Pervy Healer – Chapter 61

Translator(s): Yomigaeru    Editor(s): Yuzuha    Proofreader(s): Yomigaeru

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Author’s Note: I split it up, but it’s still a bit on the longer side.



「Why, whyy, whyyyyyyy!!」

I can hear the succubus’ voice, screaming like a child. Spread out below her is a pile of monster corpses. There’s not a single knight corpse among them. Ally casualties: 0.

Well, naturally. Our side has the overwhelming advantage in both numbers and quality. And I’ve been incessantly firing off healing magic boosted by the cane. Once I got used to the cane, literally without stopping. Knights whose bodies are continuously being healed, and a horde of monsters they can cut in half with a single stroke. Rather than a war, calling this a bulldozing or a massacre would be closer.

Our victory is already decided. I’d say about all that’s left is to put an end to the few remaining small fry. My healing magic doesn’t even seem necessary anymore.

「Amazing, amaaaaziiing! Master, you’re amazing!」

When I lower the cane for the moment, Yuel latches onto me and praises my actions. Was she moved by seeing her master’s full power? Her eyes are totally sparkling.

When I saw the combination of my healing magic and the elite knights, I myself experienced just how overwhelming it is. It really is amazing. So amazing that, if we had shut our eyes to a few losses and accidental deaths, we might have been able to repel that swarm of thousands of monsters with this city’s knight brigade alone.

「T-That cane…! Y-Y-You, is it youuuUUU!?」

As I’m contemplating, the succubus suddenly cries out. Screaming as she looks this way, she flies in a straight line towards me. Looks like she’s finally aware of my existence.

Immediately, magic flies out from the nearby knights to intercept her. However, the succubus nimbly weaves through it as she approaches.

「So that’s what it was! Shit, shit, shitshitshitshiiiit! Again!? Summoned again!?」

Again? Summoned? What’s she talking about?

…No, now that I think about it, this splendid cane. And this situation fighting against the succubus’ troops. As I thought, there’s something familiar about them.

But this is bad. This isn’t the time to be thinking about it. The succubus is steadily getting closer as she slips past the magic. There are less than 20 meters between us now. What exactly does she intend to do once she gets close to me…?


However, the succubus shrieks and takes some distance again. On the panicking succubus’ cheek, the thin red line of a wound appears. And, gently fluttering in the air, some strands of her hair.


The cause quickly becomes obvious.


Yuel, silently glaring at the succubus.
…Yuel’s throwing knife has cut off a tuft of the succubus’ hair. The succubus tries to approach a second time, but Yuel meets that with a barrage of knives, swishing through the air.

When I take a quick look at Yuel’s eyes… whoa, dangerous. They’re sharper than I’ve ever seen them before. Some serious killing intent. I can feel her firm resolution to absolutely never let anything get near me that would cause me harm.

Hold on, how many knives does Yuel have in her item box? She’s already thrown at least 20 or 30 of them with incredible force, though.


The succubus glares back at Yuel in vexation. I guess she won’t get any closer than this after all. She’s tried to approach me countless times while evading the spells, but each time Yuel has thwarted her with a knife barrage.

However, the succubus shows no sign of giving up. Over and over, she’s repeatedly approaching and retreating.
…And it seems like the succubus has no combat ability, since she can’t inflict damage on me either.

Wait, does she have a way to inflict damage? Wings. The succubus has those large wings. If she gets close, she could use her momentum to grab me and withdraw in one motion. Then all she’d have to do is drop me onto the ground from up high. Maybe that’s what she’s aiming for.

「Shit, shiiit… just you, until you’re dead, I’m not leaaaviiiinnnggg!」

The succubus tries to get close to me again while screaming, but in the end, stymied by the magic and the barrage of knives, she can’t get any closer.

–In the middle of all that, one of Yuel’s throwing knives grazes the succubus again.

While the succubus is twisting her body to evade it by a hair’s breadth, the knife passes over her chest. And cuts it. What does it cut, you ask? The black bikini top that’s clinging to her chest. The string portion right in the middle of it is cut clean in two.

