MLW – Chapter 55

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Ghost < Demon


It was so obvious to the extent that I thought it was stupid to say, but the inside was silent.

Even though I shouldn’t be scared since it was something natural, the silence was scaring me.
I did not have the courage to proceed in the pitch dark, so I prepared several lamps and lanterns, and coped with it.
…Come to think of it, there should be magic for illumination. I should study it another time; it’s indispensable in places like this.

“Uu…it looks like something will come out….”
“Are you stupid? Didn’t you call me because it will come out? If nothing comes out, wouldn’t this be settled?”
This demon is a pragmatist.

“Hey, Beelzebub? Can we hold hands?”
“Do as you please.”
Beelzebub said and held her right hand behind her. As expected, she was an older sister character that could be relied on.

“Master, please hold hands with me as well!”
Harukara also came and held my right hand. It now became a weird situation where the three of us were proceeding on with our hands connected. Since it would be a hindrance if we were walking lined up in a row, we proceeded with one leg bent in front and the other extended behind.

“We’d be awfully slow if we were walking in a row. …It feels like I’ve become a demon called a ‘centipede human’. When you see that thing connected body-to-body for the first time, it is quite frightening.”
“S-stop the scary stories!”
“Hey, hey. I get it. Even if a ghost appears I won’t fail, so it’s okay to not worry.”

I do not notice because I am looking down, but it seems that Beelzebub was surveying the surroundings while we were walking.

“Harukara. By the way, around where did it come out?”
“It appeared when I was doing my work in the room beyond here…. The lights were on, but….”
“I see, I see. Well, shall we focus the search there?”
“Um, it’s scary there, so why don’t we stop……?”

“You guys, get yourselves together! You called me out to help search, so why are you now saying to stop?! What do you want me to do?!”
What Beelzebub is saying is true when you think about it logically…but with this going who cares about logic? I want you to stop blaming Harukara, please?

“I’ll go there and see what’s inside of that room.”
“P-please stop! At least make this the last! Ok! Ok!”
Harukara’s right. How about we warm up by playing a round of shiritori, then go check after?” [1]
“..You two are idiots. In the first place, how can a round of shiritori be a warm up? That’s something for girls when they got nothing to do….”

The vanguard Beelzebub charged in like a berserker. If it’s like this, it might be alright if we just leave this to Beelzebub. However, going back now is scary as well, so I can’t do anything.

So, we set foot in the room with that interesting history when ‘it appeared’.
At that moment, the lantern’s fire went out with a whiff.
“Hyaaaaaaaa!!!! Master, please save mmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
Harukara and I screamed simultaneously.

“You’re noisy! You guys are more trouble that the ghost!”
Beelzebub was also yelling, so another voice increased again.

“Ah, but, there also is a ghost.”

Beelzebub said without hesitation

“Uoooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaa!!!!! There’s a ghosttttttttttttttttt!!!”
“Hieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to wet myself in various wayssssssssssssssss! It’s leakingggggggggggg!!!!”

“You guys are too noisy! Cool down for a bit! It’s a ghost! The spirit of a dead girl! What part is scary?!”
“No, that’s scary! Rather, why are you so calm?!”

Annoyed, Beelzebub shook off my hand. Stop! I’ll be scare all the more, so stop!

“It’s scary because you can’t see it right. Therefore, do something about it. I’ll wait.”

If it’s come down to this, I can only rely on this ghost hunter.

“Oi, girl ghost! Reveal your form here! You can do that much right!? You’ve remained here the whole time, so you can’t say that you’re not able to! Oi! Hey! Answer me!”
Beelzebub shouted out towards the darkness.

“I am the high level demon Beelzebub. In addition, I am the Minister of Agriculture. Since I hold that authority, it is within my power to make your gravesite a horse dung storehouse! You hear me?! Your place of memories will become a storehouse of horse dung!”
That’s just plain harassment!

“Additionally, since us high level demons don’t really need a reason to, I will cause damage to your spirit! You want to taste more painful memories than what you experienced when you died?! Is that ok?! If I don’t see you appear before I count from ten, I will kill you!”
Now she’s threatening to kill the ghost!

“Ten, nine, three, two, one, zero!”
That’s unreasonable! You didn’t even count to ten!

The desk in the room made a clatter sound as it moved.
“Kyaaa! The ghost is angry!”
“Oh, so you can move the desk? So? What’s so scary about moving a desk? What kind of effect does it provide? Oi. Hey, ghost. Say something!”

Beelzebub said in a threatening tone.
“If you’ve got something to say, show your face and say it. I have no interest in your past and misfortune. If you’re scared of of a selfish human who came here, then you’re the same as a pest. Since you’re a pest, I will exterminate you without any hesitation.”

Incidentally, Harukara approached me and hugged me with all her might.
“God. Oh god please help me…. I’ll do anything…. I’ll do anything so….”
She was trembling. The reliable one wasn’t god, but a demon though.”

“What? You disapprove it? Then try cursing me. It’s useless. It’s not possible for a spirit like you to curse a high level demon. Rather, I think it’s better for me to use demon magic to curse you instead.”

Everyone who has got a ghost problem, you should bring along a high level demon, probably. But…as far as ghosts are concerned, this is their worst enemy.

1. Shiritori: 



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