World Strongest Rearguard – Chapter 05

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Arms Dealer

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There are a lot of  labyrinths but it has always been the tradition for novice seekers to visit the labyrinth called the “Plains of Dawn”.

After our departure from the mercenary guild, there was this large stairway covered in grass that looked like the entrance to the labyrinth. People gathered around it. It was like that of a tourist attraction similar to a historical site.

“Are you a novice seeker? If you don’t have a weapon, you can drop by the stalls at the opposite side of the street. They won’t charge any for your first weapon.”

“Oh, that’s great. Thank you!”

“So you hired a mercenary? As a seeker… the course can be grueling at times. Do your best out there.”

The young adventurer seems to have experience, but he might have just entered the ‘beginners’ labyrinth recently.

I caught a glimpse of Suzuna and Elysha, but my section chief was not around. Elysha is currently guiding Suzuna on the arms dealers. They might be selecting a suitable weapon for a Shrine Maiden. Starters usually wear basic stuff but Suzuna chooses an oak staff which in my opinion should only be suitable for magicians.

“Onii-san, what’s your job? Would you like me to select a weapon for you?”

A voice among the weapons stalls called me out. It took a while for me to locate her but there she was, wearing a turban although her ethnicity was Japanese. I could clearly tell that she was way younger than me or Suzuna. She seemed to be a pleasant girl with black hair and a bob-cut.

“You will be surprised how many from Japan resides here. It’s the same with the other nations too. Everyone here just loves to transact with someone who holds a license.”

“Did you become an arms dealer after you reincarnated?”

“Yes, my parents actually owned a Sport Supply House, so I had always aspired to become a “Merchant”.”

So some of the seekers find jobs closer to positions held by the residents of the town.
Sadly I’m not a business minded person, so the most convenient way for me to earn right now is to defeat some demons.

“There are a lot of weapons here ranging from melee, long-range, and medium-range weapons but which of these do you prefer?”

“Let’s see… I guess I’ll go with that orthodox blade?” (TL:オーソドックスに剣)

“A blade is it? Umm, if it’s onii-chan’s job… Oh, I think you can equip anything! “All Weapons”? That’s amazing!”

“It’s not that great of a job. If I can use anything, wouldn’t that make me strange?”

It seems that the “Rearguard” job can equip a wide array of weapons. Wouldn’t that mean a rearguard need not choose a weapon? Regardless, it’s probably better to familiarize myself using bow-type weapons should I choose to help from the back. While searching for a weapon on the stall, I happen to set my eyes on a slingshot.

“Then… how about this slingshot?”

“Oh, it’s a good weapon but the problem with it is its terrible accuracy and I lack the job skills to use it.”

“Is that so? But you can still equip it, and even without skills, you can practice.”

I took the sling, or rather the sturdy wooden pachinko. I didn’t know what type of metal the ammo were but it came in a bag of 20 bullets.

“Let me remind you that on your next refill of ammo, you will need to pay the cost.”

“Let’s see. If I manage to use this, I’ll be in need of a lot of ammo. I’ll need to earn the money to buy them.”

“Ah… I almost forgot to hand you this bag. Place in here all the loot you acquire from the labyrinth. If you sell collected materials from the demons you’ve defeated, then you will be able to purchase the bullets you need.”

What if we manage to defeat a large-sized demon? Will we have a hard time bringing back those loot? When the time comes, it may be necessary to have a procedure in efficiently transporting materials from the labyrinth.

“Well then, I wish you the best of luck!”

“By the way, I have yet to introduce myself. My name is Atobe Arihito.”

“I’m Shinonogi Madoka… It’s been a long time since I last spoke my full name. “

Now that she mentions it, it has also been a while for me too. In a way, introducing myself made me sure to burn into memory the kanji for my name. If I will live here in Labyrinth Country, I should always prompt myself not to forget it.

“See you… Shinonogi-san.”

“Ah, it’s okay to call me Madoka. Everyone in town call each other by their given names, right?”

“Oh, Erm… Madoka-san, it’s okay. Don’t be too conscious of how to address me too, just because I’m older.”

“Eh, well I would also prefer to call you Arihito. Using “-chan” just feels too embarrassing. Using “-san” feels a bit awful, so….”

Back in Japan, we were always mindful in using honorifics and how to properly address one’s name.

The day might already be long due when we exit the labyrinth but I’d like to come and say my greetings once I come back to see you.

“Oh, sorry to keep you waiting. Shall we go Theresa?

Theresa stares then gives a slight nod. As we approached the entrance of the labyrinth, we came across this older guy who seems to be a guide.

“Rookies again? You’re the seventh one to enter today. I’ve heard there were around thirty reincarnators this time around, but a bunch of them already got daunted. Only true seekers continue exploring.”

“Did I perhaps make a wrong decision for being a supporter?”

There stood this man with gray beard and hair. His physique is good and he was holding an axe. He seems to be an active seeker.

“There are times when seekers like you get exhausted inside the Labyrinth. Some seekers, like me, make a living by rescuing those who have become incapable inside this Beginner’s Labyrinth. Oh, by the way. I’m Rival.”

“My name is Arihito, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Alihi…. Can I just call you Al… or Richter?”

“Yea… No, I too find it difficult to pronounce Rival, so may I request you to keep my name as it is as well? Anyway, I have some things I need to ask…”

“What? If you’re asking me to be a guardian, that would be impossible. I’m at Level 5 and the experience we gather in this beginner labyrinth will not have the slightest effect on you. The experience of the party is calculated based on the highest level of the person. Even if I defeat a low level demon, you will hardly get any experience.”

His answer didn’t match my expectations. News to me at the very least. So as a general rule, high-level seekers cannot do power leveling with lower leveled seekers.

“Thanks for telling me that… By the way, how much is a 10-point damage?”

“Hmm?… Ha ha ha… Are you misunderstanding this for a game? It’s not even possible to register a number from a demons attack. If you look at the health displayed on your license, you can gauge the amount of damage the enemy does based on your defensive power.“

(So does that mean that numbers are not being used on the Skill Description for other positions to determine damage? Is it some kind of skill unique only to a “Rearguard”?)

“First of all, you can try to receive the brunt of attacks from some small fry demons like “Watadama”. Though It is not advisable to take even a single hit, but in all of the labyrinths in this country, only unprepared amateurs die from its attack. You can’t measure it via numbers. The pain inflicted determines the enemy’s strength. When you receive the first blow, stay strong and don’t be reckless. People die from carelessness.

“Thank you very much! You’ve been a great help.”

“That’s the spirit! So you’re with a mercenary, huh. Arihito, both of you, tread carefully and be sure to return home. and if you see some seekers who are in danger, please don’t hesitate to call us. We do patrols regularly, but some things may be left unnoticed.”

“I understand. I’ll be sure to call for relief when something gets dangerous, Rival.”

Rival inattentively laughed it off then gave me a pat on the shoulder. Several of his colleagues were with him as well. They all make a living of providing assistance to seekers. Wearing their best faces, the middle aged men then sent me off.

“Oh, by the way Rival, did you notice a party composed of novices. They entered not too long ago? It’s just that…”

“Oh, those guys…I ran into a “NAMED” before I got to them. I had to flee.“

(What then happened to those people I saw at the guild earlier? Is that “NAMED” a powerful demon? They say that chances of dying here is high if you’re abandoned.)

I hope that everyone would be safe, not just the section chief and Suzuna, but the other reincarnators  as well. I can’t ruin myself in the labyrinth, but I have one more purpose.

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