SHS – V1 Ch 1 part 3

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Mayoniase and A Little Uproar (part 3)

Winona’s voice made Tsukasa pause his cleaning and go outside. He looked at the village entrance which was where her voice had come from.

There were four men with swords on their waists and a simply-made carriage. Winona’s figure was also there as they sharply glared at each other.

Tsukasa asked Masato who had been observing the situation from the entrance of the chieftain’s house.

“Shounin. What happened?”

“It’s the soldier’s patrols.”

“… Soldiers. So, it’s the humans that hold the administrative authority in this world, huh? Although it seems like the mood is not really calm, is it?”

Shinobu, who was beside Masato, answered him.

“When the men were out hunting, they came to extort some alcohol and food from us.”

“So that’s why Winona was furious. Huh.”

Tsukasa carefully observed the soldiers since this was the first time he had ever seen them. Among the four men, three of them had identical equipment.

They each had a buzzy, beetle-shaped… seemingly bronze helmet and a breastplate to protect their chests. Their lower bodies and arms weren’t equipped with armor, so it was the light armor type. At a glance, the materials looked cheap. Perhaps they were only soldier underlings. And behind those three, from his armor and the way he held himself, the one who with mantle must be their leader.

“You should hide like usual, Riruru. It can be troublesome if they find out there is an alluring girl like you in this village.”


Riruru hurriedly hid behind chieftain’s house doorway after a middle-aged woman villager urged her with a strong tone. At the same time, Winona resumed her argument.

“Like I said! There is no more alcohol or meat to give for you lot in this village! The feudal lord already took it all. If you really want to drink, ask for it from the lord!”

“Oi oi, be careful with what you said there, woman. I’m the Flaregard’s ‘Imperial Knight’, Mr. Seed and I’ve been stationed here, you know? You commoners shouldn’t be speaking so casually to me.”

“That’s right, don’t you know that even Captain Seed has asked you kindly? You have heard that a thief broke into a private house in Papado village on the mountain’s foot, killing a woman and a kid in the process, right? Lately, it has become dangerous here. What we are saying is we will protect you while the men are out. If we, the soldiers of the Great Lord Fendrof are here, those thieves won’t come here.”

“Yeah… But, I wonder what will happen if you drive us out? It seems those thieves not just equipped with swords, they even wear an armor. What can you do with just women and children huh? Oi?

“You all… don’t tell me.”

Winona felt something in the soldier’s eyes. Her face grimaced.

On the other hand, a dark, vulgar smile appeared on the guard’s lips.

The man with the flashy armor who was only just listening to the talk arrogantly approached Winona.

“Don’t make such a scary face. I just worried about you all as a knight who protects for the peace of the kingdom. We will protect you all. So in exchange, I want you to entertain me a little you know… Besides, I heard that your husband has already died so you must be lonely right? How about I give you some ‘affection’ directly?”

While saying that, the knight called Seed stretch his hand out towards Winona’s chest.

It was clear what was that opened palm was going to do.

Winona’s face was dyed red from anger due to his unreasonably rude and vulgar act.


“Rudely stretching his arm towards a lady’s breast… indeed, it seems there are some bad thieves with sticky-fingers right here.”

Tsukasa stopped the soldier’s hand before Winona could breathe fire.


Tsukasa caught the soldier’s arm with his right hand and stood before a surprised Winona to protect her.

Masato, who looked at his act from afar, muttered, “ A~ah, I know it would come to this,” while half laughing. But it wasn’t a laughing matter for the soldiers. They shouted, “What the hell!” as anger burned in their eyes. On the other hand, Tsukasa…

“I have been in this village’s hospitality for a month. Mister Soldier, we appreciate your kindness, but please leave. As you can see, I already protect this village. As long I’m here the village is safe. Yeah, for example… even if four thieves dressed as soldiers appear.”  

Tsukasa released the man’s hand as he coldly looked down at them as they made a racket.

Then, he provoked them by brushing the dirt off his hand.

“So please leave. If you still insist for us to provide you some food, by all means, we can only give sweet potatoes as treats.”

Seeing this kind of attitude from Tsukasa, wrath began filling Seed’s entire body.

“You bastard… You’re just a peasant, just like a beast crawling in the dirt; you dare to mock me, who holds the < Bronze Knight > rank? It seems that you don’t understand your own position… HAH!”

Seed shouted as he unnecessarily unsheathed his well-maintained sword.

“An insult to an < Imperial Knight > like me is also an insult to the Flaregard! It’s also an insult to his Majesty, the Great Emperor! You lot! Cut down that foolish peasant!”


On Seed’s command, his underlings drew their swords one by one and rushed towards Tsukasa.

