ABM – Chapter 54

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OP Waifus Chapter 16

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MLW – Chapter 57

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Ye Qing did not make it at the dinner party on the weekend. Ye Qing received a phone call from the hospital in the afternoon and Chen Shuo’s mother was admitted to the hospital. Ye Qing immediately asked for leave to go home. On the way, he made several telephone calls to Chen Shuo. No one answered him. He was contacted by the company and was informed by the secretary. Finally he had to send a text message to inform him.
Chen Shuo is not a native. His hometown is in the north, near a city in the capital. Ye Ching set the air ticket at 6 pm and simply set up a few clothes and set off. More than two hours of the aircraft plus an hour’s drive, Ye Qing finally arrived at the hospital at ten o’clock. At this time, the time for visiting the doctor was too long and the security guard stopped. Ye Qing said that he had been put in after finally saying.
First, find a doctor on duty to understand the condition and learn that the old lady is a mild cerebral infarction caused by high blood pressure. Suddenly he fainted and was sent to the hospital by his neighbor when he was exercising. He simply did not endanger his life. After all, it was almost 80 years old and asked to stay in hospital for two days. The hospital failed to contact Chen Shuo several times before calling Ye Qing.
“The old man is so old! How can you be your sons to feel comfortable letting the old man live alone. Older people are very dangerous with high blood pressure, and if they don’t control it, they may go. When time passes, you’re crying. “It’s too late.” The old doctor who was on duty was in the early 50s and he wasn’t too polite to say anything.
Ye Qing even said yes, and promised to take care of it. The sincere attitude of acknowledging the doctor was very satisfied. Afterwards, he took care of a few words, which put Ye Qing to see the patient.
The old lady lived in the ward of a quadruple room. It would be quiet, except for the two carers who were escorting the night in silence. The others were asleep. Ye Qing carefully shut the door and quietly came to the old lady’s bedside. The old lady’s bed was closed by a window, and a small slit was breathable.
Ye Qing bent over for the elderly to pick up the quilt, and the old man felt awake when he touched it. Maybe it’s the pharmacodynamic relationship. The old lady reacted after a long pause. “It’s you, Chen Shuo?”
“My aunt, Chen Shuo went on a business trip. The same goes for me.” Ye Qing laughed and sat down on a chair beside the bed. With so many years gone by, the old lady’s attitude toward him eased a lot. During the two years of the holiday, he no longer hangs up his phone. The gift he sent is also collected. To see if she can live at home. The old lady was also confessed. “You continue to sleep, I’m staying next to you. What do you need, you tell me.”
The old lady nodded and closed her eyes for a moment before she fell asleep again. Ye Qing sat on the bed and looked at the wrinkled face, and temporarily put down his grudge against Chen Shuo. The old lady is not easy in her entire life. When Chen Shuo was ten years old, her husband ran away with other women. The old lady did not marry another person to pull Chen Shuo. When his son graduated and found a good job, when the old lady felt that she should be happy, Ye Qing was brought in front of her. Chen Shuo came out and made the old lady sad. He took the broom to drive out the two men and never let them go further. He said that he had never had such a son!
Although the old lady whispered, she still wanted her son. In the first two years, Ye Qinghe and Chen Shuo passed over to see the old lady as long as they were fake. Buying clothes for the old lady, buying shoes, and buying supplements have never been pulled. If you throw it out and send it again, then throw it and send it again. When I was busy, I went home and called and asked the old lady how to call Ye Qing. When Chen Shuo’s turn came, she still couldn’t help but say a few words. Not only that, they also pay living expenses for the elderly each month, and with the increase in income, there are more exchanges. In this way, the old lady grows older and she slowly stances. But no matter how the two people advised, the old lady would not like to live with them.
But this time, whether the old lady agrees or disagrees, she can no longer live alone. Ye Qing made up his mind when the old lady left the hospital and received Shanghai. Perhaps the arrival of the old lady can repair the relationship between him and Chen Shuo. Ye Qing’s self-consolation, after all, he still loved Chen Shuo.
Ye Qingliang Ye Qing went out to buy porridge, and when he returned he was awake. “Aunt woke up, just hot porridge.” Waiting after the old lady wash, Ye Qing a mouthful to feed. Although the old lady is a mild cerebral infarction, it may still be influential in the end. A pair of hands does not make the effort. Fortunately, the doctor said it does not matter, you can recover after some time.
“Chen Shuo has not called me for a long time. What is he busy with?” The old lady complained while drinking porridge. The older people are, the more they want their children to be around.
“This is his bad. But this time he is really busy! He is now a sales manager, in charge of a department, there are indicators of pressure on him, he was busy with nothing to ignore. Aunt, you see you a People don’t feel at ease. You also remember Chen Shuo, or come back to Shanghai with me this time. The family room is for you.”
“I will not go, I will not go! I am not accustomed to living. I am very comfortable in my life.” The old lady was unhappy when she heard this, and she was a native of this land, even if she did not die. go away. The son found a man and a wife for her, and she also recognized her. Let her live with them. It will not be! My eyes are silent.
Ye Qing laughed and said nothing, and the stubbornness of the elderly was not the first day. After feeding more than half of the porridge, Ye Qing proposed that the old lady should go for a walk. The weather in the northern part of October was very good and the sun was shining. Ye Qing walked slowly while helping the old lady in the garden of the hospital. She told Chen Shuo about her and said most things in her life.
Ye Qing’s personal hand in hand with the old lady can give the other wards in the same room a great deal of admiration. He praises the old lady as a blessed person. The children at home are filial piety. The old lady listened to her ears and was sweet in her heart. The whole man was spiritual.
On the third day after Ye Qing arrived, he finally received a call from Chen Shuo. When the face of the old man is not good enough, ask Chen Shuo where they live and when they will return home. The two spoke about the condition of the old lady, and then the phone was handed to the old lady. Do not know what Chen Shuo said on the other end of the phone and straightened the old lady’s smile.
Chen Shuo also came the next day. Ye Qing looked at him for a moment and couldn’t speak. After waiting for the old lady’s medication to take a nap, they sat down in a tea house near the hospital. First talked about the situation of the old lady, Ye Qing finally said: “The aunt is old and no one around to take care of it. You discuss with your aunt, or live with us.”
Chen Shuo looked at Ye Qing. He knew that Ye Qing was really good to his mother. “This thing my mother certainly does not agree. Again, I think now is not suitable for her in the past. I will find a full-time nanny to take care of her, you first assuredly go back.”
“Chen Shuo, don’t we go back together?” Ye Qing felt that what he had just said was cold water and poured him cold. “Last time I had a bit of an anxious place, you couldn’t help but go home. Chen Shuo, can we not live well?”
“You have been asking for a few days off, and then your company will definitely have an idea. You must go back first. I will arrange it here.” Chen Shuo evaded light, and during this time he was living in McKenna. It was during the period when honey was oiled that it was better to live now. Where does Chen Shuo want to go back?
Ye Qing opened his mouth and finally swallowed it. Chen Shuo, now Chen Shuo, I’m afraid he can’t hear what he says.

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List of excuses, but I burned out.
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