MLW – Chapter 8

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The Disciple’s Debut

Leica the dragon increased her speed, so we reached the forest in no time.
When traveling on foot there are hills and slopes to account for, making it time consuming. However the displacement between the forest and the village isn’t that considerable. If one’s body was in the air, then they’d understand. And with that, after entering the forest, we cut the trees for wood one by one. With the strength of a dragon, things such as cutting huge trees seemed to be trivial. Speaking of which, how is my superior attack power compared to that of a dragons’?

“I will say it first, but I am not making a house just by stacking the chopped up wood. I am building a house where a draft(of wind) will not even enter. “

“Understood, right now we do not have sawing equipment on hand so we are just doing it. After that, I will saw them into boards.”

She really stayed true to her words. After flying to an unknown town, she brought back various equipment.

“Travelling to towns allows me to see numerous buildings so I am able to memorize the way of building them. I believe that I am able to build a great house.”
“Speaking of remembering, are buildings something that you can memorize just by seeing them?”

“Dragons are a race with good memories.”
After which, she processed the gathered wood. Being a dragon would be considered too huge for this task, therefore she changed back to her human form and started working.

I will say it clearly, It was unreasonably fast. As the day drew to a close, we entered one part of the construction work. One of the reasons is that with the dragon’s power, it’s easy to transport the materials. Certainly, in Japan, when we build a house, if each of the wooden pillars aren’t hundreds of grams, it definitely proceeds really fast.

It appears somehow or another, judging from the viewpoint of the dragon’s size, the designs of buildings for humans to stay in seems to be an extension of building block play.  In addition, nails are used as least as possible and using the method of joining up the materials and bamboo, the house has been constructed. It seems to be the technique of carpenter specialized in building a temple/shrine. Well, since this skill can be used for other matters other than using this skill to build temples and shrines, it’s not strange to have someone living in a different cultural sphere being used to this technique.
“We are done for today. Let’s return back to the village. I have also arranged for your lodgings.”
I clapped my hands and showed the signal to pack up. One way or another, the dragon has become my disciple, therefore, there is a need to convey it to the village.
“No, Azusa-sama. I am not tired, therefore I am able to continue.”

I have feeling that I remember those words[1].

“Dragon’s eyes are also effective at the night, therefore, if I work on it all night, it will be finished by tomorrow.”
Ahh, this is bad.
“I will not allow such a thing!!!” I said loudly. Leica also stopped in surprise.
“Erm, is there something that I have done wrong? Azusa-sama…”
“Leica, You have said something like it’s fine to work throughout the night, didn’t you? That’s not good. Really not good.”
“I.. in order to show you that I am trying my best….”
“Although it’s good to work hard, but working too hard is NOT GOOD!!”
I remembered the times when I was a corporate slave. Today, if somehow I could  overwork, I would forcibly do many things with that kind of thought. As a result, if I were to say what would happen, I would forcibly bear an impossible schedule as if it were normal. And in the end, I had died of overwork. If I were to use a single phrase to explain it, it would be trying too hard. Therefore, I no longer try to strive too hard. If one were to work till the sun sets, then it’d be fine to leave the remaining to tomorrow.

“Look, it’s already become dark. It’s proof that the world’s telling us that it’s enough for today. At the very least, I didn’t become strong by doing the impossible. I just kept living in moderation.”
“Understood. I will do as Azusa-sama said.”
“Yep, that’s good.”
I grinned. I must not fail at managing the work of my underlings.

“From now on, if you feel tired or that it is impossible, please do not hesitate to speak out.”


In front of the village she deliberately showed her dragon form, and then went back to her human form. She feared that she would destroy some buildings if she stayed as a dragon.
People started gathering with curiosity to see what was happening, but that was fine.

“Everyone, Leica the dragon has become my disciple from today on. She is a good girl, so please be kind to her.”

Leica lowered her head.

“If Leica-san troubles anyone, as her master please come and contact me at my place. I will properly scold her.”

Although the villagers were somewhat worried, if a dragon came, it couldn’t be helped. Naban-san the Cheesemaker raised his hand.
“That… Witch-sama. Dragon-san’s power is strong, isn’t it… What happens if she drinks alcohol and starts rampaging about…?”
“If that’s the case, it will be the same for me as well as strong adventurers and everyone else. Of course, there will be no one else but I, whom is her Master, will investigate her bad manners after getting drunk.”

That’s that, right? It’s similar to the times where I brought the new faces of my underlings around work before working.
While I understood the thoughts of my workplace, I had to properly protect my subordinates. Before long, the village leader came. Once again, I repeated what I had said just now. Afterwhich, I also made Leica say a few words. She should convey why she wanted to become my disciple to the villagers by herself.
“Please, treat me well! Of course, I when I move around in the village, I will not be a dragon, but in this girl form.”

“I understand…… Let’s allow the dragon Leica-san to come and live in the village. If there’s a dragon here, It will also ward off bad people from outside the village.
Permission[2] from the village chief was also acquired. The people in the village also agreed.
“That’s right. If Witch-sama is controlling her, it isn’t a problem, isn’t that right?”

“Compared to my daughter, she is very well-behaved and appears to be smart, doesn’t she?”

“To reject Witch-sama’s disciple, that’d be ungrateful towards Witch-sama.”

Apparently, Leica has received a citizenship one way or another.

On that day, it had been decided that Leica would be staying in the guest room just like me. There was still time till dinner, so we leisured in the room. To gain her trust, I also showed her my status. Compared to Leica’s numbers, it seems like my magical numbers are shocking.

“As expected, being able to use that amount of magic, Azusa-sama is the Witch of legends…”

“Am I really that amazing?”

Dinner was at my regular restaurant, ‘Saetawashi’. Of course Leica came as well.

“Azusa-sama. Thank you very much just now….”

“What it is? Ah, you meant the greeting at the village?”

“So far until now, as a dragon, no matter where I went, if I were to show that power, I would instill fear into my opponents. However, using something other than power to be accepted, it is really a new experience for me… Honestly, I am really happy..”
Ahh, I must teach her the education of being a human. If it’s to that extent, I believe I can do it. I was also tasked to be in charge of the education of the new people.

“That is a good direction. From now on, let’s go on with this mood.”

“Yes! Please take care of me in the future!”

Leica is considerably used to using a knife and fork for dinner, so she might have mixed in with the humans in human form in the past.

“By any chance, have you lived for a long time in human form?”

“Although it’s not like I’ve stayed in a town, only a few people know that dragons can take human form, so it was hardly any trouble.”
This is a fantasy world where beastmen also exist, so when cornered, she could deceive them. There aren’t any beastman that live in Furata village, but there are some beastmen travelers.
Well, let’s build a nice home!


Author’s note:

Next time, the house is built thanks to Leica.


1. TLC: I.e. The thoughts she had in her previous life when she overworked.
2. TL: permission getto!



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