MLW – Chapter 6

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The Female Dragon


“Please repair my house. I won’t forgive you otherwise.”

It seems like I have a considerably threatening attitude even towards a dragon.

“U-Understood…….I’ll do it one way or another…….So, please forgive me…….Please don’t take my life…….”

“I won’t take your life. If your life was taken, you wouldn’t be able to fix what you’ve done, and I don’t have anything like insurance to cover it.”

The bedroom did not seem to have taken any damage, however wind might enter, so I may have to stay at the village inn for a while. It all depended on how long the repairs would take.

“Uh……I have some money stored back at my home in the mountain, and it’s a lot……Do you mind if I go and fetch it? It can be used for the cost of repairing the house……”

Come to think of it, dragons have a nature of collecting gold.

“Okay, if you run away, I plan on coming to subjugate you.”

“I will definitely keep my promise!”

The dragon flew in the sky while staggering.

On that day, I decided to stay at the village.

“Ah! Witch-sama! So this means that the dragon was defeated!”

“The appearance of the dragon was well seen from the village!”

“Even defeating a dragon, as expected of Witch-sama!”

As expected, did the news spread?

A dragon of that size is still conspicuous, even from far away.

“Excuse me, even though I beat the dragon, it destroyed part of my house, so I’ve come to stay at the village inn for a while. Sorry for making a disturbance.”

“No, not at all! The one that is at fault is the dragon!”

“Rather, it is like you have protected this village from the dragon!”

“Let me take you to the best room in the inn!”

“Idiot! There are no inns within this village that could accommodate Witch-sama!”

The conversation went back and forth until eventually, it was decided that I would stay as a guest of honor in the guest room of the village office. When government officials from the kingdom, etc, came for business, they stayed here.

Well, it isn’t bad to occasionally accept someone’s kindness.

Afterwards, I will donate an expensive medicine or something like that.

Because I am staying in the village for now, I carelessly strolled around the village, but compared to the village when I came 300 years ago, I thought that the village was relatively lively. The population supposedly had risen too.

Even though there are several reasons, one of them seems to be because of me. Rather, it seems the villager said it was thanks to me.
Speaking of what kind of reasons, it seems like I created valuable medicines for the sake of the village.

No matter what kind of village it is, besides those who die of old age, there are people who die because of injuries and sickness. Because I gave medicine, it seems like the so-called death list of this village compared to other villages had decreased.

Especially cases like children who die from sickness had gone down considerably, which contributes to population increase.

Of course I’m troubled since I don’t think my power is available indefinitely, so I took money as payment. For people who do not have much money, I make the medicine cheaper, or ask for help with gardening.

Human relationships do not last long without give and take. That sort of philosophy was learned from my Japan days.

My thinking was understood, and the villagers in their own ways expressed thanks.

On the other hand, because compensation was paid, it did not become an extreme worship to a god. The balance was just right.

Within my slow paced life, gathering herbs and creating medicine is a hobby. If that hobby protects human lives, that is a great honor.

Because it was not necessary to go home on this day, I decided to drink sake at a bar.

The bar was lively even at night.

“Ah, Witch-sama!”

“Cheers for Witch-sama!”

Suddenly there were many people who became drunk, and the bar was lively. I was being escorted to a seat at a table. Also, even though I did not request for it, expensive sake was brought out.

“Umm, I, haven’t asked yet…”

“I, a long time ago, had the experience of being saved by Witch-sama’s medicine.”

The bar’s poster girl said while smiling.

“Therefore, you can think of this as returning my favor, so please drink this slowly.”

Today, there had continuously been these types of feelings. The place I am staying at is receiving guests from an arvind type of room, and I do not have to pay money.

However, these types of days are good once in awhile.

I drank the sake little by little, bit by bit.

The times as an office lady were busy. To put it bluntly, I was a corporate slave.

The feeling for working for someone else is nearly none. Strictly speaking, it was only for the sake of the company. Therefore, there was only emptiness no matter how busy I was.

“Compared to that, right now is like heaven.”

Unintentionally, my voice came out.

“Although I came here during my long journey when I was young, there was no villages better than Furata Village!”

Although their word of praise must be taken with a grain of salt since they in front of me, but I’m glad it’s a pleasant things.

“I think that it is good that I live near this village.”

I said from my heart.

This village is something like my pride.

I want to develop the village after this.

That day I got moderately drunk, and I returned to the guest room to sleep.

Even though I slept a bit late, it was still earlier compared to my corporate slave days. In the first place, that time I had to get up was around 6 AM … …

I also had breakfast at the village and a luxurious thing came out. Surely, it seems like they are using the reception method they would use for guests.

“It seems like I can only truly say thank you, well then … …”

While thinking that I was more embarrassed than honored, I ate breakfast. Especially the freshly taken milk, it was very delicious.

As for the dish itself, comparing Japanese food and this world’s food, the seasoning is simple, no matter what the taste is it becomes bland, however in relation to this milk, in Furata village, it would be the winner. It cannot be compared to packaged milk.

That’s right. Next time, should I teach them about cooking?

Because knowledge from my Japanese times still exists, how about teaching some Japanese recipe ideas.

While thinking about such a thing, the person in charge of cooking quickly came.

“Plateau Witch-sama, a visitor has come…”

“A visitor? Well, wait in the reception office where it is less crowded. After three more minutes, I will be finished eating.”

While thinking who in the village it would be, I entered the reception office.

There, was a girl with two horns sticking out from her head. Speaking of her appearance, she looks like a female middle school student that is around 13, and her clothes were like Lolita Fashion.


I had never seen a villager with horns growing. Or more precisely, because horns were growing, she was not a normal human being.

“I troubled you yesterday.”

When our eyes met, that girl bowed politely.

“Umm … … even if you say yesterday, this is our first meeting, I think … …”

I would never forget a person who was growing horns if I saw them.

“Ahh, it’s hard to recognize me because I’ve changed my appearance”

Said the girl.

“I am yesterday’s dragon, Leica.”

“Ehhhhhhhh! Wait, your gender was female?!”

That reminds me, the name Leica sounds feminine when speaking of girls.