“Tsukasa! Run!” Winona urged him to flee as her expression changed… But—

“Good grief…”

Tsukasa didn’t run away. Instead, he approached the oncoming three underlings with swords in their hands.

“──Gah, Ack?!”

First, one man went down.

He barely dodged the sword thrust that was aimed at his throat

──and a flash chop to the neck;

the soldier sank to the ground with a single blow to his solar plexus.

Next, without missing a beat, a sword come down to strike him.


Instead of dodging, Tsukasa stepped in, caught the soldier’s arm, and hurled him away with a shoulder throw. He was thrown towards the third soldier.

“Kegh!” “Guhack.”

After dealing with those two, Tsukasa took the sword that had left one of their palms and thrust it to < Bronze Knight > Seed’s mouth that was left agape defenselessly after being overwhelmed by Tsukasa’s martial arts skills.

“Ha, Hiek.”

Seed’s body stiffened as he panicked from feeling the blade on his molars.

Tsukasa looked at him with freezing glare with his heterochromia eyes, then warned him.

“You’re a poisonous bug parasitizing the system. I’ll say it clearly if you can’t understand it indirectly ──if you still treasure your life, then disappear immediately.”

His warning sent a shiver up Seed’s spine and made him clatter his teeth with the blade.

He understood. Even if < Bronze Knight > was the lowest rank, he was still a knight that held a noble rank. But the commoner before him would not hesitate to take his life.


“Wa-wait for me, Captain!”

“Shit! I-I won’t forget this!”

They quickly withdrew.

The soldiers started faltering and scrambling halfway, and they escaped from the village on a carriage.

As their pathetic silhouettes disappeared, cheers erupted from the village.

The villagers excitedly rushed to Tsukasa with a sparkle in their eyes.

“Woah! Big bro is awesome!


“To throw such a big man with your slender arm! Despite your appearance, you’re actually  quite strong, huh!”

“It’s just a self-defense technique; the world I come from isn’t really a peaceful place.”

After all, most of the resentment from the old regime and people who vested interest were concentrated on him.

He couldn’t remember how many assassins had been sent to him. The number of attacks he responded to by himself was too many to count on one hand. His raw strength might equal the village meat-loving hunter’s, but in terms of one-on-one combat, Tsukasa, who had been in life or death situations numerous times was more of an expert than they were.

Although recently, his superior bodyguard, Zhang Chang, had been taking care most of them for him, Zhang himself originally also came to assassinate Tsukasa’s life.

“They won’t be a match for me with that level of skill even if they were armed.”

“Even if you say that, it was too reckless! Don’t just go charging into an opponent with a sword!”

But only Riruru rebuked Tsukasa while staring angrily at him in the middle of those cheers.

A teardrop could already be seen in the corner of her eyes. It was really wearing on her heart when he acted brutally like that. Tsukasa realized her worries and honestly apologized.

“ …I’m sorry for making you worry. But, I can’t just turn a blind eye when my important benefactor was about to get humiliated. So please forgive me.”


Even Riruru couldn’t strongly blame him when he put it like that.

“At any rate, that bunch didn’t hesitate to swing down their swords against an unarmed opponent. Is that the norm in this world?”

“ …Because it won’t be a sin if a noble kill a commoner.”

“The right to strike, huh. Come to think of it, Japan also had that once… Well, it was an unpleasant story.”

“But, is it okay? Those thugs still soldiers you know. Wouldn’t it be troublesome if this matter reached the Lord who just leaves those idiots to their own devices?”

Masato’s concern was justified──but Tsukasa had already taken that into consideration.

“Please don’t worry about that. I already anticipated that.”


Meanwhile, all of the soldiers who fleeing from the village were furious.

Their face was distorted with anger and humiliation while they hurried their way to the castle.

“Damn! Just wait, you damn rude barbarians! As soon as I return to the castle and report this to the feudal Lord, you’ll pay for it!”

“To be rude towards a captain in the army, it is unforgivable!”

“Damn right! The women, children, everyone in that fucking Byuma village will be impaled!”

Just when Seed spat out those words,

[I can’t let those comments pass.]

Suddenly, a voice erupted from above their heads.

“W-what was that sound!?”

They stopped the carriage and searched their surrounding. And then,


One of the soldiers looked at the sky and let out a scream.

It made Seed and the others also turn their gazes up. And there… dressed in his stage costume with a silk hat, mantle, and eye mask, the super highschooler, Prince Akatsuki, floated in the fine mid-Autumn weather.

“A person i-is fl-floating~~~~!?”

“I-impossible…! !? Don’t tell me, a wizard!?”

