Pervy Healer Early Chapter Re-translations

I’ve been getting complaints from new readers of I Work As A Healer In Another World’s Labyrinth City that the TL quality / intrusive ads on the earlier chapters make it difficult to get into the series, so I decided to redo the first few chapters to help with that. Enjoy!

Pervy Healer – Chapter 1
Pervy Healer – Chapter 2
Pervy Healer – Chapter 3


4 thoughts on “Pervy Healer Early Chapter Re-translations”

  1. Translated to what they’re actually feeling: “Merry fucking Christmas, now get off my back and let me work” lol God Bless, and thanks for the Q.A. update =D

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  2. This post was the only reason I checked it out, and then I binged on the whole thing!

    I’m sure you realize that two of the chapters you linked to don’t exist on the web archive Wayback Machine even though the index page does, but just in case… I think it was the chapters from a translator that had lurker in the name.


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