ABM Chapter 50

For once, this is finally on schedule… or should be, but NU will probably put it as the next day or whatever… Anways, I managed to do this chapter in a whole sitting took five hours(which is a bit depressing honestly), so yayyy, but I don’t know if I’ll be in the mood to do it again for next Wednesday or not, I guess we’ll see. Enough of my rambling, here’s chapter fifty:

Link: Chapter 50


Radiant Soul Spinner Chapter 2

So, out of sheer boredom, as well as interest(and wanting to make this novel more popular and spreading Sanzenism), I decided to translate this over a period of time. I may or may not continue slowly doing these; my main purpose for doing so would be to attract the interest of a translator who could do this full time, because I would still like to argue that this is one of the few best fantasy JP novels(not including actual literature as well as professionally published non-light novels). Without further rambling, here is Radiant Soul Spinner, Chapter 2: Sword and Spear


Magi’s Grandson – Chapter 65

Kaelpie: Here it is. Another MG chapter after another month of waiting. On top of that i had it ready to go but forgot about it so that added another day to the wait.
Only the noteless version this time because I don’t feel like syncing with Yado Inn so I’ll just release the +notes version later along with a more in-depth explanation on why it took so long.


EDIT: The notes are here: https://kaelpie.wordpress.com/2017/11/08/magis-grandson-chapter-65/

MLW – Chapter 43

[11:59] It’s going to be 12:00 when I finish writing this, but whatever. Uh I’m going to play the blame game and list the tons of things that delayed this chapter.

  • I burned out after translating tons of this other novel (TBA).
  • I was trying to get Plat in League before season ended (gave up Saturday).
  • Friday was League of Legends World Championship Finals. I stayed up watching SSG 3-0 SKT.
  • Faker crying made me depressed for some reason.
  • I caught up to Aikatsu Stars. (Honestly idk why I like shitty idol animes, but Oozora Akari from Aikatsu is my favorite girl from the franchise.)
  • Finished Sunday finally, but no editors were on when I finished.
  • I blame life.
  • Etc.

Yeah, so honestly I’m not sure how much of MLW I can constantly release this next two weeks. I’m quite busy until the 17th, so until then MLW will have infrequent releases. I’ll make up the chapters that I owe by around Thanksgiving.

# of chapters Flowingcloud owes for MLW: 3 (Today’s + 2 Patreon bonus)

Chapter 43: Here

~100 Release Special~ Yay~!

flowingcloud: We hit 100 releases as Yado Inn a few days ago, so time to celebrate! Everyone celebration comes with an announcement though. I finally changed my Patreon. Details: here. A short summary would basically mean, no preview chapters, but faster posting pace. Someone deleted their Patreon making it go back down under the first reward, so you guys aren’t really supposed to get a bonus chapter…… but whatever I’ll still give it to you guys. ❤ Also, I finally got someone to edit Jewels, so enjoy Jewel chapter as well! I finally made a decision that I’ll post a Jewels chapter at least one every two weeks, but I’m aiming for weekly releases!

Chapter 38 (Was Supposed to be Last Friday’s)
Chapter 39 (Was Supposed to be Monday’s)
Chapter 40 (Today’s)
Chapter 41 (Undeserved Patreon Bonus)

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