World Strongest Rearguard – Chapter 08

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The Headmost Exploration Comes to a Close

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After observing the changes in the red health bar, I examined the logs recorded during the previous battle. “Aid Recovery 1” had proven itself invaluable for a novice seeker’s skills.

In a span of 30 seconds, the section chief’s health was gradually restored and the activation of “Aid Recovery 1” demonstrated its immediate effect.

 Activity Log 

Arihito’s  “Aid Recovery 1” activated → Kyouka health is being restored

(At last, I was able to verify it with this.)

The section chief’s health bar that was decreased by about 70 percent, recovered above 50 percent in one go. Her breathing had normalized from being winded. Her arm previously swelled a lot too, but it’s now in better shape, leaving just a small red bruise.

Assuming a Level 1 seeker has 10 health points, then 5 health points recovery in just 30 seconds would be more than just convenient. If the Redface’s single attack back then had a base damage of 10 points or greater, it would have been futile. Lucky for us, the demon’s attacks dealt lesser than anticipated.

At that moment, the section chief was in a stupor. The intense pain ought to have been traumatic. Her health got restored, but maybe this is the skill’s limit. Could there be another skill meant to treat status ailments?

While she rests, I took the opportunity to grab the Redface’s corpse then jammed it into the leather bag. This fluffy rodent covered in red hair rodent still appeared atrocious even after its defeat. Bulkier than a usual watadama, the leather bag which was supposed to house up to four regular watadama, brimmed to an instant.

“Hey… are you alright? Allow me to take you to a healer.”

Theresa comes back with Rival. His companions convoyed the section chief via a stretcher, and Rival enquires me while we are en route.

“What happened out there?! Did you come across a group of watadama?

“Budwick’s party can fill you in on the details. They used a “Scroll of Return” when the “NAMED” demon attacked them.”

“Damn it…! Those “NAMED”. They turn very aggressive once they notice a threat. Encountering them in random inside the labyrinth also doesn’t help. Those guys were aware of it. They were probably in the need of a good sum of money. You guys are lucky as well. Your party managed to escape.

Shall I disclose that we “Defeated” it our encounter to avoid rumors? We wouldn’t even have a chance to beat that “Redface” if not for my odd job.

(I must report the Redface incident to Louisa and I’ll leave it up to her to come up with an official announcement that it has been subjugated.” Budwick’s party messed up but I’ll keep that to myself for now. I’m in no position to criticize them, and besides, I’m not more skillful than any one of them.)

The “Rearguard” skills have its shortcomings too. In times of battle, I’m left to my own devices and that leaves me at a very vulnerable position. I need skills that can keep me bonded to my Vanguard and eliminate the possibility of being flanked. Thus, one of my top priorities is to acquire those skills to patch-up glaring deficiencies.

The Beginner’s Labyrinth can be cleared through teamwork. –The vanguard fights and the rearguard ensures support. The labyrinth won’t prove to be difficult, provided that the enemies won’t deal a damage that exceeds the amount my skill can nullify.

“Support Defense 1” provides a 10 point bonus, but soon enough, we’ll be encountering stronger demons. At its current state, the skill won’t be of much use against attacks from tougher opponents. I do hope “Support Defense 2” provides a larger buff to counter-balance the damage we’ll receive from stronger demons.

Before exiting the labyrinth, we stumbled upon Elysha and Suzuna.

Even though these two were nowhere near us during the encounter with the Redface, our battle scars were a dead giveaway. I’m sure they’ll go curious so unless I want myself to be caught by the tail, I need to be consistent while being extra careful in what to tell to them.

So Elysha’s ties her long golden hair into two pigtails whenever she’s fighting. A twin tail princess knight. –Now isn’t the best time to be fantasizing.

“What the hell happened…?”

“A “NAMED” appeared.  We were put in a difficult situation but we managed to deal with it.”

“…Did you deal with it? The red watadama? That thing only spawns like once a month. Even Level 3 parties sometimes get in trouble.  It’s just too fast that it’s difficult to handle making it more difficult to escape. If you dealt with it, how…? and in what way…?”

