Novel Requests

DC’s Translation Policy:

I’ll translate basically anything that I find interesting or something that has a really good hook. It just has to be Japanese, and I have to like it(also you have to link me the raws or whatever). Also, because Cloud is a bum, I finally edited this and allowed for people to ACTUALLY be able to comment and make requests. You’re welcome ^_^.


Flowingcloud’s Novel Translating Policy:

Send your money to my Paypal and leave the a note saying that it’s for buying [insert novel]. If you want me to translate a novel that’s not on the list, please email me at or join our discord channel and message me.

Donation Status of Novels Flowingcloud is Willing to Translate:

  • The Girl Who Spits Up Jewels – Volume 1: $0/$15 (being translated but very very very very slow pace)
  • Want a novel to be translated? Contact me for further discussion.


ShimizuA’s Light Novel Translation Policy:



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