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Introduction of the Characters That Have Appeared So Far

Azusa Aizawa

During her times as a corporate slave in Japan, she worked too much and died. She did not want to be overworked anymore, so she reincarnated as an immortal witch in order to live a slow life. Afterwards, as the result of continuing her current endless lifestyle by constantly killing slimes for 300 years for living expenses, she realized that she had become Level 99.

Since then, for various reasons, her family has favourably increased, but she is not dissatisfied at all. Furthermore, she is not a self-proclaimed witch, it is just a title for this world as an occupation. Hence, since she reincarnated as a witch, she was quite well-informed in pharmaceuticals and the like. She’s not a person who spends money to dress up, but she has a relatively good sense, and her clothes are quite stylish as a witch. Because she lived by herself for a long time, she basically did not live with much self-awareness, but after seeing the good development of Harukara the elf, she yearned for a slightly plump body.


She is a dragon, and she is around 300 years old.

Originally, she had quite an arrogant personality, but since being easily defeated by Azusa, she turned over a new leaf to study medicinal herbs and such.

It’s inconvenient to live life as the size of a dragon, so she lives with the appearance of a 13 years old girl with 2 horns growing out. To be honest, she is obsessed about fashion as her attire consists of Lolita clothes and native dress put together. [1]


The older sister of the slime spirits. However, her way of talking is more childish. It seems she’s around 50 years old, so she’s quite young amongst the main characters.

She is a girl with blue hair and has the appearance of a 10 year old. Is this the so called Loli-baba? [2]

Perhaps because she’s a spirit, she can study diligently. Farufa’s forte is mathematics and science. She herself is not hungry for fame or honor so she doesn’t proactively put forth her own knowledge persuasively, but she’s wise enough to be a professor at a university in this world.

Before she went to meet Azusa personally, it seems like she was completely aware that Azusa was her mother.


The younger sister of the slime spirits. However, no one saw them the moment they were born, so they established who would be the younger or older sister between themselves.

She is a girl with emerald-green hair who looks around 10 years old.

She stored power to kill Azusa, who had been killing slimes for a long time, but if she had to choose one, she wanted a mother, and it seems the reasoning behind her actions was because she couldn’t be honest.

She likes history, theology, subjects relating to the humanities, and she teaches Azusa about the history of this world.


A female elf. Her appearance is indeed elf-like as she has blond hair, blue eyes, and furthermore, she has an EARTH-SHATTERING bodystyle. Her exact age is unknown, but she has already lived much longer than the ordinary human. Because her appearance looks to be around 20 years old, she looks the oldest among the main characters.

Her occupation is a pharmacist, but her current situation is something more like a workshop manager since her energy-like drink called “Nutritional Alcohol” was quite a big hit.

Her field of expertise is mushrooms and her knowledge is genuine, but because of her sloppiness, she does things like mixing poisonous mushrooms in food.

There are areas where, although it does not appear to be a forward behavior, she strangely favors Azusa.


A high-level demon called the Lord of Flies. It seems that she has lived for around 3000 years. Her appearance when she is not a fly is around the same age as Azusa, so she has the characteristic appearance of a 17 year old with silver hair and dark skin. Although she should have been living in a cold region, it’s a mystery whether her dark skin is hereditary for a demon or is her own characteristic. Her appearance is that of an evil female leader with a lot of exposure. It is unknown whether or not wearing revealing clothing is her own preference or is popular fashion amongst demons. It seems like her personality is to search for things that she has an interest in to the end, so she became fired up when searching for Harukara. It does not mean she has a cruel personality, but she is quite warlike.

We will find out more soon.

2. ロリババア = Loli + Baba = (you know what a loli is) + (baba = old women) 



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