MLW – Chapter 56

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Ghost Capture


“Oh? Planning to run away? I won’t let you do so! You won’t get away!”

Apparently, from Beelzebub’s word, it seems like the spirit was frightened. Well, if a warlike fellow like this came, you’d probably think that this is bad.
Also, it doesn’t seem like Beelzebub feels like overlooking the ghost. As it is now, she’s got the intention of capturing it.

Suddenly, Beelzebub spread her wings and seemed to flutter towards the ceilings I couldn’t see it clearly because of the darkness, but that’s what probably happened.
“What!? The battle is beginning!?”
“Wrong! It is only going to be an one-sided massacre from me!”
She said something demon-like! Ah…… she iS a demon after all.

“Now, insignificant spirit, for the sin of making a fool out of me, you are going to pay for it.”
I wonder why, but I’m beginning to feel like helping the ghost now. Otherwise, wouldn’t this ghost have a bad time?

“Umm, I don’t want you to get cursed though….”
“Don’t worry about it! Curses happen because there’s a spirit doing it! If that’s extinguish, you won’t get cursed!
Aah! As expected, I had a feeling she was a murder!

“Okay, I won’t let you get away! I caught you! Turn on the lantern lights!”
Me and Harukara did as she said.

“Uwa! There’s something!”
A new human existed besides Beelzebub.
Though I do not know whether it is right to express it as a human being. The thing that is certain is that that person is a 15 or 16 year old girl with long gold colored hair and is crying.

“P-ppl-please help me…! I didn’t think a demon would come…!”
The girl said with a trembling voice.
“Before you try crying for help, you should apologize for what you did! You’re saying NOW that extinguishing the lantern and moving the desk around wasn’t an intention to attack us? Well?”

Apparently, it seems like Beelzebub had captured the ghost.

“Master, I am seeing something I should not be seeing for some reason….”
Harukara said while being dumbfounded.
“Perhaps I started hallucinating because I drank too much alcohol…?”
She’s aware of those kind of drinking concerns?
“I can also see it, so I don’t think so.”

“Did Master also drink too much alcohol……?”
Let’s separate ourselves from this alcohol abuser.
“Maybe but…didn’t Beelzebub capture that ghost, and isn’t it able to hide now?”

Beelzebub descended while binding the ghost’s arms behind her back.
“Spirits usually can’t be seen with the naked eye, but they can reveal themselves if they want. This one thought it’d be a good idea to ask for help and that’s why it revealed itself.”

“Um, Beelzebub-san, then that person is the ghost in question…?”
Even though the ghost can be seen now, Harukara is still hiding behind me.
“Hear the details from the person themself.”

Asking a ghost if they are a ghost feels kind of strange, but if that isn’t done, we won’t get started.

We had the ghost sit on the chair for the time being.
Sometimes it seemed to become semi-transparent, but that’s probably because it’s a ghost.

“You, your name?”
“It’s Rosary…. The spirit of the girl who committed suicide in the house that stood here long ago….”
That child said with a blunt tone.
According to her story, it seems the rumor of a girl committing suicide due to learning she was being sold off to a brothel was true.

“I heard that I was to be married to a noble…. From the eyes of commoners, that was a happy thing…. I was famed in the town then as a cute and graceful girl…. I believed that a dream-like story came true…. However, my damn father, that old hag, everyone tricked me….”

Poor thing. This child was even betrayed by her parents….
“There were countless times men from town courted me…. If I eloped with someone then…would I have been happy…? It’s too late for that now….”

“I understood the story, but were you really graceful?”
Her wording was rough, and she’s sitting with her legs spread really apart though now.

“Ahh…. As time had passed being a ghost, I turned into…a delinquent….”
Having to say that she ‘turned into a delinquent’ from herself was a bit embarrassing for her, and Rosary turned her head away.
“That’s a probable story. A girl of marriage age betrayed by her parents, there should be around that much of a change.”
According to Beelzebub, it seems like it’s not an improbable story.

“This is my territory…. Because strangers entered, I’ve been always protecting it…. So when you guys came….”

Then the general story ended. I understood the ghost’s true colors, and since that ghost surrendered, the incident is roughly settled.

“So, Rosary was it? What do you want to do from now on?”
“Eh…? What do you mean…?”

I haven’t heard her plans for the future. She was so engrossed with her past only.

“Aah, if that’s the case, shall I exorcise her without having to suffer?”
“That’s rejected!”
Saying such a cruel thing without hesitation, this person!

“Why? Because she has a soul, she feels pain from the past and remains here. If her reason for existence is extinguished, she can escape from all the pain.”
That’s somehow a Buddhist-like statement. Still, it’s cruel to just extinguish her.

“Well, if that’s the case, you can have the church and clergy give a soul prayer repose and do a purification. After she’s purified, she wouldn’t be confined to this world.
Basically entering Nirvana. At first, it sounds like the right thing to do, but….

I embraced Rosary with my own body.

She said it like she was choking.
“I, don’t want to disappear yet……”
Rosary was far more scared and shivering much more than we were before.

You don’t want to disappear.

“Even though it’s irrational for a spirit to stay in the world, this girl’s saying something selfish.”
Beelzebub is too rational. She easily finds a clear solution for everything.

Well then, Rosary, how about staying here?”



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