Jewels – V1 Prologue

Translators: flowingcloud, DC    Editor: Matty    Proofreader: N/A    TLC: N/A

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A story about jewels and a girl who loves them.


Riririri, the clock perched by the bedside table resounded loudly, rousing Clue out of her sleep.

Aah, so noisy… After mustering enough resolve to wake up, her eyes met with her own figure in the mirror.

Her chestnut-colored hair flowed to her shoulders. She had an exceedingly dopey look to her at that moment. And the only redeeming feature of her eyes, its largeness, struggled to keep its shape.

“…… Good morning.”

She let out an entanglement of grumbles and yawns at no one in particular. This is bad. Her head briskly shook in an attempt to be rid of the drowsiness, and her wobbly form finally stepped out of bed.

Just then, two, no, three jewels came rolling out.

It appears that, while she was asleep, she “spat” them out.

One was red, the other was blue, and the last was an emerald green; she picked all of those up and gently pocketed them inside the apron that she plucked from the hanger.

— It was the beginning of another busy day for the「Jewelry Sputnik」Employee, Clue.

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5 thoughts on “Jewels – V1 Prologue”

  1. Hmm… Seems interesting I guess? There isn’t much about it so I can’t tell if this is good or not… I guess I’ll read more! Well anyways, thanks for the chapter!!!! 😆


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