The succubus’ outward appearance is slightly older than Yuel. I’m not particularly interested in such a shabby body. But, should I call it male instinct? When something that’s ordinarily hidden suddenly looks like it might peek out, even if you’re not interested, your eyes will follow it.

…Ah, it really does seem like they’re gonna be exposed.

While I’m gazing at the spectacle, my eyes meet the succubus’ as she takes her distance again.

She looks back at my face with a dubious expression for some reason. Then down at her chest that looks all-too-ready to be emancipated, then back at my face once again.

We lock eyes for 2 or 3 seconds.

「…Wait, don’t tell me… but…」

Flapping her torn black bikini with her fingers, the succubus continues gazing into my face. What could she be up to? If she does that they really will be exposed, though.

After that, she strokes the string part of her bikini with her fingers. I wonder if it’s not just an ordinary article of clothing? Just by doing that, the bikini returns to the condition it was in before it got cut.

「It should be useless, but I suppose it’s worth a shot…」

Then, muttering that, the succubus looks into my eyes. With those red pupils of hers. As they turn a glimmering crimson color, she stares at me.

「That is… y-you mustn’t!」

At the same time the saint cries out.
–With a thump, my heart leaps in my chest.

「H-How’s that…?」

The succubus makes an insecure face and looks at me. Her voice is weak, as if she’s clinging to a minuscule hope.


…I didn’t really care thus far, but now that I get a good look, this succubus, she’s pretty cute. As you’d expect for a succubus, her face is quite well-ordered, and each of her actions has a seductiveness to it beyond her outward appearance. And besides, she may have no tits, but her body is curvaceous, especially around the hips. If I had to say whether she suits my tastes or not, in the end she’s got no tits so it’d have to be a no, but for some reason there’s some attractiveness there.

My head… is going blank.

Unconsciously, I take a step towards the succubus. Seeing my reaction, the succubus cackles in delight.

「Fu, kufufufu, fuhah… fuhahahahaha! Good boy. Now, come, this way!」

Then, maintaining a steady distance, the succubus lowers her altitude. She stops moving at a location away from the ramparts, at a distance where magic can’t quite reach.

I wonder why. That succubus, despite her childlike figure, is starting to look like a very charming woman. I’m by no means a lolicon. But that body, it makes me want to vent all my boiling lust onto her. I don’t know why, but I’m starting to feel that way. By the time I notice, I’ve taken another step in the succubus’ direction.


「Shiki-sama, you mustn’t let her manipulate you! Please, strengthen your reason! If a dragon can do it, then Shiki-sama should certainly be able to cast her aside!」

The succubus’ pupils turn red again. Her pupils are fascinating. Looking at these eyes, it feels like my head is boiling. My mind goes blank and stops working. But it’s not a bad feeling at all.

「Hey, come over here.
…If you come right now, I’ll do anything you want, you know?」

I can hear an extremely sweet voice, as if honey is flowing directly into my ears.

The parapet wall is right in front of me. If I climb over this, the succubus will do whatever I want for me…?

That vivid pink hair. Those small, soft-looking lips. Even if the tits are weak, that body with its womanly curves. It’s looking very, very fascinating.

I want her to do whatever I ask. Let’s go. Let’s go right away.

「Sh-Shiki-sama!? Y-You must be joking…!?」

The saint is saying something, but who cares about that. I place my hand on the parapet.

「H-How can this be, even though a mere dragon was able to brush it aside…!?」

I get the feeling she just said my reasoning is lower than a dragon’s. But my mind isn’t working. My eyes won’t leave the succubus’ body. There’s nothing left in my head anymore but the thoughts of what I’m going to do to that body from now on.

「This way, over here. Here boy, come this way.」


Wiggling her black bikini with both hands like a stripper, the succubus invites me. I can almost see them. Just a little more and I’ll be able to see them. I can’t quite see them yet. My eyes won’t look away. I want to get closer. I put strength into my arms on the parapet.

