MLW – Chapter 54

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Let’s Call a Helper


I was already taught magic to instantly call Beelzebub. Actually, she herself said ‘There is magic to call me’, and taught it to me beforehand. …I think she probably wants to be invited over one way or another.

Leica said to me before that “It might be hard for her to make friends because she has a distinguished positions among the demons. She also has authority, so it has to be hard for people to approach her and become real friends.” I think Leica might be right on this.

If that’s so, then I can call Beelzebub without reservation. I went outside, drew a magic circle, and did a special chant.

“Vosanosanonnchishidau Veiani Enriela!”

The mysterious words that could be heard was in demonic language.
By the way, it’s fine if I don’t understand the meaning. When chanting an incantation, the pronunciation is more important, so it’s fine.
An ominous, blackish air sprung forth from the magic circle.

While I thinking that this actually felt like the right atmosphere for a witch, I waited for a response.
Motionlessly waited.
5 minutes passed.
Ah…no matter how you look at it, this isn’t a door that a cat-shaped robot holds, so it’s not like she’s going to come immediately. Probably she’ll be around the next day at the earliest. [1]

“I guess I should go home.”

When I returned home, I saw that Beelzebub was there soaked up to her hair.

Somehow, I felt I was somewhat guilty of something, and decided to gently close the door.
That door was opened.

“Oi. Even though you called for me, why did you become so distant…?”
“No umm, perhaps I made some sort of blunder some~where…”
“That’s right! Thanks to you I had a really bad time! Because your pronunciation was rough, the summoning point of that delicate ritual was off!”

Oh, so it really was demonic magic to directly call Beelzebub.

“In the first place, why is the bath filled with lukewarm water? Was it there since the morning? I was transferred there, and it ended up becoming a catastrophe!”
“Actually, that was yesterday’s leftover water we accumulated for watering the flowers and so on. Isn’t it quite ecological?”
“Ecological is fine, but don’t transfer me to such a place!”

The location had deviated. It can’t be helped since the demonic language is hard to pronounce. It’s the kind where you have to intonate correctly.

“Sorry. I’ll practice more from now on.”
“Good grief…. But…then again, it’s strange for a human to be able to use demonic magic after being taught about it once. As expected…you have a natural talent for it….”

Is this possibly the strong point of being Level 99?

Harukara rushed to prepare a drink for Beelzebub. It seems that it was beyond Harukara’s expectations that Beelzebub would come this quickly.

“So, what is it?”
Because she was soaked, Beelzebub was in a slightly bad mood. If you think about it, it could be said that this is the worst situation to be asked a favor from.

“Harukara will explain concerning that.”
“Ehh?! Master! Please don’t abandon me!”
In fact, this was Harukara’s matter, so properly do it.

“I am not angry, so it’s alright to say what you want.”
“T-then I will talk…. I umm, created a workshop in the nearby town, but err…. There were ghosts that umm appeared here and there…. I’m err troubled about them so…umm…if the Beelzebub-san was here, the ghosts might become err…become afraid and it might umm somehow work out~~. I tried to call you out for that reason, but……”
“You called me out just for THAT reason!”
“Please don’t get angry, even though you said you wouldn’t get angry!”

Well, Harukara does have a fair argument. Still, parents have always been known to say ‘We won’t get angry so tell us the truth’ and then get angry afterwards. My own parents told me they weren’t really mad, but they were rather scolding me for argument’s sake. It was that sort of thing.

“Ah~, really…… I was summoned while I was in the middle of the ‘Agriculture Promotion Measure’ meeting only to find out I was summoned for this! I’m pretty sure the bureaucrats would be scolding me over this….”
Moreover, it seems like she was called in the middle of a quite important meeting.
“Since I’m already here, tell me where that factory is immediately. I’ll go crush that ghost.”

If it was a girl ghost, I hope you won’t go as far as to crushing her.

“Umm, the ghost only comes out at night, so could you wait until night?”
“If that’s the case, at least call me at night!”
Beelzebub erupted again.

“Sorry. But, I didn’t know that it would directly summon you here.”

“I guess I didn’t tell you…. Everything is my fault I guess…… Lend me a spare room until nightfall…… I can only create some more meeting materials so they can’t complain……”

Thus, after hearing out each of our intentions, we waited for night to come. I said each of our motives to because Beelzebub said “If night comes a bit slower today, it’ll be complete…” while I was saying “I want to quickly resolve this…”.

Like Furata Village, Nasukute had little foot traffic at night, making it quite quiet. It was really dark, or I might just be used to Japan’s towns being too bright. This world naturally has nothing similar to neon signs.

Night is time for people to sleep. Working at that time is a mistake. Therefore, I am against overtime. …Dammit. I was thinking of my previous world’s memories….

There wasn’t any people living in the workshop, so it was especially quiet.”

“Umm, Azusa. You’re some sort of monster yourself, having lived for all these three hundred years. Why do you need me here?”
“I am weak with ghosts and that sort. I can’t beat them if they don’t have any substance.

“But aren’t Farufa and Sharusha existences made up of myriads of slime spirits? However…that might just be a theory.”

Beelzebub entered inside rudely.
As expected, the personnel selection itself was not a mistake.

1. The classic Doraemon reference.
Dokodemo Door (Anywhere Door):



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