Elysha seems quite familiar with the Redface. She inquired us with genuine curiosity as to how we have miraculously survived. She was quite nosey and it left me with nothing more but an agape expression.

“…I’m sorry. I may not look like it, but I’ve been oriented about those things and I’m just thankful that I’m still standing here talking to you. What’s more amazing though is I’ve just reincarnated and I was able to escape certain death.”

“No apologies needed. You’re lucky. I need not worry even if the two of you decide to hunt here for another time. The red one won’t be spawning anytime soon and that puts everyone at ease.”

Our exchange is a delicate one. We wouldn’t want to scare Suzuna, who is also a novice seeker. Moreover, there is also the possibility of this Redface respawning.

(So this confirms that “NAMED” demons tend to pursue the first opponent they come in contact with. It’s a relief that the aggressive, red watadama is out for now, but there will always be a time that another “NAMED” demon would appear.)

“Thank you for your concern.”

She’s a quite a leveled seeker. As a novice, I’m humbled.

“Oh, I guess I might have talked too much. Please allow me to introduce my party. My name is Elysha. May I know yours?”

“Arihito. It may be a bit hard to pronounce but please call me Ari-hito. I’m pretty sure you’re Suzuna.”

“Well, yes. That person who was carried a while ago was also a reincarnated person, right?”

“Oh, yes, still in a daze but she’s okay. She’s out of danger.”

“Did you use potions? They’re quite valuable items. Have you got a handful of them?”

Elysha continued to look at my face and prepared herself to ask about the obvious question –The details regarding my job.

“No way… for such a capable rearguard to…”

“Is something the matter? If you have questions, I’ll be glad to answer.”

“It’s nothing… really… If there’s news of a capable rearguard, it’ll definitely make the headline.”

As I recall, Elysha wanted to party with an excellent rearguard. She might be willing to reorganize her party once I get to explain my job.

I have concerns though. She appears to be a solo seeker but there seems to be a risk being enlisted as her rearguard. Not knowing that risk makes me uncomfortable. Suzuna is with her, and she’s exposed to that risk. It can be managed though, but it just leaves a bad taste in the mouth when all I can do is just hope for the best.

(In theory, Elysha can be an excellent vanguard but we have to manage the risks that she carries.)

I’m gathering opportunities here and I have decided to prioritize the section chief. If I ever get the chance to meet Elysha and Suzuna again, I bet we can chat a little bit more.

“Well then, I’ll be on my way.”

“Ah, I was really glad that I was able to talk with a fellow reincarnated person from Japan. I hope we can get to formalize a greeting someday.”

“Of course! Let’s have a hearty chat next time!”

(Because we’ve just got reincarnated and still coping in this world.)

Suzuna bows her head repeatedly then proceeded with Elysha. It will be their pilot dive into the labyrinth today, and they will have to exit a little later.

I paced toward Theresa who was there waiting. But when I tried to talk to her… I noticed that there was something different about her.



She didn’t say anything but instead, she affixed her gaze at me. Well, since I’m a bit accustomed to it already, it was not a problem. She just came around my back and accompanied me quietly.

“Erm… I will be using mercenary tickets tomorrow. Will you come again with me?”

It took a while for her to respond. Mercenaries might not have the privileges to choose an employer. That’s what I was thinking –Then she nods over and again. I guess, she’ll join me on my adventure tomorrow.

“Well then, it’s set. For now, I will say my goodbyes to you at the mercenary guild. Promise me that you’ll come with me again tomorrow.”

Theresa didn’t answer, but instead, she gave me a wry smile. She then fled and left me to chase after Rival’s group who were exiting the labyrinth.

Seeker’s Accomplishment

5 points awarded for reaching the “Plains of Dawn” – 1F
10 points awarded to “Arihito” reaching Level 2
5 points awarded for “Watadama” defeated.
200 points awarded for subjugating “★Redface”
The “Credibility” of Theresa has increased. 50 points awarded
The “Credibility” of Kyouka has increased. 10 points awarded

Seekers Contribution Points…….. 280

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