「Masterrr! Master, please wait!」

My clothes are being tugged from behind, but my eyes won’t leave the succubus’ body. She’s currently shaking her hips left and right emphatically, with her fingers hanging from her bikini bottom. She’s repeatedly slipping it down slightly and returning it back to its original position, sending me a meaningful gaze. She keeps stopping right before; this situation is like a stripshow.

This isn’t the time to worry about what’s behind me. I want that succubus to do whatever I ask. I can’t think about anything else anymore.

「B-But, the succubus’ ability simply enhances desires, so it should not apply to humans, who have reason… N-No, but in actuality… b-by some chance, does Shiki-sama have the same level of reason as a low-grade monster…?」

I hear the confused voice of the saint. I get the feeling I’m being treated like a complete idiot. Then, the saint immediately raises her voice.

「Kuh, it cannot be helped! Hold Shiki-sama dow-」

–The instant the saint gives the nearby knights some sort of order.

「You be quiet!」

The succubus looks at the saint with those red pupils.


The saint trembles with a jolt for an instant. But, with her strong will behind her eyes, she quickly goes back to glaring at the succubus. Then, with a flushed face and covering her own mouth with her hand, she instructs the knights to hold me down using hand signals.

The knights rush over to me.

…This is bad. I can’t let the knights catch me here. I need to have the succubus do various things to me. To escape from the approaching knights, I kick off the ground.

–That instant.

「S-Shiki! I-I will, I will do whatever you want! So come to me!」

From behind, I hear that voice. I didn’t mishear it, that’s… Eris’ voice.


The succubus exclaims in surprise.

My mind is somewhat blurry. I can’t really understand what’s going on.

…But, the succubus and Eris both said that they’ll give me whatever I want. The succubus is in front of me. Eris is behind.

I can only go in one direction.

I look at Eris behind me. So sexy. She’s extremely fascinating. And they’re huge.

I look at the succubus in front of me. So sexy. She’s extremely fascinating. But they’re small.

One more time, I look at Eris behind me.
…Incredibly huge.

「…Eris is better.」

I stop climbing the parapet, and face back towards Eris.

「W-Whaaa!? C-C’mon, look this way! You can see it? Just a bit more and you’ll be able to see it!? H-Hey, c’mon!」

I hear the succubus’ shocked voice, but Eris said she’ll do whatever I want. That Eris did. The succubus may be charming, but she can’t win against the sensual shape of Eris’ body. This way is better. Eris. Eris’ giant tits are better. My thoughts are all being dyed in the color of Eris.

「I-Impossible! That’s impossible!? E-Even with this much exposure!? E-Even though I’m the succubus!?」

When I head towards Eris in that manner, I hear the succubus’ disbelieving voice coming from behind me. It’s a miserable voice, on the verge of tears. Was she that surprised that I went towards Eris?

「Oi, she beat the succubus at seducing a man…」


I can hear the comments of the young male knights nearby. Eris’ face turns red in a flash. But that has nothing to do with me. Inside my head, the delusions of what I’m going to do with Eris are expanding further and further. Just like that, I stagger up to Eris.

And, I embrace her.

「S-Shiki!? T-This, d-d-d-don’t tell me it’s…!?」

Perhaps because there was an unexpected sensation when she was embraced, Eris looks down and panics. I can’t help it. I mean, my sexual desires are being controlled by the succubus. That being what it is, it’s in quite a severe state at this point.

「G-Gu, guguguguuu! It’s because my resurrection is incomplete! If it was complete, something like this would never…!」


The succubus’ miserable voice groans in vexation. She sounds like she’s actually going to cry.

Something starts to bother me a little so I glance back, and below the ramparts I notice the few remaining monsters disperse and flee. As well as the teary-eyed succubus, staring at me. Her pupils have turned an even more vivid red color.

「…The monsters are running away? …! S-She cannot possibly… is she concentrating her full power on Shiki-sama…!?」

…Huh? Somehow, the succubus is starting to look very charming after all. Even though she has no chest, I really wanna touch that chest.

「This way, come here! That’s it, I won’t kill you, I’ll make you my servant! If you become my servant, all of the beautiful women in the world will be yours! That woman included!」

I hear the succubus’ sweet voice. She’ll give all of the women to me, Eris included?
…I like the sound of that.

