymore.”

“As I thought, even great adventurers have painful pasts……”

“Therefore, I cannot fight you. Please understand……”


With this, these people will give up.


“I understand your feelings Azusa-san. In the future, I think adventurers like us will come as well…… but we withdraw”

“Ehh… Wait a second… You will really spread my words?”


I heard something unpleasant.


“Yes. There is no one among the adventurers in this region who don’t know about you. Besides, adventurers who are from this land are proud that Azusa, the witch of the plateau, is the strongest”


Why has it become a pride of my birth place on its own accord? Please do not obstruct my slow paced lifestyle.

It can’t be helped. Let’s change tactics.


“Understood. Let’s fight once.”



In an instant, the party surged. I was being treated like a star.

However, I have conditions.


“However, if you all lose, please return to tell everyone that the witch of the plateau is not a big deal. I do not want to fight as much as possible.”


The female magician nodded every moment.


“Well, even if you fight, I don’t want to make you suffer serious injuries……”


When I go outside, I draw a big circle on the ground with a hoe used for field work.

It’s not a strict circle, rather, more elliptical, but that’s fine.


“I’ve decided that you lose beyond here. Is that fine?”


Naturally, there was no reason to say no, and the discussion was settled.

With this, I can conjure wind to quickly win this battle.

Of course, the conditions are the same for the other side.


“If I am out of the circle, I lose. If all of your members are out of the circle, you lose. It is decided as such. By the way, once someone is out, they must leave at once.”


There wouldn’t be any complaints since it’s advantageous for the other side.


“Well then, begin at once!”


The young female magician thrust her staff forwards preemptively, and began to recite something.


“O wind, the time to be my servant has come and devastate the enemy before me!”


Well, they have the right idea of ending this by hurling wind. I am the same.


A vortex of wind appeared. I can see that it is considerably powerful. It seems that the adventurers appear to be of high-class to some degree.

Thus, I use my tornado magic. Although I had it in my status, I didn’t understand well how to use it. Well, my freezing magic was activated when I invoked the appropriate things, so it probably doesn’t have any strict rules to it.

It’s not like there are no countermeasures to it.

It is an eye for an eye strategy.


“O wind, the time to be my servant has come and devastate the enemy before me!”


I uttered the exact same words as the other party.

To be frank, I stole her words. This different world has no copyrights!


A tornado was produced that was dozens of times greater than the size of its opponent’s magic.

It’s moving towards them as it is!

First of all, the young female magician’s tornado is swallowed and absorbed, and then it even started accelerating.

Everyone was surprised. It could only be described as an enormous tornado.

You can say that I had already lost my fighting spirit after I used magic. There would be no way for you to dodge, and if you ran out the circle you were disqualified.

Alright, everyone can be taken out of the circle.

All the members of the party were swallowed up by the tornado. All right, I’m successful!

However, the magic may have been a little too strong.




“Please save meee!”


The party had been swallowed up by the tornado――flying further and further away.

Oops! I was experiencing the power of level 99…….

I only had to put them out of the circle, but I did too much…….

However, the tornado seemed to weaken gradually,  and the party slowly made a soft landing.

Around the base of Furata village.


“Ah, crap……”


Clearly, they fell into the most inconvenient place.

After that, I went to the village to confirm it.


“Hey, the Plateau Witch was able to blow away a skilled party with one tornado!”

“Now, I clearly understand the true strength of the witch of the plateau with my own eyes!”

“The village will be secure from now on for several hundred years! The level 99 was true after all!”


It had become the topic of conversation that I had kicked about the party.

It will be so. That great tornado, it absolutely must have been seen from the foot of the village.

Well, perhaps it would be salvation for me if those who were blown into the air by the tornado were killed in action.

Author’s Note: I hear that something more troublesome than adventurers will appear next time.




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  1. she is the strongest because none who kills 15 dragon a year for 300 years could still alive … other witches would not likely fighting things and at some point of their life, mana depleted and their die, elf couldnt possibly kill 15 dragons a year too
    its just none think about killing slime for 300 years


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