MLW – Chapter 7

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A Disciple Is Made


“Many people in the Dragon tribe have a lot of mana and can change their appearance to that of a human being’s like this, because if they do not do it, panic will occur if they go out to a human village”


Said Leica the so-called dragon.


Certainly, if a dragon was to turn up in a village, it would probably cause an uproar. Even if all the village’s inhabitants were to mobilize and fight back, there are no methods in existence to defeat such a huge monster.


“However, it’s not like your true age is that of a young girl right?”


It’s impossible for someone who calls himself  “Waga” to be 13 years old as it is unbelievably chunnibyou. Ahh, however, if it’s chunnibyou, there is a possibility for her to be 13 years old.


“I see. One way or another, I have lived 300 years.”


“So we are of almost the same age, huh.”


Being both 300 years old is a bit weird, but it seems to be true so it cannot be helped


“With that, we have just finished our self-introductions, and I have brought the item today.”


Leica placed a large cloth bag onto the table.

It does not seem to be the kind of weight that a regular girl could carry. However, since she is a dragon, there is no problem.


“What is this?”

After peering into it, the answer came out immediately.

“They are gold coins, or in other words, the repair cost”

“It’s that sort of thing. I brought the money that I had saved up until now.”

You have accumulated a surprising amount, dragon.


“Thank you. If it’s that amount, I should be able to get the repairs done.”


It seems to be sufficient to repair the house back to its original state, therefore I felt relieved.


However, as though she still had something to say, Leica was moji moji fidgeting.


I wonder if it’s the kind of scenario where without this much money she wouldn’t be able to save a daughter inflicted with an incurable disease? I’m not a demon, if there really were such circumstances I would sympathize.


“That… in reality, I have a small request…”

“What is it? You won’t lose anything by saying it, so it’s fine if you just come out and say what you want.”

“Waga…. May I be your disciple?”


With that said, I looked at her blankly.


“Disciple? In short, with me as the master?”

“Yes, after fighting Witch-sama, I realized that I am still immature. I will abandon my conceited thoughts of being the strongest in Nanterre Province and I plan to study from scratch again.”


“That attitude is lovely. However, di-disciple?”


In my 300 years of living, I have not considered this even once before.

“You see. Since we had talked about it, I had said that it’s not that you have become weaker. It is not due to my unique training that I had obtained power. It’s just that I lived the life of continuing to fight the slimes in my neighborhood, I just accumulated experience and became like this.”


Therefore, I do not have anything to teach you.

“No no, there is no doubt that it’s the accumulation of your effort, therefore I wish to follow your example! I, as a dragon, trusted my innate powers too much and became complacent.  I do not do things such as polishing my skills. With that, the result is that I was utterly defeated.”


This dragon lass is more serious than I thought….


“However, if that’s the case, what should I teach you?”

If there are no skills that I can teach her, there is no meaning in becoming my disciple.

“I would appreciate it if you would take me as a live-in disciple.”

So it’s something like roommates

Honestly speaking, I am greatly troubled.

Staying with other people is different from slacking alone and it will cause stress.


Even so, I have stayed by myself for 300 years, at this late stage, staying with another person is also….

Wait a second.

“You had said something about staying in, didn’t you?”


“Which means that you plan to do things such as making meals and cleaning the house? No, if I were to leave everything to you, that would leave nothing for myself.”


“Of course, I will do it. Please let me do the cooking and the cleaning. Allowing me to become your disciple is an inconvenience for you after all.”


My feelings wavered a little…

If that’s the case, I guess it would be fine.

It’s also a fact that the lifestyle of staying by myself for 300 years is becoming a bad habit. It’s better to say that now it has become a tradition.


“I understand, I will admit you as my disciple.”

“Thank you very much!”

Leica respectfully bowed her head.

Thus, I got a disciple.

However, if we really are to cohabit together, there are points that I must change.

“Erm, Leica, it’s not just about repairing my house, or rather, we must consider about further expansion of the house.”

“Witch-sama, what do you mean by that?”

I thought that I should change this way of calling me Witch-sama later as well but I decided to solve the problem before my eyes first.


“If you were to just solely repair the house, it would be too narrow for the two of us. Therefore, there is a need to extend the house instead.”


“I see. That’s certainly true.”

“Therefore, I will sleep in the village for a while until the upgrading of the house is completed. You should also stay in the inn with me in the meantime.”


“If that’s the case, should I take care of the construction work myself?”

An unexpected answer came back.

“Construction. You don’t have an architecture license, do you?”

“If we have raw materials such as wood and stones. After which, I just need to be assembled. One way or another, it will become a house. So please leave it to me.”


Leica tried to appeal to me to touch my heart…

She appeared as that of a 13-year-old girl. Therefore, she does not have the impression that she is able to build a house. However, if she says so, I will try leaving it to her.


“If it’s wood, I had obtained the privilege of using the forest area where I pick medicinal plants, so let’s use those. I will leave it you.”


“Thank you very much! I will work on it to ensure that it is to your liking!”

“Ahh, just in case, I will be going as well.”


It’s a complete mystery that the values of a dragon are just being circulated as it is.

Once Leica reached the outskirts of the village, she returned back to a dragon.


“As flying in the air is more comfortable, I will move in this form, it’s also easier to release my power.”

She is certainly the dragon that I had fought.

Although we had reached the outskirts of the village, she is definitely visible from the village. After that, there is a need to explain it to the village.


“Witch-sama, please ride on my back as well. We will reach the forest in this way.”


“Please stop addressing me as ‘Witch-sama.’”


Because Leica is like a witch apprentice to apprentice to a witch, it is somewhat subtle.


“We are also living together as well. So calling me Azusa is fine as well.”


“I see, then please allow me to address you as Azusa-sama.”

Attaching the sama suffix…. Argh, it’s fine. Since I have become her master after all.


I got on her back. The ride was quite comfortable. At the very least there doesn’t seem to be any risk of falling off…

“I will be flying so please give me the directions to the forest.”

I thought it somehow seemed like a taxi.



5 thoughts on “MLW – Chapter 7”

  1. this story honestly makes little sense
    a dragon, clearly a superior (from base adult stats)being compared to human that lived basically for the same amount of time is so out of her league it’s not even funny
    the author tried to go for comedy but has gone to over the top to be decent
    well i’m leaving it here

    Liked by 1 person

    1. On top of that, why was a 300-year-old dragon’s entire savings only enough to repair the corner of a house? Did she make a house of diamonds?


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