「S-Servant!? T-That is no good! T-That is the one thing you must not do, Shiki-sama!!」

The saint says in a rough voice, her face flushing even further.

But if I go over to the succubus now, she’ll give me everything. Most likely I can have not just Eris, but other big-breasted babes as well. My delusions are swelling. My body tries to twist toward the succubus.

「No matter what… I won’t let go.」

…However, Eris is hugging me and won’t let go. She squeezes me even harder.

「Ah, wai, wait, Shiki… i-it’s hitting, it’s hitting me…!」

As I struggle to turn, something seems to be bothering Eris and her face steadily blushes even deeper. However, even so, she keeps her arms around me and doesn’t let go.

But it’s useless. Eris shouldn’t be able to stop me with her power. I could shake free like this.

「Have the knights hold him d… wait, what if by some slim possibility the succubus does take Shiki-sama away and actually make him her servant…? If they were to join hands… the world, the world would be…」

As for the saint, it looks like the succubus trying to recruit me was completely outside her calculations. The saint is in a panic, grumbling something in a low voice. Maybe she’s the type who’s weak at dealing with unexpected contingencies.

「Kuh… Eris-san, was it? You are in a serious relationship with Shiki-sama, I presume. I have heard that once a gentleman is comforted, his desires will abate for some time.
…That is to say, we shall hold off the succubus’ advance, so during that time… can we depend on you? T-This is most likely the optimal approach.」

Then, I hear the saint call out to Eris.

「O-Once he’s comforted!?」

Still hugging me, Eris asks back with a bright red face. Her expression is stained with shame. No matter how many times I see that I never get tired of looking at it.

However, when Eris realizes I’m looking at her face, she hastily grabs the back of my head and clutches it against her. She definitely just wedged my head between those giant tits. I can’t see her embarrassed face.
…But, I wonder why. I feel like I’m in total bliss right now.

「B-But we’re not even married yet-」

I can only hear Eris’ bashful voice. Then, trying to drown out her voice,

「Hey, come here. Come with me, and let’s make a monster army one more time. Join hands with me, and we could even conquer the world, you know? Gather all the beauties in the world, and create the greatest harem ever, all for you. That’s right, if you resurrect Evil God-sama, he will grant you eternal youth as his apostle. Come with me, and you can indulge in women for all eternity, never wasting away, you know?」

another extremely sweet voice echoes in my ears. I bet that would be quite a wonderful world. A harem just for me with all the world’s beautiful women, what a lovely sound.

That’s it, my head isn’t working well right now for some reason, but I feel like I’m a man who can make calm judgments. I’ll just get my fill of Eris’ breasts a bit longer, then head over to the succubus.
…Wait, can’t I just bring Eris with me over to the succubus like this? That’s more logical. I pull Eris’ restraining hands away to try and extract my head from her chest.

「I-If, if Shiki-sama falls into the enemy’s hands here, there will be no opportunity to get married! If the succubus and Shiki-sama join hands, a horde of immortal monsters will be born! Mankind, mankind will perish!」

I can hear the saint’s panicked voice. I don’t feel any of her usual composure. Her voice is cracking and absurdly flustered.

But it’s fine. The saint has no tits either, but she’s a beauty and all so she can still join my harem. She has nothing to worry about.

「T-That’s true, it can’t be helped… if it can’t be helped, it can’t be helped, right.」

Then, when I somehow manage to raise my face from Eris’ chest, our eyes meet as she looks at me with resolution in her face.

–The next instant, there’s a soft sensation on my lips. Right in front of me is Eris’ face, with her eyes closed.

She’s kissing me.


Not on the cheek, like with Ruruka. On the lips. The sensation of her soft lips. A sweet smell dances in my nostrils. Eris’ long hair tickles the base of my neck. Since we’re stuck together, her breasts are squished against me. My mind is being completely filled with information about Eris.

Everything about the succubus gradually disappears from my head.

