OP Waifus Chapter 8

Yo! Here’s the chapter 8. Hehe, things irl got me and yeah shit happens. Well, next week is probably going to be hectic….again but the release will be as usual….probably > <.


5 thoughts on “OP Waifus Chapter 8”

  1. Finally… I thought I was gonna die! I resorted to alcohol and bath salts to tide me over until the weekend.

    Thank you!! for saving my life and enabling my Isekai addition… now I have to deal with my new found alcoholism though…


  2. This novel seems to be promising even though the title is a bit lame.

    Could you try having a set more frequent schedule.

    I’ll be honest as promising as it is it will be hard to get into it like this.

    I will forget which character is which by the next chapter if gets more complex.

    Well either that or I’ll have to drop it for a year and come back to it and read it from scratch.


      1. Please help – I am all out of LSD! My Wifu isn’t speaking to me anymore! If only new chapter was released… I could get my isekai fix 😀


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