MLW – Chapter 9

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Author’s note:
It’s the first time being in first place for a whole day! Thank you very much! I’m extremely happy! I will keep updating firmly from now on!

The next morning, Leica immediately returned to the construction of the extension of the house.

I’m accompanying as her supervisor.

“Currently, it’s advancing without any particular problems.”

“After seeing it, that’s certainly the feeling, right?”

It was so quick that the house might be finished soon. This was thanks to the assistance of a dragon’s power.

“Hey, by the way Leica, how high is your status?”
Since I won, mine will be higher, but I wonder how much different it’ll be.I’m simply interested in the knowledge.

“I don’t know because I’ve never measured, but it’s been said that I’ve been the strongest in the Nanterre province[1] for the last hundred years.”

That was a long period of being the strongest. By the way, the area around the province of Nanterre had a similar ambiance[2] to that of Switzerland, including the surrounding plateau area around here. There are numerous mountains around here, so it wouldn’t be strange if a dragon lived in one.
“Since that’s the case, wouldn’t it be fine if you registered at the guild as an adventurer? Well, I didn’t choose to train you based on numbers, so I’ll leave it to Leica’s will.”

“That’s right, that might be one of the indicators.”
Leica isn’t interested in status-likes things that much. Probably because she’s a dragon. Almost all humans prostrate themselves before dragons.

Conversely with humans, unless one displayed their status, you wouldn’t know their true strength. So, I feel like that this is a place where strength is decided by status.
By late noon, I knew what kind of building I could make.

So far, it’s appearance is that of a log-house that is an extension of the former house.

It certainly seems to be like a villa in Karuizawa[3], I also have a feeling that as the building is built, it’ll match the plateau.
“A brick house with stained glass requires a dedicated craftsmen, so I made the residence out of wood.”

“Yeah, this is fine. Proceed to advance as is. But it’ll soon be time for lunch. Let’s go eat at the village.”

“No, I’m almost at a convenient place, so…”

“Leica, did you forget about what I said to you yesterday?”

Take a proper rest when I rest. Don’t make overworking a virtue. I won’t allow rough working conditions while I’m alive.

“No, I do not particularly want to overwork but… I’m also anxious to finish it too…”
“Well then, let’s finish in a good spot within the remaining ten minutes.”


Work-life balance, work-life balance. This is the feeling of a person in charge of the general affairs section.

At lunch we got pasta, and Leica had gotten plenty of water. This was because she had been working hard for a long time. By the way Furata village had an abundant groundwater resource, so they were blessed with water.

After the meal, I took a leisurely stroll with Leica though the village. As for the meaning of this, the objective is so that the village can quickly adjust to Leica’s face.

Incidentally, I had also intended to register her at the guild, however, it felt like something to do during work hours, and decided that it was for another day. I only go if I have to convert slimes.

And then the making of the house continued in the afternoon.

Because the job had advanced considerably, from here on it felt as if this was the final stage. Since the sides were finished, I placed the wooden roof.

Lastly, I brought in the remaining chair and desk which were made of wood. I helped with this too, as cutting down trees is awfully simple and isn’t tiring. It’s a fact since I’m high-leveled.

Thus, the residence, which was renovated successfully, was completed in the evening.

“Yes, it’s wonderful!”

Looking from outside, I agree. The room that was broken last time became a corridor which is connected to the triangular roof area of the log-styled house that was added. Furthermore, there’s also an entrance and exit for the log house so that there’s a direct method for the attendant to enter.

And in addition to the roof being tall, there is also a room on the second floor. On the first floor besides shared space, there are also three private rooms which should guarantee the expected private time of my disciple. Even if the number of disciples possibly increases, I can deal with it. No, I don’t plan to increase at the moment, but……

“Yeah Leica, you did it.”

“Azusa-sama seems to like it and that is what matters the most.””

Leica didn’t seem too dissatisfied either. Because she had the age and appearance of a female middle school student, she seemed like she was able to be my younger sister. Still, I can’t comprehend the concept of having a three hundred year old little sister.
“Well then, go back to the village and inform them that the house is finished. We may stay in a guest room.”
“Ahh, about the village, thank you very much.”

Strangely formal, Leica expressed her thanks.
“Exactly what are you talking about?”

“In order to allow me to adapt to the village, you racked your brains, I clearly understood it from seeing you. I am very grateful towards you.”

It’s true that a dragon is intelligent.

“Since I said that I would be your master, I am only doing what I should as one.

It is not me being arrogant. This is only natural.

Well, shall we eat a lot at the village today? Ah, do dragons eat human food?”

So far, she’s been eating with me very naturally, but…

“Yes. When I am in my human form, I eat food the same as humans.”
It seems like there’s nothing to be worried about.

“If you eat to the amount where a human is full, as a dragon you’ll be full as well.”

That, isn’t that a questionable cheat ability?

Because flying in the sky constantly will result in a lack of exercise, we walked to the village instead. On the way, we met a slime, and subjugated it.

Leica sent it flying as if she was brushing off the dust on her hands. Just like that, the life of the slime ended. Well, it’s only natural since it’s a dragon’s attack.

“Now that I think about it, I never defeated a slime before, because there was no slimes in the mountain where I lived.”

“Well, after all it is a low level monster.”

“Somehow, I feel like fighting with it is a waste of time. There is no feeling of actually fighting.”

“It’s natural to think like that. However, practicing the whole time is important. There is proverb: ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’”
I said in a way that was befitting of a teacher. Rather, because I cannot give practical experience, I can only say that.

“Certainly, if we dragons were also to continue defeating slimes, eventually we might become much stronger. Master’s way of life has become helpful.”

“Is that so. You should do it slowly.”

As a result of deliberately confronting slimes, it took five times longer than usual to arrival at the village.

However, at the village entrance, Lecia began bashfully staring at the sky, and conversely towards the ground. As if it was her first time coming to the village, she constantly shifted her eyes.

“Do you have something bothering you?”
“To be honest, there is.”

So Lecia said.


1. TL: So back in chapter five, Oni chose ‘Nanteru State’ for ナンテール州, but I decided to make a slight change from ‘state’ to ‘province’, mostly because I play a lot of EU4 and province sounds better than state to me, unless I’m referring to a U.S. state. Furthermore, after translating just a bit further, I looked up ‘Nanterre’, and found that it’s a commune located in the western suburbs of Paris, so I changed ‘Nanteru’ to ‘Nanterre’.
2. TL: It uses Funiki(雰囲気) which basically can be atmosphere, mood, aura, etc, but I felt like using ambiance to describe it.
3. TL: Karuizawa(軽井沢) is a resort town in Nagano Japan.



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