「H-How was… that?」

Still glued to me, Eris asks, not meeting my eyes. Her face is flushed, and her eyes are slightly moist. As if she’s feeling conscious of her own lips, she’s covering her mouth with one hand, continuing to clutch me against her with her other hand.

My simmering head boils even harder. My mind gets even more fuzzy. I wanna push her down right here, right now. But the words “kicked out again” flicker through a corner of my mind. Instantly, my body stops moving.

「W-Was that not enough…?」

「O-Of course it’s not enough! Look, what I’m telling you is to please put those huge breasts of yours to use and make Shiki-sama spurt out his semen once!」

The saint is saying something decidedly sinful[1], but her eyes are serious. By some chance, the succubus might have gotten to her mind too.

「S-Spurt out his semen!?」


Perhaps never expecting those words to come out of the saint’s mouth, the nearby guards and knights are startled. I wonder if her pure image as a symbolic figure of the church is going to be okay? Rather, why did she mention Eris’ breasts? What is she trying to make Eris do? I wanted to go join under the succubus, but after something like that was said I can’t leave this place.

「B-But… i-in a place like this…」

Eris looks around. In front of her gaze, there are numerous male knights. She knits her eyebrows in agony and clenches her eyes tight.

「Come, quickly cast that woman aside! You are a magnificent man of talent! As my underling, you’ll be given a life where you’ll never want for women! That’s right, a man of your caliber cannot be satisfied by a single woman. Come over here, and I’ll prepare you the greatest harem ever to suit your exact tastes!」

The voice of the succubus, calling out to me. However, as if reacting to that voice, Eris looks at me. She’s simply looking into my eyes. A short time passes. Eris’ expression suddenly becomes tender. Then, as if re-thinking something, she closes her eyes for a moment.

When she opens her eyes again, Eris makes a determined face.

「I hate this embarrassment, but I would hate losing you even more…」

The next instant, Eris places her hands on the buttons of her outfit.

At the same time, my belt is unfastened. The belt buckle makes a clinking noise as I feel it being pulled. Eris is unfastening her buttons one by one with both hands while she removes my belt.


My head isn’t working that well, but even I notice something strange about that. I look at Eris. As she finishes undoing half of the buttons on her outfit, I can already see the color of her skin in the center of her chest. But both of her hands are entirely committed to unfastening her buttons. They aren’t going towards my pants. Even though she’s taking off her clothes with both hands, somehow she’s removing my belt…?

I look down. My reason returns all at once.

Just like that moment when you’re in the middle of appreciating a porno and someone suddenly enters the room, my erotic feelings are instantly blown away. I rapidly come to my senses.

It’s Yuel. Yuel is there.

My pants are covering the lower half of my body, which has become quite severe. Yuel takes a long, hard look at that from point-blank range. Then, continuing to stare at it intensely… she tries to slip my pants down.

「I-I’ll help too!」

I feel Yuel’s slender hands pull forcefully downwards.

The succubus is currently manipulating my sexual desires. If my sexual desires are manipulated, that is going to happen.
…I gotta say, this is the most unbelievable situation I’ve ever been in.

In a few seconds, when Yuel pulls down my pants. Right in front of her eyes, what will be exposed? In public view, just what kind of tragedy will occur? And what is Yuel planning to do after that?

The prediction forms instantaneously.

Reflexively, I support my pants with my hands. Yuel tries to pull down my pants along with my underwear at almost the exact same time.

…I made it in time.


「I-I’m okay! There’s no way I’d lose to the succubus! It took a little time, but I managed to throw it off by myself! I’m fine already, Yuel, so get your hands off my pants!」

「Master, y-you may end up being manipulated again! T-To the end, I-I’ll help you properly to the end!」

However, Yuel doesn’t remove her hands from my pants. She’s still trying to yank them down.

「Y-Yuel! I-I’m fine already, I’m good, so take your hands off my pants! Believe in your master!」

When I emphasize it that strongly, a despondent Yuel finally removes her hands from my pants.

…T-That was dangerous. If the succubus had controlled not just my desires but Yuel’s as well, I might have been defeated, in a certain sense. Rather, even though there are so many knights on guard nearby, what the hell was I doing? I was on the verge of having an important part of me on open public display.

