OP Waifus Chapter 15

Hellooo everyone! Sorry for my long absence. Well, partially because I keep playing games and other stuffs lol ( ̄▽ ̄)V.  Then, the tests~ Wew. Anyway, the chapter is here and to the ones who don’t know it yet, this chapter is the first chapter of the second arc. It’s longer than usual chapters…. so enjoy it ~

Chapter 15


6 thoughts on “OP Waifus Chapter 15”

  1. Chapter 12: Hehe sry for the late coz I’ve been sleeping a lot these past few days.
    Chapter 13: Sorry for the late update~
    Chapter 14: Next chapter is a bit longer but I’ll try to finish it by next week.

    One month later..

    You know we love you D0dz.

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  2. D0dz, my brother has a message for you –
    “I died. I left instructions to my little sister – to send you a message.

    Explode again!
    Explode infinity!!
    Releasing a chapter after I already died of no Wifi!”


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