“Exactly! My name is Prince Akatsuki! A wizard that protects the Elm village!”

Akatsuki falsely introduced himself as the wizard that protected Elm village by ending his sentences with an exaggerated tone like he usually did in the show.


Tsukasa had told him that beforehand.

A wizard name that could be of useful service for the nobles in the empire would become a deterrent for them.

And Tsukasa’s prediction splendidly hit the mark.  

Seed and the other’s faces went pale when they heard that he was a wizard.

“Impossible…! is supposed to be a Magic…! Why is there one in such a backwater village…!”

“Fufufu. They kindly saved me when I collapsed on the mountain. I’m indebted to those people. And so I will return that debt by saving their lives by wiping you bastards off the face of the earth for threatening them and their way of life!”

As he declared it from high up, Akatsuki grabbed his mantle and vigorously threw it away.

The mantle fluttered It lingered in the air, then fell on the horse that was pulling the carriage and covered it.

At that moment, the soldiers who were taken aback by a human that floating in the air came to their senses.

“I-idiot! What the hell are you doing! Make those horses run! We’re retreating!

“Y-yes! Fuck! What is with this cloth! Get it out of the way!”

The soldier who held the horse’s reins frantically tore off the mantle that covered it. At that moment,


Wham! The carriage suddenly leaned towards the front.

What the hell happened? Seed and the others reflexively opened their eyes after the sudden tremor.

“ …Eh?”

An unbelievable spectacle expanded in front of them.

The horse that supposed to be pulling the carriage just a while ago disappeared all of sudden. Only the harness was left.

“Hi-HIIIIIIIII! The, the horse! The horse is goooneeeee!

Seed and the others shrieked together and fell on their butts because of the abnormality that slightly deviated from their common senses.

Akatsuki, who landed on the ground, slowly was closing in on them.

“I said that I’ll wipe you off from the face of the earth, right? FUHAHA. Well. Now it’s your turn. With this Prince Akatsuki’s great magic, I will erase you bastards like that pitiful horse without leaving any shadows or bodies!”

“A, aaah…”

They no longer had the will to fight at this point.

They were praying for their lives as their legs had already given away and they wet their pants.

“He-he-he-HELP! HELP ME! I won’t say it! I won’t report it to the Lord!”

“I-I also won’t say a word! I swear to the God! So please don’t make us disappeaaaar!

“NOO! I don’t want to die! I DON’T WANT TO DIE!!”

“Hi-HIIIIIIIIIII!” “──── Pfft”

Akatsuki unintentionally let out a chuckle after seeing their pathetic appearances and overreactions.

In the end, he was still a magician.

Naturally, all of the skill that looked like a great magic at first glance was no more than magic trick done by superior technology. It was just a trick that he had set up.

He wasn’t truly able to erase them. That was why their exaggerated reaction was funny for him to watch.

(Well, seems like it was enough.)

“ …Ehm. It seems you have yet to understand the dreadfulness of this Prince Akatsuki. Very well! If you don’t say anything to the Lord, I won’t take your life this time. But! If you were to break the promise ──”

Akatsuki paused his words for a moment and showed them his last trick.

Something fell to the ground with a thud and rolled out in front of the soldiers… It was Akatsuki’s head.

He spoke from his decapitated head.

“And if that time comes, then your head will be falling from your body like this.”

That decapitated head of his grinned wickedly to them.

And that was the final blow.


The soldiers lost their consciousness as they foamed from their mouths.

“Phew. Well, I guess that wraps it up.”

Finished with the task, Akatsuki let out a sigh and reattached his head like it was a natural thing to do.

It was a given. Humans couldn’t speak with just their heads after all.

After he confirmed that all the soldiers had fainted, he took out the smartphone that was tweaked by Ooboshi Ringo for communication and called Tsukasa.

The call was picked up immediately. The other side must have been waiting.

[Mikogami here. How’s the task?]

“First of all, I have completed it as you requested. Since I put a proper measure out for them, I don’t think they would report it to their Lord… But you’re amazing you know. You can hold your ground against an opponent armed with a sword.”

[With bad knife handling like that, it wouldn’t be a big problem for me… Besides, the one who is amazing is Akatsuki. I would like to hear how you did your tricks in this place without machinery or anything of the sort.]

“Tsk tsk tsk.” Akatsuki was disappointed with Tsukasa’s question. He answered him with an admonishing tone.

“Tsukasa, you can’t. To ask a magician to reveal his trick is simply nonsense.”

In any case, with this, the linchpin was placed.

The seed of turmoil that had visited the village was plucked beforehand by Tsukasa’s quick-wittedness and Akatsuki’s magic tricks.




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