The succubus is way too frightening.

「Kh, kuuuh… it was just a little further… but not yet, I’m not giving up yet!」

The succubus starts to stare at me again with her red pupils. While resuming her stripshow too. Perhaps because she’s floating in the air, she can pose freely as well. She turns her legs towards me and spreads them, then with careful timing where as soon as I think it’s going to peek out, she makes a dynamic half-turn and hides it again. I can’t tear my eyes away.

Oh crap. At this rate, I really will end up being helped by Yuel in public. That would be the end of my dignity as a person.

However, at the same time.



I hear a roar I’ve heard before. And suddenly, from up above, a dragon comes swooping down. With ferocious speed, the dragon strikes the succubus with its tail as she’s making an M shape in the air. From the force of the impact, the succubus slams into the ground.

That’s…. Ruruka’s Earth Dragon. Looks like Ruruka has finally returned from her trip to the royal capital to request reinforcements.

「…Ow… sniff… I-It’s all grainyyy…」

However, although the succubus gets covered in dirt, she escapes to the sky again in a wobbly orbit.

Facing the succubus, the dragon emits its breath. The petrifying breath grazes her.

「Higiii, piii—!」

As the breath sweeps over the tip of her foot, the succubus begins to flee from the dragon at full speed. Making a shriek like none I’ve ever heard before.

The dragon follows her like that. She desperately escapes whenever the dragon is about to strike or bite her. Ah, the breath hit her foot again. I borrow the telescope from the saint again to confirm it, and one of her legs is petrified up to the ankle. She’s seriously bawling. Sobbing as she flees.

「Send out a pursuit unit immediately! With the nearby monsters eliminated, now is our chance! Follow the succubus to the ends of the earth if you must, and cut off her head!」

The saint hurls instructions at the knights.

「Shiki-sama… please take a moment of respite, if you would.」

After that, the saint says that to me and smiles weakly. Her smile is a bit stiff. Well, she must not have expected that I would be susceptible to manipulation by the succubus. And I’m pretty sure she said that my reasoning ability was the same as a low-grade monster’s.

…The succubus may be my natural enemy. Even though having reason and intellect should prevent a being from being controlled by their desires, it had an instant effect on me. Even though when the saint had those red eyes staring at her, she was able to instruct the knights in no time at all.
…I wonder if my reason really is on the level of a low-grade monster’s? I’m losing a little of my self-confidence.


If I had kept being manipulated like that, what would have happened to me?

I peer down below the ramparts.
…Falling would mean instant death from this height. At that rate, I would have climbed over the parapet willingly and plummeted onto the ground. I shiver a little.

Assuming I didn’t fall, and I went along with the succubus on a world conquest, building a world-class harem?
…I think that wouldn’t be so bad in its own way, so I’d probably end up being easily manipulated.

I glance a little higher. Looking at the plains beyond the city, I notice that a group of knights have formed a pursuit unit and are galloping on horseback in the succubus’ direction.

The number of monsters in the vicinity should be greatly diminished after that battle. As long as the succubus doesn’t have monsters to manipulate, she’s just a weakling. And in terms of flying speed, the dragon looks faster. If the knights and the dragon cooperate, they should be able to finish her off before too long.

Moreover, the succubus’ leg has been petrified slightly. Even if she does get away, it’s only a matter of time before her whole body completely turns to stone.

There was a bit of an accident, but we won. The knight brigades didn’t take any losses, either. Minus the part where I got manipulated a tiny bit, you could call this a perfect victory.

「The succubus is running away! Victory is ours! Let me hear your cries of triumph!」

The nearby Fran makes an exalted expression as she shouts.
…So this girl was here? She was probably firing off interception magic from behind, but I totally didn’t notice her.

Man, she sure is a lord’s daughter. In response to her voice, the knights raise their own. Propagating one after another, they merge into a single voice. The massive cheer from the knights rises up to me.

1. Similar to the Bible pun earlier: 聖女 (<.rp>seijo) (holy woman) → 性女 (<.rp>seijo) (sex woman).

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