MLW – Chapter 43

[11:59] It’s going to be 12:00 when I finish writing this, but whatever. Uh I’m going to play the blame game and list the tons of things that delayed this chapter.

  • I burned out after translating tons of this other novel (TBA).
  • I was trying to get Plat in League before season ended (gave up Saturday).
  • Friday was League of Legends World Championship Finals. I stayed up watching SSG 3-0 SKT.
  • Faker crying made me depressed for some reason.
  • I caught up to Aikatsu Stars. (Honestly idk why I like shitty idol animes, but Oozora Akari from Aikatsu is my favorite girl from the franchise.)
  • Finished Sunday finally, but no editors were on when I finished.
  • I blame life.
  • Etc.

Yeah, so honestly I’m not sure how much of MLW I can constantly release this next two weeks. I’m quite busy until the 17th, so until then MLW will have infrequent releases. I’ll make up the chapters that I owe by around Thanksgiving.

# of chapters Flowingcloud owes for MLW: 3 (Today’s + 2 Patreon bonus)

Chapter 43: Here


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